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next step in mediation saga

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  • next step in mediation saga

    Spoke with our local council officer, who told me as there hadn't been an incident for over 21 days then I can't get an ASBO (didn't know whether to laugh or cry). She was very sympathetic though - asked if he had a behavioural disorder (! probably), why did mother let him continue living there? (I have no idea), and that to make mother aware that if it came to an asbo then it would be against her property.

    We're going to try shuttle mediation, and I thought for my first communication I'd summarise my diaries and let them read it (mother too). The mediator had said before our aborted meeting that she was hoping it would be an awareness raising meeting - and this is the only way I can think of to raise that awareness.

    I am also going to write to the council (with a copy to the Scottish minister) outlining my experiences, as I don't think this has been resolved as quickly as it could have been. Aberdeen has given out more than 25 Asbo's since 1999, so they obviously use them, but I don't know how many were for private individuals against private individuals, rather than council/ha tenants.

    Any thoughts or advice please let me know!

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    Originally posted by flossie@Sep 23 2003, 9:46 AM

    We're going to try shuttle mediation...
    I may be being thick, but what's shuttle mediation?

    Anticipating enlightenment,
    "Poor Tom shall lead thee" (King Lear)


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      Basically I give my points for the nfh to the mediator and she discusses them with them, and brings back to me any comments. I can then make further comments and she can make further visits.

      She's hoping that it will eventually bring nfh round to a meeting - as she feels that would really bring some kind of closure (I hate that word, but it's appropriate here).

      I don't want it to drag on too long though - it's already affecting my health, and don't need any more hassle. He's had enough chances.


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        Precisely, Flossie! He's had chances, and is now no longer co-operating. Says a lot, eh? Maybe worth a bit of shuttle mediation, so that his mother and him are fully aware of the events as you have diarised them. Hopefully mum will consider what her responsibilities and actions are going to be if he starts up again. And she needs to hear what you will be doing next time the problems start up, and what consequences there could be for her.

        I imagine the ASB unit could give you the sort of general info you would like to know abot ASBOs in your area...why not give them a ring and see if they will have a chat with you about it?

        Well done, Flossie, for your determination here; I think all this ground- work should pay off if you have to use it again should the situation worsen in the future again.

        Best of luck