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    Just to update those who have given me advice. I have mentioned here that one of my problems is a group of NFHs who are continually working on clapped out old cars in the street. I complained to their housing association and today received the following message:

    "Further to my e mail dated 4th September 2003, I would just like to inform you that all tenants have now been contacted with regards to the vehicle repairs and they have been informed that if I receive any further complaints I will have no option but to take action against their tenancy. I have also identified the tenant who was responsible for the recent disturbance when the police were involved and they have been given a written warning and have been informed that if we receive any further complaints we will serve a Notice Seeking Possession against their tenancy.

    This is the first stage of action that Charter Housing Association are required to take and I shall be obliged if you would inform me if you have any further complaints"

    I am very encouraged by this and will let you know what happens.

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    well done! That's a very clear statement from them isn't it. Congratulations for getting things so far. :thumbs:


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      Good one!

      Sounds like the Housing Association is doing its job properly - great :thumbs:

      Hope that sorts it out for you




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        In case it's of help to others I thought I'd set out exactly what I did to get to this stage. Firstly I identified the relevant housing association.

        I assumed that there would be a risk that the NFHs would deny doing large scale repair work on a number of cars and say they were just checking the oil or some such. I took a series of photographs when they were working on 3 or more vehicles at a time. I then arranged to actually go to the housing association offices and meet the relevant housing officer.

        I took a very calm line saying that I had lived at my current address for 12 years and had never had cause to complain in the past with previous tenents. I said that I appreciated that they provided a valued service to people in need and that I had no objection to that. I then outlined my complaint and gave them copies of the photographs. I pointed out that I had considered going straight to the police and the council but that I thought it would be better to give them the chance to resolve the problem themselves.

        AS a further update - some may recall that I posted a note about one of these vehicles having no road tax. There are now 3 such vehicles and I have notified DVLA following advice given here. I'll let you know what happens.

        Once agin thanks to all who have given advice and support


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          Nice one Eskander, good to hear! :yobs:


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            Well done Eskander And well done to the HA as well, although I hate to put a dampener on things, but my local HA are always telling us that they've given written warnings and not a great deal changes Hopefully your local HA has a bit more resolve

            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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              Way to go Eskander :thumbs:



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                Good for you!!!

                hope some action gets taken now, I should imagine it wont be too long before they put a foot wrong again and another complaint is made

                then you can wave good bye to them!!!! :thumbs:


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                  Nice one, Eskander, and very thorough evidence-gathering

                  Keep the pressure on, if further incidences! (Which I'm sure you will )

                  Thanks for the update, and handy for people to see how you got there