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    Today, my wife has had a visit from the Gentleman who is dealing with our case at the Housing Association. He actualy went to speak to the NFH :nfh1: , but as always they would not answer the door to him. :banghead: He told my wife that they have asked the NFH for access to the K'sFH school records, but she will not grant it. This is probably because they are either never there or when they are they are causing trouble.

    The HA have also got police records of the number of times that they have been called out. Over what time period this is I'm not sure.

    They are also waiting for the report from Enviomental Health, who seem to be dragging their heels, from our last lot of recordings.

    Also The HA gent is getting a little p**sed off that our MP keeps phoning him, it seems that my e-mails DO have an influence.

    Just to keep you updated really

    Chris :ban:

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    Well done Chris and family Thanks for the update, things are moving onwards then which is great, keep the pressure on them too now you've got their attention.

    Bit of luck the HA seem to be sitting up and taking some notice! Let us know how you go.



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      Hi Chris,

      That's a really positive update from the HA. I hope that things start happening really soon.


      Also - fair play to your MP, keep mailing him is what I say!!

      Take care

      Blue Cow


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        MPs do have a place in our lives then!! :lol:

        good on him!

        hope it gets sorted out swiftly now


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          well chrisbuzz,

          thats actually quite encouraging as some action is going on. so many times we hear of frustrating inactivity on the part of the authorities.

          who is your mp? not frank field by any chance (more power to his elbow!)

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            That sounds really good .. I wish our MP was as hardworking .. rather than always 'sounding off' in the local press.

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              Well at least the HA seem to be taking things seriously. Perhaps they are going for ASBO's which, I understand, are a multi-agency thing. Which is probably why they want the school and police records.

              I suppose the HA can only work as fast as the other agencies will let them. Good to hear your MP is on the ball as well.

              Don't give up Best of luck

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                That's good news Chris .

                It might also be worth checking our whether your local authority have an Anti-Social Behaviour Unit/Team and seeing if your MP can contact them about your concerns too.

                Stick with it and keep us updated .