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Who dunnit?

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  • Who dunnit?

    On our estate, the council are doing up the houses. So we are staying at a different property, while the work is being done.

    At the property being done, we left some garden items, heavy pot, some fenching, mini greenhouse and bench.

    We are torn between thinking the workmen stole some fenching, or our local NFH did it.

    We don't believe it was a casual thief, because the fenching has being stood in the same spot for over a year. Also we have being on a three week holiday, without any thing disappearing.

    We checked the house, two weeks ago and it was there. We went yesterday to find all but one of the fench panels left. A tap unscrewed off the wall outside, and our yucca placed near the gate.

    One of our outhouse doors had being kicked in, and it was locked still. The mini greenhouse, had been stood up off the floor. But the cover was taken off, and we found it in the outhouse in a box.

    The inside of the house with expensive loose radiators was intact and locked.

    Did the workmen kick in the door, and nick it. Their excuse being that, they locked the doors before leaving. One of the workmen asked how much, the fenching cost, which we brought with us. He offered some money to us we said we intended using it all.

    Him asking me that,reminds me of two guys in Manchester. At a bike show two guys asked how much my fairing was to buy. I said I didn't know. On leaving I found that my fairing was missing.

    Also our rcd safety cut out breaker fixed inside our outhouse, had being removed off the wall.

    If someone was thinking of nicking the mini greenhouse, why put the cover in the outhouse.

    I have convinced my self it was the builders.

    What do you think .

    And what do I do about it.

    I am thinking of reporting it to the police, and making a big stink about it.

    GG. :badmood: :banghead: :banghead:

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    Best to go to the Police. State facts of what is missing and what damage has been done - don't make allegations, let them work it out.

    Good luck
    "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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      Oh GG, as if you need this hassle :sad: .

      It's so hard to tell, could be anyone really, but very suspicious that the workmen asked about it :unsure: .

      I think I'd report it to the police and see if they can do anything about it. Maybe someone saw something suspicious happen, you never know.

      If you have insurance for this kind of thing, I think they'd like it to have been reported to the police too.

      Also might be worth speaking to the Council Housing Officer in charge of the works too - I don't think they will go and accuse the trades or anything, but they can at least give a gentle reminder and point out that the police are going to be involved.

      It's really hard as the NFH could have been involved or maybe just a casual thief...I am mad for you :angry: .

      Why can't things just be left alone? :badmood:

      Hope you can get to the bottom of it,




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        hi reading your story i think as the others you should go to the police and let them do the investigating, they might be able to get to the bottom of it, you need to do something to get some answers and get rid of some of those question marks hanging over your head

        hope it turns out ok and that you get some answers soon




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          We are going to talk to our community police officer. We have had over three years of c..p, from our NFH. We avoid them, and also have changed were we go to eat. Even though we ate there first.

          I knew they would be more hassle, because they saw us in a local pub. We go in there because, they don't allow children. They have children so won't go in.

          We ignore them and avoid them, and it's just not working.