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Extractor fan noise

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  • Extractor fan noise

    Hi all,

    I've lived in my ground floor flat for nearly eight years. It was originally council but was taken over by the housing association a couple of years back; the HA totally refurbished the flat with double glazing, new kitchen and bathroom etc to a very high standard. I love it here very much and I have a beautiful comfortable home.


    About six and a half years ago, I had a woman move in above me, I guess she's about 50 or so. Originally the problem started as loud music all times of the day and night, I complained, it stopped but since then she has done everything she can get away with to make my life a misery on a daily basis.

    I get stamping on the ceiling, dropping heavy objects on the ceiling, loud tv's (the tv problem I was able to get stopped), slamming doors, running taps to make a noise; unfortunately living in a flat you do get a bit of shared smells, so everytime I have my dinner, her hoover comes out daily and she starts banging and scraping on the floor like crazy. She's managed to find a way to get cigarette smoke into my flat (in a gap in the pipes in the kitchen cupboard I think which I've tried to plug up so far without success) so everytime I cook something to eat, she stinks my flat out. We've had her fighting and punching her boyfriend, throwing men out at four o'clock int he morning, throwing his stuff over the balcony in the middle of the night etc etc.

    The most constant problem is her bathroom extractor fan. She has it more or less permanently on, and it literally makes my walls (plasterboard) shake and vibrate. The humming noise all day and all night is driving me slowly insane. My only piece of mind comes from knowing she's running her electricity bill up. She's in debt anyway I know because we've had the baliffs round looking for her.

    Does anyone have any idea how I can soundproof my flat to deaden the sound of the extractor fan? I tried my HA and Enviromental Health, but because the fan is classed a modern day daily living appliance, they can't put a stop to the noise, although they have come out and witnessed it.

    I pay my rent and she has a lot of rent arrears so I really resent her making my life a misery.



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    hi bellydancer!

    cant be very nice having an eternal hum of the extractor fan going!

    does her landlord know how much noise she makes?

    might be an idea to let them know, most landlords/HA have a noise cluase in the housing agreements

    if it is HA owned they reall should be taking some responsiblity

    record all the noise and abuse, you can print some noise sheets off from the main site

    noise logs

    also check out the self help articles, it will give you an idea of your rights and their rights

    help articles

    let us know how you get on

    dont blame you for wanting to plug up the holes!


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      Hi Bellydancer and welcome to the Forum

      Hmm, a neighbour from hell trying to make your life a misery in any way she can, eh? :huh: Doing it in a way that's difficult to be able to get the EH department to take any action. It is common (childish) behaviour, I know because ours does it too... .

      Beth has given you some good pointers, which should help you.

      Have you actually talked to your neighbour about the noises she has been making lately? What has her reaction been? Do you know if any other neighbours are affected by her noise? Have the HA talked to their tenant about her behaviour?

      I know I'm asking lots of questions, but it can help to get a clearer picture of where you're at. Don't feel pressured though to give information you're not comfortable about.

      I don't know whether you've thought about mediation at all? It certainly might be worth thinking about? You can check here to see where your nearest one is:

      Good luck and let us know how youre getting on.



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        Hi Bellydancer

        Get back onto the Housing Association. That extractor fan has to be faulty if it is making as much noise as that and they are obliged to get in and have a look at it for you - not just come and listen to it!!! :blink: Make sure you also report all the anti-social behaviour too.

        It also sounds like the soundproofing generally is a bit lacking, to say the least, so it would also be worth speaking to the Maintenance Officer about this to see what they can do about it for you. They should also inspect the flat for gaps where smells can come in and block them off for you. They'll try and fob you off, but keep at them .

        Your NFH sounds like she could actually be harassing you too - might be woth speaking to your local poilce about this - and also there's a resource on this site (help me guys !!! :lol: ) about harassment which is worth looking at.

        Do not hesitate to call the police if you are subjected to their rotten, lousy anti-social behaviour - the more incidents you can report and get a Crime Reference no for, the more that your case will build up and someone will have to act on it.

        Come here often for a good rant if you need to - there's always someone lurking about to 'listen' ! :lol:

        Keep the faith




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          Originally posted by mazza@Oct 6 2003, 9:04 PM

          and also there's a resource on this site (help me guys !!!* :lol: ) about harassment which is worth looking at.

          One of the pieces in the Self-Help Articles which Beth has already linked in her post.

          In the Articles section, there's a wide range of pieces: harassment, coping with NFH, noise nuisance etc. Loads of really useful information.


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            Hi Bellydancer,

            Just a quick note with regard to the gaps between your pipes. I was wondering just how big are these gaps, as you can get a spray from any large DIY store called No More Gaps, it's a foam thing that expands to fill anything, and is fine around pipes.

            Just a thought - it may help block the smell of your NFH, if not the sound!!

            Take care

            Blue Cow


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              Hello bellydancer,

              Welcome to the forum, surely this person is likely to be kicked out soon. I've lived in flats for a while, and our experiances were just as bad.

              We moved from our noise, not much help I'm afraid. Hope she gets kicked out soon.


              P.S. I have to ask, do you go to belly dancing classes?. I'm joining a local one near us. Just one of those things, I always wanted to do as a kid.


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                Hi all,

                Just want to say thanks to everyone here for the warm welcome!

                I've made logs of the noise oh-so-many times and sent it to both the Council/HA and EH! I'm still doing it at the moment, she's driving me round the bend right now as she's been CONSTANTLY drilling for the last THREE hours! She must be wrecking the joint! Most of her noise (except for the extractor fan) is directed at my ceiling, so she knows damm well I am the only one being bothered by it.

                I did speak to the neighbour once, a long time ago. It didn't do any good. She was all nicey nicey to my face, went back to her flat and began making even more of a nuisance of herself. I don't want mediation, she's not a reasonable type of person (she has a problem with booze) and the more she knows she annoys me, the more she does it.

                The HA did talk to her about the extractor fan....but the housing manager just said to me "oh perhaps she has an issue with smells"....what all day and all night long? The fan has been checked out and it's working OK, and I've also consulted an acoustics engineer who tells me there's nothing I can do to reduce the noise, as the sound problem it's to do with the way the flats are constructed. I did however write to the HA yesterday telling them if they don't solve the problem, I'll be getting some legal advice, and I had another thought this morning I could also write to my local MP.

                I did look into moving. There's not that many HA properties in the town where I live. I went to look at a council exchange Monday, it was the most depressing place I've ever seen! Unfortunately the council really neglect the properties and as my HA rent is the exactly the same as the councils, I'm not prepared to move out from my little palace into a dump - it doesn't help that the town where I live has a LOT of people out of work and on benefits, so the places don't get looked after and most are in real mess.

                I looked into another couple of exchanges - and Thank God, I found out in advance by doing a bit of research that one guy who wanted an exchange was a heroin addict who had robbed his neighbours and another guy had convictions for theft, violence towards his neighbours and the police, and I didn't want them coming round to my place seeing all the nice, expensive things I have!

                I guess I've just had a run of bad luck!! But thanks to all for the advice and support, I will be getting some "no more gaps", thanks for that top tip Blue Cow! I appreciate that!

                Thanks again to all, and Goose Girl - I did have bellydancing lessons in the past but now I'm at the stage where I do all my own dances and arrange all my own performances etc, if you need any info about the subject try my website about it at - and have fun at the classes!




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                  Hi Bellydancer, and a bit of a belated welcome

                  Just a quick suggestion! It sounds as if you have been a dedicated logger, but feel there has been very little action in response to your efforts. E.H. have to follow a process here, but maybe you could ask them where they are up to with it? For instance has she had verbal or written warning? Have they offered noise monitoring equipment, and have they got an out-of-hours number? If you can get some action here, this would be extremely useful back-up to present to the H.A.

                  Equally, re. the H.A., they have steps in their Eviction Procedure. Perhaps they could supply you with a copy, and they could clarify if they have taken any of these steps if they have identified she is in breach of the tenancy obligation relating to noise nuisance. Perhaps it's time to request a meeting with the Housing Manager to discuss these issues?

                  Do let us know how you go on.