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new member saying hi with my story

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  • new member saying hi with my story

    I've lived in the same house my entire life. It's a terraced council house which I purchased 16 years ago after my father died. I live with my mother - or she lives with me - with no problems until 4 years ago. We'd had the same neighbours for 43 years but when they died the council realocated the house.

    We've been living in hell ever since.

    Our new neighbours have 3 children and 2 dogs. The dogs are never taken for a walk and their exercise consists of running up and down the internal stairs, which are next to ours - and the dogs are regularly left in the house on their own for hours and even days on end - they don't bark, they howl. Parties go on until 5.00am, with music and banging doors - my neighbours then sleep all day while I have to go to work.

    We first of all asked them not to bang the doors - then we tried the council - the police and our MP - all to no avail. The council did issue a notice of intent to reposess - then sold the house to our neighbours!

    Neither my mother nor I can relax in our own home - we never know when the parties are going to happen and a good nights sleep is a rare occurance which we only realise we've had the morning after we've had it. We are frightened to leave our house to go on holiday as every time we do we come back to some form of damage.

    I know I've shocked my colleagues at work by detailing what I'd like to do to my neighbours - but when you're lying awake at 4.00am listening to doors, dogs and music and knowing that the alarm is going to go off at 6.00am - what else can you think about, except the quickest and cleanest way of killing yourself

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    Hi chakath and welcome to the Forum

    Nice to have tou with us, but sorry to hear about your neighbours from hell (NFH) .

    I can totally empathise with you on the noise/sleep issue. It's awful. However, you've found NFHiB now and hopefully we'll all be able to offer you advice and support with your current situation.

    What a pity for you that your local authority housing department didn't follow through with the Notice of Seeking Possession - now you're left with neighbours who own their home (and they are harder to deal with as there's less avenues for you to go down).

    When you say you've been in touch with the Council, have you actually contacted your Environmental Health department (EH)? They really are your first port of call when dealing with noisy neighbours.

    Although, they will expect you at some point to have discussed your concerns with your nfh. Have you talked to them about how their noise is affecting you? Have you thought about putting something in writing to them? (If you do, keep a copy )

    You must record everything that happens with your nfh - I'm going to put a link below to the Resources section, that has some blank sheets which you can print off and also a template letter if you are going to write to your nfh.

    Also check out the Self-Help Articles here (the noise and coping ones in particular):

    What is your preferred outcome from all of this? Do you want to stay in your home or are you considering moving? If you are considering moving, be aware that if you make an official complaint, you would have to disclose it on the Sellers Property Information Forum (SPIF).

    I'm sure many more members will be along shortly with advice and support. You are not alone . If you ever need to vent your spleen, you can pop along to Ranters Corner.

    :ban: Holly


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      It's so nice at last to know that there are others who understand what I'm goung through - although I wish that nobody had to go throught this. After our neighbours bought their house I decided to let things lie - my thinking was that now they had bought their house they would either have to knucle down and work to pay the mortgage or carry on their old way - default - and lose the house. However I was wrong - they've got night jobs - working different nights - so the noise continues and the mortgage is being paid. By the way he now works for the council !!!


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        Well, things are a bit different for people working nights.

        Are you considerate to them during the daytime when they may be trying to sleep? If you are, then you should tell them - they should be showing you the same courtesy.

        :angry: Some people. :rant:

        If you are thinking of staying in your home, now might be a good time then to start opening up communication with them about the noise/dogs etc. and say to them that you don't want to involve the EH department, but you know that they are there as a resource to use.


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          Hi chakath

          sorry to hear your story but welcome to the forum,

          your tale brought back memories of my own (now departed, thank God) NFH

          working days or nights, it still doesnt cost these people to be respectful of their neighbours.

          Holly has given you some great advice, it does take time I am sorry to say, and it can be a long fight.

          if you are willing to take part in the "battle" then it can be worth it.

          the eho in your area will be in your phone book and I would give them a ring about the noise.

          I did report my NFH to the RSPCA for the treatment they were dishing out to their poor little dog, I also contact the dog warden.

          the poor thing also howled, 7 hours was its record and was often just kicked out the door to do its business (never cleaned up after it)

          the fine is quite high if you are caught not cleaning up after your dog

          also the noise of the howling is nicely picked up on recording equipment!!!

          please dont feel so bad now, you have got us to talk to and we are very good listeners, when ever you need to vent please come and do it here!!

          Good luck


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            Hi Chakath and a warm welcome to NFHiB

            I'm sorry to hear you are suffering such terrible noise, and can quite see it must be driving you cmpletely up the wall, as well as completely draining you :badmood: And it's indeed a shame the Council didn't follow the NOSP through!

            You have already had some great advice, so I won't repeat it! Do have a look at the legislation section, which gives you a good idea of noise and the law


            There is also a topic on the SPIF at the link below, which gives useful info about what you have to disclose on the form when selling your house(that is, if you are considering it at all )


            Do log every incident, and maybe follow Holly's advice if you can, prior to contacting your E.H.O. You could have an informal chat with E.H. if you would like to know more about the process they follow leading up to action against someone. It might be worth trying to record the racket to give E.H. an idea of what you are experiencing should you follow the E.H. route.

            Wishing you luck, and do let us know how you're going/have a rant if you need to!



            I hope that you can


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              Hi Chakath and welcome

              Sorry to hear about your NFH problem Why can't these people see how their antisocial behaviour affects other people? Actually I think they know and they don't care!

              Other members have given you some good advice so all I can give is my sympathy It does seem strange though, that your NFH were almost evicted and yet they don't work but can afford a mortgage. Did they win the lottery or something? Or are they making their money by other dubious means? Or am I just being bad minded?

              I hope you can find something that will help in the resource section. Come back often. If you need to rant we have a very handy ranters folder for just that purpose Take care

              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi