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  • Young neighbour

    New Member. Hello members.

    I know how members must some times feel frustration, helplessness, anger &

    some times ill. I have a young neighbour with a young child who moved into

    the flat above me (3- 1/2 years ago). From the first couple of weeks i sensed that

    her general attitude was one of (now i've got a flat i can do what i like). Within the

    first few months i had cause to ask her to turn down her music she would say, is it

    too loud turn it down a little bit, next day back up again. she also had visitors &

    sometimes visitors children comeing and going for days on end, as there's no

    sound proofing in these flats the noise can be quite deafinig. Also had a boyfreind

    who came & stayed most evenings & because of the noise he made in the

    bedroom above me, i had to move out of my bedroom & sleep in the liveing room,

    which i have been doing for the last 2 & 1/2 years. Complained to landlord who

    told me to make a record of all that goes on. After doing this for about 9 months

    the only response from landlord (Houseing a**.)was, it's just household noise. So

    for about a year i stopped complainig. Just kept to myself as it seemed a waste of

    time. But since she got a new boyfreind, the past 6 months have been awful.

    Every morning She seems to hear me get up about 10oclock comes downstairs to

    see what i'm doing, i'm usualy cleaning up & sweeping the communual hallway

    which we both share. Told me to keep front door shut which i usualy open to let

    dust out & some air in, i've been doing it last 3 years as no one else does

    it. she is issueing threats of violence towards me & to-day it became violent. She

    is now violent towards me. I called police to-day, but they do very little other than

    speak to my landlord. My land lord won't do anythig.

    Have been taking medication because of this for deppression.

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    Hi Rosshill, and welcome to NFHiB

    Sorry to hear things are so dreadful with your neighbour :badmood:

    Definitely you need to contact Environmental Health re persistent noise. Some of it may be down to ordinary household noise if the soundproofing is poor, but loud music that can be heard in your property is just inconsiderate behaviour. Have a look at the self-help article in the following link for further information re noise

    The police need to speak to you again as there are threats of/actual is ludicrous to say this is just a matter for the landlord! Maybe you could arrange an appointment with a more senior officer, and please reiterate that you fear for your safety. Again, you may not have seen the following article, and it may help with what to say to the police

    The H.A. also should be taking this much more seriously, as this neigh bour is in breach of tenancy obligations relating to noise nuisance, and harassment/nuisance. Again, do see if you can meet with the Estate Officer/Housing Manager re noise and threats to your safety.

    All the best with this, and please come back and visit to let us know how things are going

    In the meantime, please keep safe, and as April says, if you feel under threat, dial 999.




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      Hi Rosshill and welcome to the forum

      Sorry to hear about your situation I think you should be logging all the events of NFH noise and abuse in a diary. You can find blank sheets that you can print out at:

      If you are being threatened you must inform the police. Perhaps you could find out from your local station who your neighbourhood officer is and ask for a visit or an appointment and ask him/her for help. If you feel you are being fobbed off, do as April says and ask for an appointment to see a senior officer. I can't understand why the police are talking to your landlord and not your NFH!

      When you say that your NFH tells you to keep the front door shut, does she mean your front door or the front door to the flats? If it's the front door to the flats she might be worried that her child can get outside if it is left open. I think, to be fair, that is a reasonable request, although she could find a nicer way of asking!

      NFH don't care what effect their behaviour or the behaviour of their visitors have on other neighbours. Are there other neighbours in the block that are having problems with NFH? If so, it might be an idea to get together and complain as a group to the housing association.

      Good luck

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        Hi Rosshill

        sorry to hear your story, but welcome to the board though!

        noise is a dreadful thing, it seeps into your soul!

        I would have a look at the resource articles as misty and sapphy have said, you should find them quite helpful.

        EHO are the next port of call I reckon, and the Housing a**. tell them again about the problem and you must tell them how it is now effecting your health.

        you have to keep nagging these people until they act, even if its acting to get rid of you!!

        keep strong and come and see us often!


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          Hi Rosshill

          Just wanted to say hi and hope that you have found the advice you have been given already to be helpful .

          Are you a Housing Association tenant too? Have you applied for a transfer? If you have, have you also completed a medical form and given a supporting letter from your GP about the stress this is causing you?

          I am not saying that you should move, but at least cover your options.

          Make sure you keep logging everything - the noise and the incidents. Keep on reporting this information to the police and the Housing Association. Firstly, your NFH is in breach of her tenancy agreement in many ways, the two most obvious are causing a nuisance to, and actual harassment of other tenant(s)/residents as well as causing noise disturbance to others.

          The Housing Association sounds like its fobbing you off - they are not allowed to do that, don't let them get away with it. Write to them every week (or at least every month) if necessary!

          Might also be worth contacting your Local Councillor and MP if you feel that you are getting nowhere with the HA and Police. Once a councillor or MP's involved, you'll see how quickly you get a response from the HA! :lol:

          It's a pain, but if you keep logging, it will eventually be used and you'll be glad you made the effort!

          Let us know how you get on

          Good Luck.




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            Hi Rosshill and welcome

            I hope that you have managed to check out some of the links that the other members have given you and that you've found them useful.

            Living with a NFH can completely drain you as many of us know from personal experience. But, you will get a great deal of support from everyone here in coping with your NFH.

            Good luck and please come back often to let us know how you're getting on.


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              Don't forget that we are here to help support you. Good luck with your NFH

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