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  • My situation

    Hi all again,

    Firstley thanks for the help on my last post, the website is comming along slowley.

    My story is an ongoing situation. We moved into our home nearly two years ago & had an idea that one of our neighbours were not that caring towards others.

    There has been noise, violence, drugs & general behavoural problems with the children. The neighbour in question is a single mother with four kids, she seems to think that she runs the estate & all the younger families go around there , wether that is for a social visit or to score I can not be too sure.

    She has had an eviction notice served but the judge suspended it on appeal. We are still making out diaries for the housing trust & have had recording euipment installed on various occasions.

    I have been told, by other neighbours , that she & her kids (plus various boyfreinds) have been the same from day one , EIGHT years ago. The lady who owned our house sold it to a company because she couldn't take any more ( she was in her 70's). We were not told by the estate agents that there were any problems with any of the neighbours.

    My wife has been perscribed anti-depressents by her doctor, due to the situation & she feels that she can not go out in the front garden without being watched.

    The situation is ...We either keep fighting to get her & her vermin out....or move.

    Thanks for listening


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    Hi again Chris

    Oh dear, tenants from hell?

    It does sound like you are just plodding on through the processes that are 'necessary' to get them eventually evicted.

    The problem with cases like these is that they are given chance after chance and they get all sorts of agencies involved which all need to be consulted and their input needs to be given to a judge before the judge can even consider to grant an eviction order... :sad:

    No doubt these NFH know the system very well and are stringing it out for as long as possible.

    I would keep the faith - it does sound like the Housing Trust is doing what it is obliged to do to get the process to a conclusion, but it is frustratingly slow...

    Keep logging and reporting everything - it will all be needed. If you consider that there is drug dealing going on, I would not hesitate to call Crimestoppers and report it. It can be done anonymously and the police HAVE to follow the call up.

    It's all going to take stamina, but I do think you and your community can win this one - especially now that Councils and the Police have been granted extra powers to tackle to Anti-Social Behaviour.

    It would be a shame to have to move away just because of these cretins, but if your family's health is being really affected and you have the means and will to move now, it's something to consider seriously.

    I am sure that other members will be along very soon with lots of helpful advice and links - there is a wealth of info on this site which I am sure you will find essential to building your website and your case.

    Best wishes




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      Hi Chris,

      Oh, I can relate to your situation very well. Sounds a lot like what is happening around here. We have 4 NFH families around here, well one is a single bloke who was given a three bedroomed house because he said he wanted his children to visit him (they only live around the corner) but he has gangs of yobs hanging around. The HA took him to court but the judge said he should have a second chance. The first thing he did after that was have a bonfire in the middle of the green! He was quiet for a couple of months but got steadily worse again.

      A group of us took our complaints to the HA and they told us straight, that a judge is very unlikely to grant a possession order against tenants with children. Maybe, maybe not, it would have been nice to find out for sure as the kids of other NFH run riot.

      I think our only hope is in the legislation that Frank Field MP wants to get through the next parliament, i.e. cutting housing benefits of NFH. But there's plenty of legislation already, just not enough will to use it

      To be honest, Chris, if I were you and I had a chance of selling up and moving away I'd grab it with both hands. Although it won't guarantee that you won't find more NFH somewhere else, at least you will have a chance of living a peaceful life. The way things are going, even if you get rid of them you don't know who will take their place. I had a short episode of NFH next door earlier this year, really the first time ever I've had them living next door to me. I was lucky, they were working a fiddle and got rumbled so left before they were pushed. I'm dreading who will move in next

      Anyway, that's what I think for what it's worth. Whatever you decide to do, I wish you all the luck in the world

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        thanks for sharing your story Chris.

        you need to ask yourselfs how much you want to stay where you are.

        once you have made a decision other questions will be easier.

        if your NFH do leave, will the council put another family from hell in it?

        in the meantime keep up with all the logs and diary sheets, as mazza says crime stoppers is a good number, 0800 555 111

        it seems to be quicker than ringing your local station.

        good luck and please have a think about what you really really want, not an easy decision to make a know.



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          We understand that it's not an easy descision to make, but we feel that we should not have to move. We own our home & nobody told us that these idiots were like this when we first moved here (including solicitors & estate agents). Some days you just feel like giving up & moving on, then others you just say "why the hell should we".

          Things have gone a little quieter since she had a reminder of what happened in court, but it will only be a matter of time before things kick off again.

          What worries me is that her kids are between 8 & 14. 2 boys are 9 & 10, can you imagine what it will be like when they grow up??? I have a two year old son, he already knows words that I didn't until I was in my teens.

          Chris :nfh1: :banghead:


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            Hi Chris and welcome to the NFHiB Forum

            If you're wanting to stay and follow all the legal avenues open to you, then good for you, but you do have to go through all the due processes and it you will have to be prepared for the fact that it's not a quick solution.

            Are other neighbours affected and prepared to log all the incidents down? Do you have a Tenants and Residents Association for the area you live in? What about a local Neighbourhood Watch scheme? The more people that are willing to speak up, the louder your voice will become.

            You must speak to the local Housing Office, your local Community Police Officer, your local Councillor/MP. Get information and support from them all.

            Try and get as much evidence as you can: your written log sheets (copies can be found in the Resources section on the Home Page), CCTV footage, video camera (although be aware that people can make all sorts of assumptions if you start videoing people - especially childrens' behaviour), photographs, witness statements etc.

            Check out the Self-Help Articles here:


            And the Resources page here:


            If you bought your property fairly recently, then you should have seen a form called the Seller's Property Information Form (SPIF) which should have been completed by the vendor. If the vendor failed to disclose, then you may wish to speak to the Solicitor who dealt with your conveyancing.

            Let us know how you're getting on, won't you?



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              Hi Chris

              I know exactly what you are saying about moving. It's not an easy decision to make at all, especailly when you've only been in your house for two years. It sounds like you've decided to stay and fight, and if this is the case, then you will get loads of support and good advice from this forum.

              We moved just over a year ago, and I am so relieved that we did. My NFHs seem like a million miles away now, along with all the problems that they brought :frown:

              Anyway, it sounds like you're involving the correct authorities and you've had some excellent advise from Beth, Holly, Misty and Mazza so I really hope that you start getting some positive results.

              Good luck and let us know how you're getting along.

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              Blue Cow


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                Hi Chrisbuzz

                Just saying hello, and welcome.

                I think , if you have the strength and the will, and you keep putting the pressure on, that eventually you could see something resolved. It will be a very long haul and there will be frustrations along the way. I can only say that as the NFH is a tenant you have a bit more leverage than if the NFH was an owner occupier.

                I decided to move because, as an owner occupier, I couldnt see any solution that didnt involve a lot of legal expense and difficulty. On my road, there was a dominance of boy KFH (only 3 girls, my daughter one of them - not a KFH i hasten to say!) and these boys are between 7 and 10 yrs old. yes I thought well what are they going to be like when they are 13, 14, 15?? :unsure: we had a lad next door to us who is now 18, but when we first moved there he was 12, and boydid he get up to stuff! thankfully his dad tried to keep him on a tight leash, but even so, he was a right pain, letting off fireworks all year round, riding up and down the cul de sac on a moped, climbing over peoples fences, getting drunk etc etc ..i :badmood: if it wasnt for his dad being a totally decent bloke and the lad himself having an older brother to keep a grip of him, i think our situation would have been a lot lot worse. he really calmed down once he left school and had to get up for work everyday. :lol:

                I couldnt see the present bunch of KFH being so well controlled by their parents so we decided enough was enough and we bailed out. its the uncertainty that you have to live with, not being sure how things are going to be each day that is so draining about having a NFH, I feel. :sad:

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                  Hi Chris

                  Sorry to hear of all the hassle! Do keep recording as much evidence as you can, and keep the Housing office updated. If there is a suspended possession order on the basis of noise nuisance/anti-social behaviour, it is only a matter of time. And as Holly says, if you can get the support/evidence of any other neigh bours who are experiencing problems, so much the better.

                  I know it's a long process, but it does sound as if there's light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck, and do let us know how things are going



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                    Hi there, sorry to hear how much greif you are getting - i know how it feels not to be able to go out the front of your own property and i do sympathise.

                    Have you made a decision on moving?

                    Its really not fair that our neighbours do this to us and make us feel like our home isn't a safe, quiet retreat for us - your home is the one place you should be happy and comfortable - not miserable and hiding inside - mine got so bad my place is up for sale now - not because i want to move but for the safety of my cats - its ridiculous the things we have to do all because of our NFH, i hope you both come to a decision and find happiness and peace whatever you do - remember your not alone - you have support of everyone on here im sure. look after yourselves. x