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My neighbour murdered my cat

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  • My neighbour murdered my cat

    Hi, i have been having trouble from my neighbour for quite a while now, basically he hates cats with a passion - my house is now up for sale because of him. I have suffered awful harassment - poo on my doorstep - him banging on the door shouting at night (knowing im alone), he would wait for me to get in from work and would be at my car window shouting at me before i was even out of the car - because he wants me to get rid of my cats, he said if i dont get rid of them he will , i said 'what do u mean by that' and he told me to take it as i want to.

    it got so bad i didn't want to go out - or walk up the shop as i knew the second i went outside it would start again so i called the police after he started on me again one evening.

    I was basically fobbed off and when they came out of his place they were all smiling and i felt like they were not interested and took his side - he is very clever, very good actor but myself and the other neighbours know the truth, last thursday i came home to find my cat - sugar ( who had a litter of week old kittens indoors ) dead under my outside chair - i broke down in the car park and just held her dispite her being stiff as a board and cried my eyes out.

    i used to be a veterinary nurse and i know it was rat poison - its just proving it - the rspca took the body as i gave up on the police , but their crime dept said there was not enough evidence to warrant tthem paying for a post mortem and i cant afford to. I was away that weekend lookin at properties over 300 miles away as im gonna houseshare with my mate who lives in the west country and other neighbours saw him clear up outside including flowers and soil etc - removing the evidence before i came back we think. i have to move out of a house that i love to save my other cats lives as im not waiting around for it to happen again - any advice?

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    How awful,

    Sorry to say this, but unless you have firm proof there is not alot you can do. My advice would be to ignore him until you can move away. I know that doing something like that is hard, but there are many people on the board who have succeeded. One tip I've heard is to wear sunglasses when you go out - then the NFH can't see your eyes - it throws them a bit .. "are you looking at them or not?"

    However, if you feel that ignoring him is not an option, then you must start to keep a log of all the incidents that occur re. his harressment of you. Harressment of another person is an arrestable offence under the 'Protection from Harressment act 1997'. Unfortunately, it is not often used, and the police seem to not want to deal with it unless something extremely serious happens (e.g. assault) - even then, witnesses are required. Taped conversations are not admissible in court unless the NFH knows he is being recorded - CCTV evidence is a bit better if it shows a crime being committed.

    I'm sure some of the more experienced members will give you some more advice.

    All the best,

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      You poor thing.

      I am so sorry, that is an absolutely dispicable thing to have done. I am afraid I am quite new to this site myself and can't really offer you any practical advice. But you do have my sympathies, I absolutely adore cats.

      The other members that know their stuff will be along soon with loads of great advice.

      You have come to the right place and will get loads of support here. I am only sorry that you had to join us.

      Take care

      Miss M


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        OMG How horrible! What a beast to do that, I wish I knew where he was I would come over and stuff rat poison up his....well I wont say....! :angry: :angry:

        I would be absolutely devastated if that happened to my cats, you poor poor thing, and you have little kittens to look after.

        The man is seriously deranged. I know not everyone likes animals but it makes my blood literally boil :angry: when I hear about animal cruelty and there is totally no need for it.

        I would be exactly like you, I couldnot live next door to someone like that, seriously I would want to kill him! and I would be scared witless for my cats, too.

        I suppose if i put myself in your position, I would be inclined to keep the cats inside with litter trays, even though I dont personally like such things in the house. But I would do it if it meant the cats were safe until i managed to move.

        You know what else i would do? put cctv up monitoring my property, that way if he came into your garden or whatever to do something to your cats or put poo everywhere (i MEAN, for gods sake what SANE person would do that???) :badmood: you would have some kind of evidence.

        how are the little kitties anyway? and how many cats have you got altogether?

        take care, and welcome to the forum, there are lots of cat lovers here who will come along with words of support!!! :thumbs:

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          What a dreadful person :angry:

          As FF has said, you must keep a log of what is going on.

          See if you can get hold of a video camera (if you're moving, you don't need the extra expense of CCTV, if you won't be using it for long), have you a friend who has one they could lend you for a while?

          I would keep your cats inside, as Annabel has may not be much fun for them, but at least they will be safe.

          I really don't know how he could've done such a thing to such a defenseless creature :rant:

          Keep your chin up and good luck :clover:



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            Welcome to the forum board Laura, I'm glad you made it here ok

            I'm so sorry to hear about you losing your cat like that, it must have been awful and very upsetting indeed. For anyone to treat any animal like that or equally always annoys me beyond belief. He has absolutely no right to dictate to you and harass you over this.

            May I ask, have you seen the online Article help section here?


            There are some useful articles (e.g. about Harassment and CCTV as Freaky Fun has already mentioned).

            Don't be driven out by this guy and give him the satisfaction, but do above all, keep yourself safe and sound.

            I hope you come back often to the board



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              Hi Laura and welcome to the forum.

              I'm so very sorry to hear about your cat I'm a cat owner myself so I can fully appreciate your grief right now

              Unfortunately, I have to agree with FF, unless you can get evidence the police won't want to know Your NFH must be a truly nasty piece of work on par with that 70 year old cat killer that has been in the news lately. :angry:

              He must have realised that she had had kittens, what a truly evil thing to do

              He is harassing you, has he ever threatened you, yourself? If so you could ask your local neighbourhood police officer about the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. In the meantime note down every incident and if possible get a small dictaphone so you can tape any threats he might make.

              Good luck

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                Hi L aka F

                I am appalled. What evilnees, what a beast! :angry:

                I feel so sorry for you. :sad:

                We can't get your cat back for you, but we can help you to help yourself and keep safe - your pets too. :unsure:

                Please keep a record of every incident - this creep is harassing you. I wonder if the RSPCA would be prepared to at least say that they thought the death could have been suspicious? Then that could be added to the file.

                Report everything to the police - the more they have to go on, the more likely they are to act (or rather not be able to fob you off).

                Apart from that, if you are planning to move, I hope you can do so asap to get away from that deranged brute. :angry:

                Please let us know how you are getting on and don't forget there's always someone hanging about here just when you need a shoulder to lean on




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                  i think this is awful. have you got in touch with any animal rights groups. maybe they could help.

                  you must be so sad, if anything happened to my cats or dog id be devastated, i dont know how you keep away from doing something.

                  i feel awful but i dont really know how to make you feel better. just keep your chin up. if he sees you upset then he's happy, thats how these ********* get their kicks. :nfh1:


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                    dreadful absolutely dreadful :sad:

                    I am sorry to hear you have had to go through this.

                    you must keep a log of all the harrassment this person is causing you, you can find blank logs here to print off

                    log sheets

                    keep a note of everything this vile person does, then you get down to the police station and give them a copy, or ask for your community officer to come and see you, it might show nfh you mean bussiness if you have an officer at your home.

                    keep copies of any documents you give out or receive

                    have you thought about getting CCTV?

                    it might catch him in the act of putting poo on your doorstep

                    CCTV help article

                    take a quick look at this link, it might help, I have just seen a system advertised in netto of all places for a reasonable price.

                    I am sorry you are having to sell your home but I cant really blame you, I wouldnt want to live near someone like that.

                    Good luck


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                      Hi Laura and wecome to the Forum

                      What a horrible person you live near. Hmm, you say that he put on a very good act when the Police went round to see him - how often have we seen/heard the same situation on this Forum. :unsure: Neighbours from Hell are experts at making themselves out to be the victim in virtually any situation, like you say, they are excellent actors.

                      And also nasty, vindictive and dangerous people.

                      Definitely try to get some more evidence, like the others have said, writing everything down, taking photos, video footage, CCTV - anything you can get.

                      We had harassment from a NFH who threatened to kill our cat (amongst other threats) some years ago. We just sold up and moved out. We knew that we wouldn't want to stay there even if the Police did charge him under the Protection from Harassment Act.

                      At the end of the day, you need to decide what you want to do for the safety of yourself and your puddy cats.

                      Take care and let us know how you're getting on.


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                        Neighbours from Hell are experts at making themselves out to be the victim in virtually any situation, like you say, they are excellent actors.

                        Yes they are and they are also excellent liars. But remember they lie so often that eventually, they will get caught out.

                        Horrible story. Hope it works out for you.

                        "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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                          Laura, how evil and low can this person go?? I can't believe someone could be so vile, and am so sorry :badmood: :sad:

                          I can quite believe you would want to move asap, and would strongly go with keeping your other cats indoors 'til you can do that to protect them. Do get CCTV if you can, and collect any firm evidence you can against this inhumane neighbour.

                          Keep yourself and your cats safe, and do come back and visit.



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                            Thank- You all, for being so kind. Sugar was a lovely cat a real sweetheart.

                            I just feel i cant live there now - i cant even sit on my doorstep for a smoke as i know he is watching - its really creepy.

                            I went to somerset to look at property and my friend very kindly took on the kittens we lost 2 and the rest i told her to give to the CPL to rear as i was still away and she couldn't cope with them all - last i time i checked they were doing well.

                            He is a very sick man and its just an endless battle :rant:

                            I have to move soon before it happens again. Im terrified for my other cats - i have tried to keep them in (they have an indoor litter tray anyway) but they actually broke the flap part of the cat flap breaking out and left a hole in my door! so i had to get a new one - they wont let me lock it or they just break it! :banghead:

                            Its so hard to know what to do - would like to poison him so he can have a slow painful death but cant do that so i feel a bit stuck.

                            The police are useless.

                            CCTV is a very good idea but i really cant afford it which is a problem as then i could get proof.

                            My cat smurf is devastated - they were so cute together - just like they were in love - they were always together - she only ever had babies by him to and he only bred with her not my other girl - he wasn't interested - found it really strange but they were always loving eachother - it was so cute - he just walks around my house now crying and callin her - its tearing me apart watching him - as he doesn't understand and i cant do anything to comfort him - its so sad.

                            I think the sooner my place sells, the better!


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                              how do you get a pic by your name? was gonna put one of sugar on