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My NFH may have just shot themselves in the foot!

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  • My NFH may have just shot themselves in the foot!

    Hi everyone,

    Me again. Well as you know I have moved out but I still own the other house pending the signing of contracts.

    I went to the house on Sunday with the buyer (who is a friend of mine) to take some larger items of furniture in a van. I know this is premature as the contracts have not been signed but the new owner is going on holiday and won't have time to move when he returns.

    Then.... my lovely NFH decided to come out of the house, I knew they would to see who was moving in but I didn't think they would "kick off" with four people there. Ohh but they did, they were extremely rude to me, but I expect that but they were also very insulting to the new owner and his friend who was helping to move furniture. They said so you two are moving in, F***** queers, bet you're all sha**ing each other you disgusting bas*****! Then they proceeded to throw a barrage of abuse back to me calling me a F***** Dyke, ugly fuc***, sad bit**, etc. I was so embarrassed, I had never met this guy who was helping before Sunday and he didn't even know of the NFH dispute, he could not believe what he was hearing. As far as he was concerned this bloke had just walked up to him in the street and started accusing him of being gay!! Not that that bothered him it was the abuse and fowl aggressive language thrown in his direction.

    He was going to punch him in the chops but as he had only just met me he refrained!

    He was so shocked he couldn't stop talking about it. The new owner, my friend hardly said a word. I hope to God he doesn't back out now. He has every right to.

    However he knows of all the problems I had but thought they wouldn't do it to him.

    Looks like they will.

    I did the usual and logged the complaint with the police again. I didn't stop at this on this occasion though. I have been to get advice from my solicitor (at great expense) he has advised me of my options, the most viable one is to complain to the police for not investigating the criminal activity. He says I have a very strong case. I asked the PC on the phone if I could speak to an officer higher in the department or make an appointment to see him. The conversation took a bit of a turn, the officer spoke to me in a different manner, he was pleasant, concerned and HELPFUL!! WOW

    I was at home awaiting a phone call back from the police when I had a knock at the door, a police officer... my God I nearly died of shock. 20 minutes after my call I had an officer at my door. I normally wait 3 days. It shows they can do it.

    The PC who attended only thought she was here about the events at my house that day, wrong... she got the whole lot, the whole story. Her note pad was on fire.

    I told her of the very serious crimes (date rape) etc, she was stunned. I know I can't do anything about that crime but she is damn determined to get the Barst**** for the others! I gave her the details I have gained on this forum about poisoning laws, etc and she went off armed with all the details of my 2 years of torment. I think she believed me too. I was told that she has to investigate all the counter claims against me, I told her that was fine by me as they couldn't have any evidence as I haven't done anything. She is going to get all the witness statements at last from my case and in her words "nick the basta*** for harassment!"

    I am awaiting the phone call this evening when she has done some investigating. The guy who they insulted on Sunday is an independent witness as I had only just met him, and that incident will be part of the harassment case as the new owner is now involved.

    I hope they carry out their investigations, I don't have much faith in the police I'm afraid, maybe she will restore my faith in the law.

    They need two incidents that they can prove then the whole lot can go to court. Well I can prove about 5 incidents so taking them to court may be the way out.

    Thanks for reading again.

    I will keep you updated.

    :nfh1: :nfh1: :nfh1: :nfh1: :P

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    hi Clareb

    Gordon bennett!! (sorry to all you gordon bennetts out there... :lol: )

    That NFH must be one of the most ludicrous that I have heard of on these boards...What on earth are they on about, throwing such insults at you and someone they've never even clapped eyes on before??? :blink:

    All I can say is that an amoeba must have more brain cells than that NFH :hihi: .

    I really hope that your PC can do the biz for you! It sounds very promising.

    Be prepared for a long road though, no doubt the amoeba NFH will try to throw all sorts of allegations at you, but you just keep your head help up - you know you have done nothing wrong and that you also have witnesses to this despicable behaviour.

    I am hoping that the sale still goes ahead - ooerr. That buyer you have sounds like a gem if he still is interested, but don't go putting any ideas into his head of pulling out now! B)

    I really hope that this evil cretin gets his comeuppance very soon. Let us know how it's going and best wishes to you .


    :nfh1: :nfh1:


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      Hi Clareb


      What an absolute moron your neighbour is. I really was hoping that you'd start to get some respite from this, but this latest episode is unbelievable :angry:

      I hope that the police get after him now. He needs to be taught a lesson. Good luck with this, and I'm really pleased that you got somewhere today.

      Keep us updated

      Blue Cow



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        Hello Clareb, I am so shocked to hear your story, and hope you get satisfaction from the police at last. It is so frustrating being passed from pillar to post :banghead:

        Good luck to you and your buyer!!!!!!!!


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          Clare, at last!! Somebody is listening to you and not before time either. :rant: Please, God, let that PC be dedicated to getting some action against NFH.

          Your NFH gives all other NsFH a good name What an evil, nasty creature he is!!

          So, I'm crossing everything for you that the police will finally get of their collective backsides and DO SOMETHING!

          Good luck

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            Speechless really!!

            Hope the Police come up trumps this time.

            Good luck
            "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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              WOW Claire!!

              I tohugt by reading your post that the buyer would pul out and then I got to the bit about the police......gosh!

              I hope they throw the book at him and quickly too.

              good luck with it and please please let us know the out come......we could do with some more success stories!!


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                Well what can I say

                Got my fingers and everything else crossed for you :clover: :clover: :clover:



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                  Hi Clare

                  Wow, what an update .

                  Good for you at pushing the Police and not being fobbed off. And really glad to hear that it worked. From what you say, it sounds quite positive. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

                  Hope your buyer still buys... :unsure: .


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                    Thanks everybody for your encouraging replies.

                    The PC is actually is doing some home work! :wow: Hurray........... She even phoned me last night to get some names and addresses of my witnesses and she is going to see them on Sunday afternoon.

                    Flipping heck, you don't know how it has made me feel to know that somebody is finally "trying" (I say trying as she is only at the beginning) to do something about these evil cretins. :cheers:

                    I would encourage the death penalty for this pair but I don't suppose the jury would take a tin of Quality Street as a bribe!

                    I can't get them for the most serious of crimes and that grieves me but I hope they get mentioned in court (assuming it goes that far). These pond life don't deserve to live in a civilized society, I hope that the landlord will have good reason the evict them now so my friend doesn't have to endure a life of hell as I have.

                    If anything comes of this investigation and the Bast**** go to court and are found guilty, I think I will have the biggest party and you are all invited!! :happyparty:

                    Thanks for your ongoing support. I will enjoy keeping you updated!



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                      Really pleased for you Clare , at last you have someone on your side.

                      Don't forget the invitations .


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                        Hi Clare

                        That's really good news - keep us posted.... :lmao:

                        Blue Cow


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                          Hi Clare

                          I have got everything crossed for you. My situation is getting more like yours everyday, although my nfh is not quite as cretinous as yours (yet). Glad you have finally found someone who will listen. I was thinking of all the problems you have had to endure with the police being next to useless when my husband had to report an assault. Thankfully he was quite lucky and seems to have been listened to.

                          I await your updates with interest.

                          Miss M


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                            It's me again,

                            I feel I can write this now after having another morning full of tears. :cry: The police are still following up enquires, great but my NFH are still being nasty creatures.

                            I went to the house Wednesday evening to meet up with buyer and parked my lovely BMW over the road as there were no spaces outside my house and I now have approximately £1000 of damage to it. I am gutted. I just had to pay for the damage to my neighbours car when they unhitched my trailer and caused me to have an accident. Now I have swirly gouges down the full length of my tourer, every panel on the passenger side. :banghead: I am so upset I don't have any strength left. I am also concerned that the neighbour who's car I damaged has given NFH my new address and I am worried to death. He has been talking to him, I think my NFH had suggested I pay for all the other scratches on his car. He is a poisonous individual and I get the impression he has sucked this guy in.

                            My car was parked in the same place it was when they slashed my tyres.

                            I can't go over to my house as I am petrified they will do something to me, which they have every time I have been back so far. I told you he threatened to kill me.

                            They police did house to house enquiries the other night about my CCTV camera and knocked NFH's door, they just sat there and didn't answer.

                            I just want this to end. I feel so unwell.

                            Just thought I'd keep you updated. Lets hope my next post is a positive one!



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                              Hi Clare,


                              Have you informed the PC that came to see you of this latest episode? She needs to add this to her list. It may be too late now, but the police can check the car for fingerprints (I had my car broken into earlier this year, and the police were still able to check for fingerprints two days later).

                              Please don't give up now, and please don't go back to that house alone. If possible, leave at least one person (preferably a 6ft tall 17st man!) sitting in the car, and if the neighbour comes near them, tell them to keep their hand on the horn.


                              If you haven't got yourself a personal attack alarm yet, then I would seriously recommend that you get one. They can do wonders for your confidence and you can buy them on the internet.

                              I'm not sure what you can do about the NFH finding out your new address. Are you sure that the other neighbours would tell them? It may be worth having a word with these other neighbours (?) if you think that you have nothing to lose.

                              As for them not answering the door to the police, that's absolutely typical (and pathetic).

                              I'm sure that others have some better advice for you....

                              Take care

                              Blue Cow