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mediation meeting - nfh doesn't want to go

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  • mediation meeting - nfh doesn't want to go

    And I'm not telling him that that will be in my favour then! He collared me last night as I left to take my daughter to her tutor - wanted to speak to me, but I said (politely) that I'd rather wait until Thursday (the meeting day). He said couldn't I spare just a minute, but I really couldn't (10 mins to get across town). Anyway, I don't want to speak to him without witnesses, as he only lies. So he said he wasn't going to go to the mediation meeting because he felt 'awkward'. Ha! He feels awkward! Shame, diddums poor ickle boy - I don't think so matey. What about all the times I've felt anxious, sick to be in the house, nervous of going home - and he feels awkward! Ooh :angry:

    So we'll see what happens. I think the mediation team will try again to set up another meeting, but I'm not sure how many chances to give him.

    If the meeting doesn't come off then I'm going to our council's asbo unit to go over what I've got so far, and what to do if it starts up again (it's been very quiet for the past two months). I'm not letting it drop just coz he feels awkward. Good grief.

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    good for you flossie!!

    awkward in deed! sad I feel for him after what he has put you through...I am sorry but no smypathy this end for him.

    he feels awkward because you have put the wind up him by showing you are serious with this

    you keep going and get him sorted!!! :rant:

    silly man, and it will make him looker bad(er) if he doesnt go to mediation,

    which might work in your favour, I hope so!!

    let us know what happens or not on thursady!


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      Hi Flossie Nice to hear from you!

      You're quite right not to deal with him without witnesses, why should you give him the time of day?! Cheek of him!

      And do take whatever steps are necessary; he's had plenty of chances. Even if he's been quiet lately, there's no saying he can keep it up indefinitely.

      Well done for sticking to your guns




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        Hi Flossie, i went to mediation my NFH was the one who asked for the meeting (i was surprised but thought they must want to make peace) i was very nervous at the meeting knowing that he has been violent to me in the past, i stayed calm and let them speak and to my nonamazement he started the meeting by intimidating me! (The mediators heard every word of it) they have since been avoiding the second meeting, and all the agreements we gave our word to have been broken on their half, now we have the police as the mediators (well at the moment anyway), hope if your NFH goes, he makes a show of himself too. GOOD- LUCK