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Person being allowed to drive untaxed bangers

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  • Person being allowed to drive untaxed bangers


    I am annoyed that my neighbour who's home is owned by ******** Housing Association is aloud to continuously drive different untaxed vehicles on a daily basis which he gets from a local scrap yard where he works.

    He is always getting away with driving untaxed cars as he parks them on his drive so that their not parked on the road untaxed.

    I have contacted Bedfordshire police and other authorities and basically they are not interested that this person is committing an offence.

    I have decided to contact the local paper so people in Bedfordshire are aware how lazy the police and other authorities really are.

    It's about time they got off their a*** and done some real work.


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    Welcome to the forum TT

    Yes, this sort of thing annoys me too. People who drive untaxed and probably un-insured cars are a liability as well as they flout the law.

    However annoying this is though, it won't be an issue for the HA to pick up on as it hasn't (or doesn't appear to have) anything directly to do with your neighbour's tenancy agreement, etc.

    Your best bet is, as you've said it contacting the Police and you can also report him to the DVLA, for info see here:

    Even if your neighbour is parking on the drive, he'll still have to drive them on a public road to get them there, therefore he's still breaking the law.

    Good Luck with it, it's unfortunately an all too often common occurrence.



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      I had this same thing some years ago. The police will only witness it you have to report it to the dvla and be prepared to appear in court. It is an offence though, even if you are not driving the car for it not to be registered as being off the road.

      The police seem to do less and less for more and more money from the council tax.

      One day some one will take the responsibility for their position, i.e. police, council government.


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        Hi Tigertim,

        My concern is that if the cars aren't taxed, then he's not insured to drive them, and if he's not insured then he's a danger to everyone else on the road. I would agree with Matthew, get back in contact with the police and let the DVLA know.


        Blue Cow


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          Hi Tigertim and welcome to NFHiB ,

          As well as being obviously illegal on the road...he is illegal off it. If he wasn't driving the vehicle(which he is!), and kept it on private land, he would have to complete a SORN declaration for the DVLA, stating that the car is kept off the road all the time. He has either completed one of those....and then driving on the road, or hasn't and isn't taxed! Either way, I would have thought that the DVLA would be interested. Maybe they could put him on the list for when they do a sweep of your area?



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            Hi Tigertim. This sounds very familiar to me, I have exactly the same issue. In the last few days I have reported vehicles to the DVLA using the web site mentioned by Matthew above. No result so far but I imagine it takes a while. You are right to want to do something about this - as mentioned above, these cars are likely to be uninsured and I wouldn't be surpised to find that they have no MOT either. With every respect to Antique, I don't think you will have to be prepared to appear in court, the DVLA web site says that you can report such vehicles anonymously. Good luck


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              I agree this is a major problem. If the government was serious about reducing the numbers of cars on the road then they reduce it by about 15 to 20 % if they took action over untaxed cars.

              Don't waste your time with the police. You need to report it to the DVLA. Unfortunately this requires that they get off their ar*es and witness the vehicle on the road.

              Advise several of your local DVLA offices. Then at least one of them, hopefully, will take action.

              You could always leave an anonymous note on the car.


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              We are part of an ancient secret society. For three thousand years we have guarded the Cities and Towns. We are sworn at manhood to do any and all in our power to stop the NFH from ever being reborn into this world.

              So what's the plan?

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                Thanks to you all for all your help.

                Its a waste of time contacting DVLA / Police because he doesn't park these vehicles on the road untaxed,

                DVLA / Police won't do anything unless they catch him driving them on the public highway,

                so everytime he gets away with it.

                He gets these vehicles from a local scrap yard where he works,

                and he will drive them for a while untaxed whilst he repairs them for selling,

                sometimes he is lucky to get them already taxed lol.

                I did contact DVLA with regards to him selling a number of cars from home,

                and they told me to contact trading standards, then they told me to contact,

                the council as he may need to pay tax as it could be classed as a business.

                Contacted the council and never heard from them at all.

                What a waste of time.

                Why can't the authorities do more to prevent these idiots from driving their unroadworthy bangers on the public highway.

                They are quick enough to clamp untaxed vehicles parked on the public highway,

                but not quick in catching the people who think parking on their drives means they don't need to pay car tax.

                Maybe they will listen if we all get together and protest.




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                  Very annoying that the council won't do anything. If he's running a business he should be paying a business rate (that's what my council told me) so not only is he dodging his car tax but he's cheating on his rates too. Perhaps writing to your local counselor pointing this out as an aggrieved council tax-payer may help.


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                    no its not a waste of time tim!

                    to get them onto his drive he must be driving them on the road.

                    report it even if its just to make you feel better.

                    you need to be proactive in life, no good having complaints then not being willing to take action.

                    we have all had long fights and battles with our NFHs, you can sit back and let them win or you can fight for what you believe is right.

                    we have all fought here, with different results, yes sometimes we dont always get stuff done, and the majority of the time it takes ages

                    things are not going to just happen over night, it can be a long drawn out process

                    I am a fighter as are many people here

                    dont give up, keep going and in the end good will win against NFH!!


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                      I maybe wasn't very clear earlier. If he is making it look like he is not driving these cars by not parking them on the road, then he MUST complete a SORN declaration for the DVLA. If he is not doing this, then he is still breaking the law, even if he is not caught driving it! So, the DVLA can check up whether he is providing them with these forms, and deal with it(when they get round to it!) if he isn't. You can check this out on the DVLA web-site.

                      What do you reckon the chances are of him filling in this SORN(off-road)declaration for each car?



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                        Hi Tigertim

                        get on to your Local Councillor - that's what they are there for!

                        MP too for that matter.

                        The Housing Association should certainly be paying attention - it's their tenancy Agreement he's in breach of (unless, by some miracle he actually HAS permission which I doubt very much). Keep at them, write to their Chief Exec and copy your Local Councillor in on the letter.

                        As for DVLA and the Police - keep reporting it - I very much doubt this guy has completed SORNs for these vehicles and that is an offence, so it states quite clearly on the Log Book - so someone's got to enforce it otherwise we all might as well take the mick and not bother paying our way and have dodgy motors on the road! :blink:

                        I think they do 'sweeps' too, so behind the scenes, you never know what's going on and your info will eventually be of use.




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                          I do pass on all registration numbers of the untaxed vehicles onto the police and they do say keep up the good work, but I just feel they are not doing anythink,

                          because he is still driving untaxed vehicles.

                          This isn't a recent problem it been going on for years.

                          He doesn't own the scrap yard he only works their but the person who does own it,

                          is just the same gets away with driving untaxed bangers so speaking to him is

                          a waste of time.

                          I am going to contact the police and dvla again as he is now driving another untaxed banger.

                          The local council did put a stop to him jumping the kurb to park in his garden,

                          when he never had a drive, but now he has a drive and can park his untaxed bangers off the road but uses them on a daily basis.

                          He makes me laugh so much hes a real tramp. In the week he comes home in a pickup truck with an old banger on the back and he rummages though it and gets himself some goodies before he takes it to the yard.

                          I will let you all know what happens once I have contacted the police, dvla ect.

                          Thanks for all your help its good to talk



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                            Hi TT

                            Keep at it - I am sure your reports will (eventually) come to fruition .

                            I do think it would be worth getting onto your Local Councillor - they have to deal with these types of enquiries frequently and when they contact the Council (and probably the police too) the Council has to respond within certain timescales and they cannot fob a councillor off!

                            Good Luck, keep coming back here to let us know




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                              Hi TT

                              I'd definitely follow up on the advice given by sapphirelily about the SORN declaration .

                              Keep us updated.