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Noisy neighbour!

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  • Noisy neighbour!


    I live in a block of 6 flats 3 ground floor and 3 1st floor. I am in the ground floor flat in the centre. There is a young woman that lives above me, she has a young baby, but the baby is not the problem, we never hear him!!!! It is the nights when she has someone looking after her baby, when the problems start.

    Her music is on loud and I mean loud from around 5pm, you can even hear the words to the songs in my flat!!! and then she goes out, around 1am sometimes later she comes back with some friends both male and female and you can hear everything that they are getting up to along with the music, screams loud laughing etc. The other night it went on till around 4am in the morning. There was noise out side the flat and also inside the flat. all the people who live in the flats have been complaining about he noise and also some people who live in the houses which are across the road!!!

    What I have done up to now is I have rung up the land lord who owns the property and left a message on her answer phone about the noise and I have also given the number to the other neighbours to ring her. We feel that if we all ring she ight do something about it. What else can we do after this is the noise continues??? It is not the same night/nights each week, and it does tend to be about only 1 or 2 nights a week when this happens.

    Any advice would be grateful

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    hi Gillsmudge

    welcome to the forum, sorry to hear you are having to put up with unwanted noise.

    you and your good neighbours are going to support each other?

    if yes thats great.

    first thing you all need to start recording the noise, there are some noise logs on the resouces page you can print off

    noise record sheets

    if you all record it should match up when you get the EHO to call.

    have you spoken to your neighbour face to face about the noise?

    its always a good idea if you feel you can, never do it if you are not confident or worried

    write to her, tell her how her noise is making you feel, you will find some template letters on the resources page too.

    you must do this first before contacting EHO, as they will only ask you to do it any way, keep a copy of the letter you send her to show EHO.

    its a long process but in the end you get there.

    well there are the first steps, in our experiances the land lord wont do much......unless every one of your good neighbours also writes to ocan ask him to come and witness the noise and you can ask if it has a noise clause in NFH contract.

    good luck and please come back often. :ban:


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      Hi Gillsmudge and welcome to the forum

      Sorry to hear about your NFH It's no fun when you're kept awake until the early hours by ignorant, selfish NFH.

      Beth has already given you lots of good advice so there's nothing I can add to that. Hopefully you will get the landlord or EHO to do something about the noise. It's good to hear that other neighbours are also complaining. I think you get further if there is a group doing the complaining rather than one person.

      Good luck

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        Welcome to the forum Gillsmudge Glad you found us here, you'll get a lot of understanding about your noise problem from many members.

        Noise is a really intrusive thing to live with, it makes you feel ill, disturbs your sleep and makes you jumpy all the time, we understand how this must be making you feel right now. Noise during the day is equally as bad, it disrupts, literally, everything around daily life at home.

        Contacting the landlord is a great first step - you must also be able to prove that you've contacted the source of the problem (e.g. the neighbour) who's making the noise, the EHO make ask for this. So as Beth has suggested, the NFHiB template will give you a good basis on which to work there. Consider CC'ing the letter to the landlord too and keep a copy as Beth has said.

        Record everything that goes on - yes, it's boring in noise/NFH logs, but it's crucial to gather evidence.

        We also have a comprehensive article about Noise Nuisance and it does give the options available, you can read this from here:

        Keep coming back often to the forum



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          I am sorry that you had to find this forum, but am glad for you as you have come to the right place for help and advice .

          Hope that you have found the info so far to be helpful .

          It's so horrible to be living near to such an inconsiderate, selfish ignoramus :badmood: .

          I'm not the best with noise problems, but the replies you've had already are pointing you in the right direction.

          Main thing is to log everything!!! And don't let Environmental Health/the police fob you off.

          I hope that you feel a little bit better knowing that others here understand your problem and that you are welcome to come and vent anytime!




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            Hi Gillsmudge

            Sorry to hear of the noise problems you've been having. Your neighbour sounds completely inconsiderate :banghead:

            Good luck pressurising your landlord, I hope that you get some results very soon

            Blue Cow


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              Hi Gillsmudge and welcome to the Forum

              If you've followed the advice given so far, I hope that you're feeling better about the situation?

              Noise nuisance is a horrible thing to have to endure, you say that it's only "1 or 2" nights a week, but when it's one or two nights a week that you can't get any peace or quiet, it's too much. :rant:

              Definitely start writing everything down, speak/write to your neighbour, contact Environmental Health and your landlord.

              Let us know how you get on, good luck.


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                Hi there,

                I won't repeat the good advice given already.

                Chip up, and remember we are here to listen and for you to let off some steam.

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                  Just to giver you an upate. I rang the land lord of the property, along with 5 other neighbours!!! She has rung her tenant up to say that she has had a complaint, of course she said it wasn't her and it was someone living in another flat!!!! The land lord replied that she has had 6 people ringing her up on one day and if she didn't do something re the noise level then she would end up being homeless. Lets just hope that this has done the trick, will see what happens this weekend!!! and let you know. I laughed when she had said that it wasn't her, my reply to that was that how can I hear the noise directly above me, if it is not coming from her property!!!!! and how can the people in the end property hear the niose through the wall if it is in the flat which is 2 properties away, mabe it is magic!!!!!! I know sound travels but through 4 walls is a bit much!!!!!


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                    mabe it is magic!!!!!!

                    Maybe!! Or maybe your NFH is just a liar!

                    That's really positive news from the landlord and it's great that everyone helped with the complaint.

                    Good luck :clover:

                    Blue Cow


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                      Good news!

                      Hope she shuts up now that the landlord seems to be doing her bit properly.

                      Nice one :thumbs:




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                        hope she hushes up now, and if not I hope the LL has the bottle to follow through with the threat of eviction!!

                        either way looks like you are going to get some peace!!


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                          Well that's a start .

                          Well done for you and your other neighbours making the complaint. Let's hope it works :thumbs: .


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                            Sorry to hear your problems

                            Not only is the actual noise a problem it is the continuous expectation of a the noise to start up again You become sensatised and even small amouts of noise start to wind you up

                            It really is a spiralling phsycological Nightmare

                            Good Luck I'm sure this one will be sorted



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                              Hope all goes well and it is so refreshing to hear that other neighbours have put their heads above the parapet and helped you!

                              Good luck!
                              "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"