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Dog's barking is driving me insane

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  • Dog's barking is driving me insane

    Help needed! How does one manage to sort out a neighbour's dog without affecting chance of selling flat! The RSPCA say they can't help, if I complain to solicitor I will have to report the dispute when I sell my flat, I can't sleep with all the barking and really don't know what to do?

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    What is the recommended course of action when you live in flat and your upstairs neighbour has a dog he is not meant to? All weekend the dog is left on his own except for 30mins each day when he is fed? The RSPCA say unless he is on his own over 24 hours they cannot help, is this true?

    The dog barks all the time meaning my partner, I and the neighbours have all complained, but to no avail.

    I want to move now, but I don't think anyone would rent or buy the place from me. If I complain will I have to report this when I sell?

    X said he would buy me out the other day, but this still does not help the poor dog from being lonely all the time and barking still!

    What can I do to stop myself from going insane?


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      Welcome to the forum BM, sorry to read that you're having problems with a dog next door. I can fully relate to dog noise, we had a constantly howling/barking dog next door to us and it truly is a very destructive noise and is exceptionally disturbing, as any noise disturbance is

      Have you read the Noise Help article? It's very comprehensive:

      Unfortunately as you say, if you make the dispute with your neighbour formal you will have to declare this on the SPIF form if/when you sell up.

      We've had various remedies to dog barking/noise on the forum too, but to be honest I'm not entirely sure how successful and safe/humane these are to use (e.g dog barking restricting devices). Other members may have an idea.

      Have you spoken to your neighbour unofficially about the noise? Mentioned it at all? If so, what happened?

      Come back often, you'll get great help here.



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        [PS: I've merged both your same topics together here as it could get confusing having both in different locations ]


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          Thanks Matthew

          I have spoken unofficially to X on several occasions, by phone, text and long ago by letter. Usually he will come back and the dog stops barking, so he never really hears the problem. Then he goes out again. He said most recently that he may try sleeping tablets he got from the vet! The dog is just lonely unfortunately. A 2 year old German Shepherd needs attention all the time!

          He said that he is doing all he can and cannot spend all his life with the dog. Understandable but he only spends 30mins each day over the weekend with him.

          I have printed off some records of noise from your website and am going to give them to the neighbours. I have started to fill one in for myself. He said yesterday that he would buy my flat and I could leave, I hope this happens, but it still doesn't help the dog!


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            sounds like a bored dog

            dogs react in different ways and even though this fool of a NFH is ignoring him, the dog still loves him, theres a thing called seperation anxiety.

            you could always print the stuff off the link Matthew gave you and pop it through the door, as long as the dog doesnt eat it!!

            we could all give you our theories but it wont help unless your NFH is willing to take it on board.

            we went through something similar, 7 hours of howling was his record, poor little thing, was a really nice little dog too.

            have you thought about contacting your dog warden for advice?


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              Hi barkingmad and welcome to the NFHiB Forum

              Can't offer much advice regarding the dog issues - but, poor must be really bored and lonley. Have you ever thought of taping the noise the dog makes when your neighbour is out and playing it back? It may cause some embarassment and prompt them to take some proper action to treat their pet better.

              Regarding your selling of the flat, check out the information in the link below about the Sellers Property Information Form (SPIF), which you would have to complete. I think that disclosure these days has to be done even if you are have complained to your neighbour - or if you are aware of any dispute (you don't need to have made an official complaint even). That's how I read it anyway.


              Hopefully some other members will be able to offer some constructive ways of dealing with the noise you're suffering at the moment.

              Good luck with it and let us know how you're getting on.



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                Hi, I know this must be a nightmare for you, I personally couldn't stand it.

                My daughter has a dog and I look after it for her sometimes. He will howl continually if he is left alone and do other little naughty things too just to punish us. We therefore do not leave him alone unless we need to go shopping etc. Even then It sounds terrible as I have recorded it myself to find out how long he goes on for. He will continue for over an hour if allowed to. We tried leaving him for short periods to try and get him used to it, but no luck. He lives with her but I still feel for him knowing how distressed he must be and anyone who leaves him alone is also distressed at having to leave him. He is young and has not been 'done' yet perhaps that would be a solution. Anyway this really isn't my problem but my daughters, however I am going to call the dog warden as suggested when I can, after all I know most dogs can be left on there own for several hours at a time and don't seem to complain. Is this a young dog problem do you think?



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                  Sounds atrocious.

                  Surely anyone who owns a dog, presumably cares about the animal and would surely know that it is cruel to leave a dog - esp that particular breed on its own for that length of time :sad: .

                  I would think that this owner must feel guilty, perhaps a little word might be appropriate if you are still able to communicate and suggest toys like HadEnough mentioned.

                  I really don't know what the answer is apart from logging the noise and getting the Env Health Dept to record it. I think it sounds correct that the RSPCA won't act in this instance as they really can only act when they can be sure that they can prove cruelty/neglect... sounds mad because we know it's cruel, but they have to be ''so careful'' about what they do..

                  Good luck, and come back often!

                  Keep us updated, hope it works out well for you



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                    Make sure you check out the Article "Barking Mad" barkingmad ( :huh: ) here:



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                      Originally posted by mazza@Oct 6 2003, 9:14 PM

                      Surely anyone who owns a dog, presumably cares about the animal and would surely know that it is cruel to leave a dogĀ* - esp that particular breed on its own for that length of timeĀ* :sad: .

                      I would think that this owner must feel guilty, perhaps a little word might be appropriate if you are still able to communicate and suggest toys like HadEnough mentioned.
                      ummm..........sadly no

                      did you see in the news last week about the pregnant dog who was drowned with a heavy weight in the river?

                      my old NFH used to beat the dog and leave it on its own for hours and hours.

                      I have contacted the RSPCA in the past for a dog that was abandoned, I was told to put ice cubes and biscuits through the letter box and watch the house. after 2 days the owners came back and no action I believe was taken.

                      I know the rspca are very very busy and cant answer all calls, which is why an animal must on its own for so long before action can be taken or the rspca would be over stretched.

                      very sad but true

                      animal owners dont have to be responsible :sad:


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                        I have contacted the RSPCA in the past for a dog that was abandoned, I was told to put ice cubes and biscuits through the letter box and watch the house. after 2 days the owners came back and no action I believe was taken.

                        Beth, my jaw is on the floor. That's disgusting :badmood:

                        Barkingmad, I really don't see why this man has a dog. He obviously doesn't want to spend anytime with it. I find this so frustrating, the poor dog never asked to live with this irresponsible owner and both you and the dog are left suffering the consequences of his selfishness :badmood:

                        My Mum had a dog that used to howl at night as he was on his own, and I'd read that a clock that ticks is a good solution (it's supposed to sound like it's mother's heartbeat). Anyway, I put a clock next to his bed and it immediately worked a treat. The trouble is that the dog cold be barking for any number of reasons, and even if you do stop it, it's not going to change the fact that it's on it's own for 23 hours a day.

                        Ooo...I'm not being much help. Short of inviting your neighbour down for a cup of tea to listen to how annoying it really is, I don't really know what else may work. I think that your best bet is to try and make you neighbour want to sort the problem out or I'm afraid the only other solution is to move

                        Sorry I've not been much help :sad:

                        Blue Cow


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                          I always thought that the RSPCA would break down doors to rescue abandoned pets ... or have I been watching too much TV?

                          Poor dog .. it needs a better home, somewhere where is can run around in a big field, or go for long walks in the country.

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                            any chance of you offering to take the dog off his hands? he obviouly cant be bothered to look after it...or do you know anyone who would take the dog?

                            my old neighbour had a springer spaniel. he didnt realise how active these dogs were and when it started trashing his house out of boredom he took to leaving it in the garden whilst he was at work, and it used to bark and cry all day long. i used to talk to it over the fence and it would stop. poor thing.

                            then my neighbour got made redundant and decided to go to Australia for 6 weeks on hols, and so he took the dog to Battersea Dogs Home and gave him to them!!!!! i was absolutely gutted when he told us, as if he had said he was going to do that, I would have taken that dog myself, in fact im getting all :cry: just thinking about it....

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                              Hi All

                              Thanks for all your answers, just found them all now. It's really comforting that so many people sent a note back. It's also given me some really good ideas. I am away for a few days but will start when I get back. Last night there was no barking!! Could not believe it, X had gone out and given the poor dog a sleeping tablet we think! Now he had mentioned previously that he may try sleeping tablets but I told him that was cruel. The dog is only 2 years old, will he drug him every day?! I went to let him out before I went to bed and he was so doped up it was really sad.

                              I had to leave early today, it was great to get some sleep but is drugging your dog the right answer to stopping him from barking because he is lonely?

                              Will he drug him every time he is out, there must be harmful affects from this

                              Thanks again for your notes and I will reply once I have tried out some of your suggestions. I have already started a record of nuisance / noises on the log sheet.