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Too many of them!

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  • Too many of them!

    Where can I start? This estate is not huge bout 80 houses. Several years ago some of us (who were sick of the nuisance kids around here) started a 'Neighbourhood Watch'. Since those early days people have moved (or died in some cases) and although the majority of people here are decent due to just a couple of new families buying houses in our street the whole place has gone bonkers! They seem to OWN the place and most of the households who wouldn't join the NHW originally are in their pockets, now they feel they have this protection there are kids of different ages 3-15 (yes 3!) mulling around the street in gardens, balls against windows,cars,walls etc, and they all have this look, can't put my finger on it but like 'your not in charge now' kinda thing (not that we were anyhow). At least 1 of the houses is a drug den (of the worst kind) So I sit here now and wonder what to do because there are at least 15 houses here that are with them so to speak. A neighbour down the way said the council will send them all letters, but 15 households is an awful lot coupled up with the drugs etc...basically I feel sick to my stomach as the police know about the new problems and have promised foot patrols etc to no avail. There, I moaned to someone other than my husband, thanx for listening.

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    Hi Timberley

    welcome to the board, sorry to hear your problems, estates can have some bad apples, the same as any where else.

    its good you have a NHW, is it still going?

    if not perhaps get it going again, there is always a little bit more clout when you have numbers invloved.

    and dont forget to ask newer residents to join the scheme.

    are the police invloved with your NHW scheme?

    most stations have a co-ordinator of these schemes, maybe invite them down to explain and show them the problems you are facing.

    there has been quite a lot on the news recently about NHW and tennents a** claiming back the streets for decent residents.

    are the problem families in council homes?

    if yes then keep on at the housing office.....the council will not want their homes to be used for drugs and such like.

    you can always ring crime stoppers 0800 555 111

    use this number when you need to, the calls can remain annon and the police have a duty to act on these calls.

    from the expeiances I have heard of, the police respond quicker to crime stoppers than if you just ring the local police station.

    record the goings on....

    are any of these NFH next to you?

    if yes you can record the noise levels and nusience levels and pass it on to the council and the EHO (if noise)

    the other members will be able to give you more advice, many of the members here are in similar situations as your self, so will know what you are going through

    glad you found us and good luck

    please let us know how things progress


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      Hi Tmberley

      You moan as much as you like...we are all here to listen and help if we can

      As Beth says, you must record or make a log any incidents that are happening, and involve the EHO if need be.

      See if you can get more residents involved in the NHW, to replace those who have left. You never know, these people moving in and their behaviour, may have others thinking along the same lines as you. It might be an idea to put a few feelers out to see what happens.

      I'm sure the others will be along soon, and they will give you more advice than I can

      Good Luck :clover:



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        Hi timberley and welcome to the Forum

        Just to echo what's been said already , you need to get on to the local Housing Office and your local community Police Officer to see what action can be taken.

        Make sure you get as much evidence as you can of the problems that are happening. Be that writing things down, getting photographic evidence, CCTV /video camera evidence, recording any verbal abuse on a dictaphone.

        Try and get as many local residents involved as you can - there's power and safety in numbers.

        :nfh1: Let us know how you're getting on .



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          Hi Timberley,

          It sounds like these 15 or so households are ruining it for everyone :rant: You've already been given some really good advice. Beth and Holly are right, there is power in numbers. Even if you do live on a relatively small estate, if there are enough of you complaining, the authorities will have to sit up and take note.


          Good luck :clover: and don't lose heart and keep us updated on how things are going.

          Blue Cow


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            Hi there,

            Go advice has been given already so I won't bother repeating it.

            Chin up and remember we are here for you to use as a sounding board.

            How do you know one of the houses is a 'drugs den'? (in case I need to spot one in the future)

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              Timberley, Boy do I know where you are coming from. :angry:

              I too had to put up with marauding kids on our estate who were literally outside in all weathers from the crack of dawn until darkness fell (and sometimes not even then). These kids were as young as three as well, and the oldest about 11. I used to feel absolutely sick when I heard the first football start bouncing around, then it was golf balls, skateboards, stones, mud.

              God forbid we should complain to the parents about their brats damaging our cars, plants, climbing on our flat roof, going in our meter cupboard, bullying our daughter and other little kids who dared to venture out...we were made to feel like we were the weirdos and freaks because we didnt think it was all wonderful that kids could 'play out' all day everyday shrieking, fighting and doing exactly what they pleased. :sad: :angry:

              I know exactly what you mean when you say it feels like they own the place. I felt like this with our NFH. They wanted to be top dogs and they allowed their kids to do exactly what they wanted so that all the other decent parents stopped letting their kids play out. We hardly saw the elderly people who lived on our road as they felt so intimidated.


              People did make complaints to our residents association but the association has no powers to help. because our road was a private road and we were all owner occupiers. a lot of people were very agrrieved that the yearly maintenance fee we paid for the upkeep of the road, i.e. the gardening was being used to rectify damage to our trees and plants caused by the kids of the NFH.

              If I hadnt found this forum I would have gone nuts for sure, i was getting so demented and upset. there was a neighbourhood watch scheme on our road, but as people moved away, it all disintegrated.

              other people have given you good advice as to how to gather evidence etc. it will be a long haul and you have to be very patient. I couldnt do this and decided to move, and have now been in my new house 2 weeks. but mving is not a solution for everyone.

              keep visiting us here and you will get a lot of support and help.

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                Hi Timberley and welcome to the forum

                Oh, boy, do I relate to your story I live on a large estate and although most of the people are good decent people there are a large number of 'bad apples'.

                There are 26 houses in our close and four of them are inhabited by the kind of people you describe and our lives are made misery by their kids and/or their gangs of mates. We know they're dealing/abusing drugs but it's proving it that's the problem.

                Is your estate council/Housing Association or private? If it's council/HA then get in touch with your local office and ask them if they have any anti-social behaviour strategies in place. Log every incident, no matter how trivial. It would be great if you could get others to join you as council/HA/police are more likely to act if confronted by a group.

                I know how you feel, :banghead: We can only hope that Frank Field MP gets his legislation through and some REAL action will be taken against NFH.

                Good luck,

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                  Hi everyone and many thanx for all of the posts. The estate is council and most but not all of the problem families are council tenants. FF, thanx for your post the police know it's a 'druggie' house, spoke with a pc yesterday (local community beat officer) unfortunately they need 1 of the nearer neighbours to have a police camera fitted but all are too scared. :sad:

                  Annabel, thanx also for your post made me pleased that I'm not a 'weirdo' as this is exactly what we are made to feel, probably coz we don't let our kids 'out there'. When we leave the house (frequently) to escape it they stare at us, it's quite creepy and my kids don't like it. There is also no point in speaking to the parents tried that 'they've got to play somewhere' is their motto. I am keeping diary sheets and did ring the police last night, just to get an incident number (knew no-one would come out) because a gang of the older ones were still outside at 10.20 with a ball. I have also spoken to the council again today and she told me she's is to involve the ASBO officer with one of the youths. The NHW has pretty much fell apart due to more and more people getting worried about the current state of things, we have lost 5 this year and gained 3 'numpties' (our term for the NFH).

                  Again thanx to everyone here



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                    If I understood you correctly, the police are saying that they will not act against what they know to be drug dealing beacuse they can't fit a camera to the house of someone who may be threatened by these people - that sounds like an aweful cop-out to me (sorry for the pun). I've picked up from much wiser people on this board that contacting crimestoppers can be effective if the police are letting you down.


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                      Hi Eskander thanx for your post and the pun The police here seem to want us to do their job for them. His reasoning for the camera was that drugs are only kept in the said house for a while and then rotated between 2 others in our village (he even told us the other addresses). So they need to gather evidence...if to be believed! One thing I hadn't even thought about was Crimestoppers so thanx again everybody for that, I am trying to arrange an urgent meeting of the NHW and that number will certainly be circulated!


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                        Just wanted to say hi

                        Keep reporting everything to the Council and the police, the more they have, the more that they then will have to go on.

                        You could do it collectively, so that no-one is singled out by your NFH's. E.g. write your letters from 'Timperley Estate Neighbourhood Watch Scheme' or such like!

                        You could also ask your Local Housing department who the Tenant Participation Officer is (you don't have to be a tenant to see this person). These officers can convene meetings to include Housing Staff, Community Police officers, and local councillors and/or the local MP. It's their job to get out into the estates so use them!

                        You could get all these people under one roof for all the residents to see and make your feelings crystal clear about the degenerates living in your midst and what you'd like to see done about it.

                        I was also told by a police officer to report everything via Crimestoppers because they apparently have performace targets to meet and these calls are given priority by the local nick than calls coming in direct.

                        Well, best of luck and I hope you can get things moving in a more satisfactory way very soon.


                        :nfh1: :ban: