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A semi with cardboard walls...

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  • A semi with cardboard walls...

    I bought my house about 18 months ago - and the neighbours with whom I share a party wall regularly played loud rap music during the day at volumes which made it impossible for me to listen to music, watch tv etc.,

    Following advice read on this site, I tried to speak to my neighbours, but was met with a torrent of verbal abuse - along the lines that if I didn't ****** like the music I could ****** move - so I contacted my local authority, who duly sent a letter out. The music has stopped

    Unfortunately he's a violent and offensive man, and the couple regularly have fights - especially at the weekends, and when they do, it tends to happen in the early hours of the morning - waking me up to them screaming foul-mouthed abuse at each other. One Sunday morning *she* called the police on him after she turned him out onto the street and he proceeded to kick their front door down - I've tried earplugs, but I've been driven out of my home to the point where at the weekends I have to go away in order to get some sleep.

    Recently however the house has been on the market - but a few days ago disappeared from the estate-agents website - hopefully this means they've sold it

    The stress of this is driving me crazy, but I don't want to move - the council can't do anything about domestic arguments. What can I do - I certainly can't see myself staying put - but selling the house will be near impossible with them next door.


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    Hi Tom - Coasternut

    Welcome to the Forum

    I am really sorry you felt that you had to find the forum though 'cos it means that you are at the end of your tether - like all of us have probably been/still are!!!

    I feel very sorry for you - it sounds like you are in a really akward position, domestic rows are really difficult and I am not surprised that you are getting the brush off .

    However, it is now a very hot issue and I am sure that your local police station must have a domestic violence unit (DV unit). It could be worth having a chat with them to see if they can assist.

    At least the music has died down though, eh? So if an official letter worked to shut them up then, perhaps a visit from a friendly bobby might also shut them up over this issue too

    Anyway, I am not the best at these kinds of probs, but don't worry, other members will be along shortly with excellent advice for you.

    Hopefully they've split up and sold the house, eh? :thumbs:

    Take heart!! You are not alone, there's always someone here to bounce off, if you need to.

    Good luck




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      Hi Coasternut,

      I moved from a midlink cardboard walled house about 2 months ago, the house on one side was rented out and the last lot there were into drugs and played rap music loud on and off. There was no escape from the music as all rooms were party wall apart from the bathroom and you could hear it in there too!

      We dredded the thought of the quiet lady on the otherside selling up, what if we had idiots that side too? Anyhow we got lucky and house prices shot up and people were desperate to buy our house, neighbours luckily were quiet when we sold and the house is now being rented out by the new owner as a business venture. I would suggest that if you would like to sell then offer it as 'an ideal house to rent' maybe.

      The house we live in now is old with very thick walls and the neighbours are reasonable and friendly. Half the problem with noise from neighbours is that the walls of newer houses are too thin, it should be made impossible to get planning permission to build houses with thin, non sound proofed walls.


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        Hi Tom and welcome to the forum

        I'm sorry to hear about your NFH. People like that can make life unbearable with their selfish, ugly ways

        If as you say, the house has disappeared from the estate agent's website it is possible that it has been sold, on the other hand they may have taken it off the market Let's hope it's the former.

        Do you know if other neighbours are disturbed by the antics of NFH? If so, perhaps you could get together and have a word with your local neighbourhood police officer and ask for help there. Perhaps there's a possibility of having an ASBO slapped on them.

        I'm sure other members will have more advice for you. In the meantime, fingers crossed that their house has been sold. Good luck

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          Hi Tom, and welcome to the Forum

          Sorry to hear of all the noise nuisance, but glad the music, at least, has calmed down!

          If you do think of selling, you maybe need to be aware of the information you would have to disclose on the Seller's Property Information Form regarding disputes. Do check the link out below, it's always good to consider this up front

          Can E.H. consider persistent loud arguments to be noise nuisance if you can constantly hear them in your property? Maybe worth just checking with that department?

          I really do hope they have sold the property as this will solve all the problems! Could you get someone to ring the estate agent's, pretending to be interested in the property, to find out if it's still on the market?




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            Thanks for all the supportive messages - I know others in the neighbourhood know of the antics of my NFH, but the layout is such that they only hear them on the rare ocassions the fight moves out into the driveway... I get it *all the time* (today Saturday, they started shouting and screaming at 10am - unusually late - normally it's more like 3am - and have only just stopped)

            Eckie - I'm in the same boat as you were - the house is only a 2 bed, and every room is against the party wall!

            If I do move, I'll be scraping the extra money from somewhere to buy somewhere detatched - but in the meantime I think my next course of action will be to discuss this with the local police station... they already know of this couple, after the time he kicked the door down.

            Thanks again

            Tom "Coasternut"



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              Your problem is so common. Our walls are like paper.

              We have done two upstairs rooms so far with insulating blocks, bought from Wickes DIY.

              You stick them on wall with floor tile adhesive then cover with plasterboard, using special plastic plugs, then decorate plasterboard as usual. The two bedrooms done cost about £50 per room. The rooms end up being slightly smaller but it's worth it. We are going to do the downstairs room adjoining their house next!

              It really made a difference upstairs as we hear nothing - and believe me, hearing our nfh and her hubby "on the job" was not pleasant. :hihi: We also do not hear the elder daughter and her damned music!

              Worth a try!

              Hope things sort for you.

              "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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                Great tip, John What a good idea; and may well be a help for other people too...thanks for that!



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                  Yes thats a good idea John, when I lived in the cardboard house I was always trying to find something like this. Maybe you could give this tip its own thread so that others may pick it up easier?


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                    Hi Tom and welcome to the Forum

                    Sorry to hear about your noisy and aggressive neighbours.

                    You've already been given great advice, I'd just like to pick up on a suggesiton sapphire made. You've been in touch with the Environmental health department regarding the music, so at some point then, I presume you had been logging everything down. Are you still doing that? If not, carry on doing it. If I were you, I would definitely contact the EH dept again and speak to them about the loud noise that is still coming form your NFH.

                    Check out the Self-Help Article about noise here:


                    And the one about coping with a NFH here:


                    I hope they have sold and that the purchasers are quiet.

                    Please let us know how you're getting on.


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                      Funnily enough I was chattting to an architect the other day (as you do! ) and the subject of sound proofing came up. It seems that houses built very recently should meet certain soundproofing standards. If they don't, then there may be some come back.

                      There's an independent service to check over new houses to ensure they meet standards and are finished properly. Inspector Homes are the people and they recently worked with the BBC on the Worst... series. Inspector Homes


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                        As I'm about to redecorate my "office" upstairs, I'll take a look at those insulating blocks from Wickes...

                        Are they sold as "noise insulation" or just conventional heat insulation?

                        I have started logging the disturbances again - since mid August, when they drove to me to the point I was in tears... and I had to explain at work why I was so tired and cranky (fortunately, my line manager is pretty good about things like this)



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                          Hi Tom,

                          I'm not surpeised that continous noise like this drives anyone to the brink when it deprives you of any rest and peace :badmood: :nfh1:

                          Do log everything, and please get back in touch with E.H. and urge them to help here. If you can record any of it, it can back up your log notes.

                          Good luck!



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                            The "high density slabs" are sold as noise insulation and "impede the transmission of noise".

                            Wickes item code 210-059 £20.59 per pack of 6 slabs (each pack covers 3.24m2)

                            They really do work!



                            Not surprised the noise drove you to tears and makes you tired and cranky. It does the same to us and like you, thank goodness some people have good line managers!

                            Take care.
                            "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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                              hi there, welcome to the forum, sorry to hear of your problems.

                              how about ringing the estate agent to ask if the house is still available? if its been sold, then maybe you can grit your teeth, keep fingers and toes crossed that they will soon be on there way, far away from you!!!!

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