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A story of Bass

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  • A story of Bass

    Well I must say what a welcome hit this was on the NET. So here goes, I'm actually awaiting out next installment of grief as I type and no doubt by the time I finish I will be calling the out of hours EHO.

    Both myself and my fiance`are police officers. We work full time and have a wonderful 3 year old son. We live on an estate which borders Surrey and Hampshire. Just a 3 bed end of ter and have been here about three years.

    Life was ok moving in. We tried to keep our professions to ourselves but due to a rather in descreit previous owner the street knew what we did without us telling anyone. A few incidents of being called PIGS and the cars being shot at with BB guns by the local youths. But it amazing what getting each one on there own and a few whispers into ears can do. I found that discussing the matter in the street with every neighbour I could catch, and in full view of the mother of one child caused enough embarresment to her that they kept their distance from me and Caroline.

    My direct neighbour moved out and what appeared to be a very much in love couple moved in. Great no problems at first but then it turned sour. Not so much for us but for the love struck chap who had fallen for the mono brained celled female in the relationship. Two months after getting married he had left and her first husband moved back in with her two children.

    So domestics started and the police were called and eventually he cleared off again but not before he introduced er to the equally mono brain celled counterpart who blights our life now.

    We returned from a smashing holiday this August I hade proposed to Caroline and everthing was tickity boo. Having spent a few quid on the house. New kitchen,bathroom etc etc we were looking forward to a great endingof the year. Indeed we had Carolines prolapsed disc to deal with. She is due to have an op in Dec.

    Then it started Thump thump thump thump. What the hell is that? BASS!!!!!. Mono cell had moved in a dance music nut. From about 4pm through to the early hour of the morning BASS and more BASS. The same CD over and over. You know the sound your sitting in traffic in your car and the air is filled with booming when young street cruiser dude in the lowered and maxed up Nova pulls along side giving his big up to Ali G massive.( or whatever I'm to old to understand)

    So the easiest way to do this is the cut and paste my noise dairy. Be prepared is goes on abit

    EHO reference:

    August 2002

    We returned home from holiday on the 24th of August. The weekend of our return was spent disturbed by loud music, raised voices and late night mobile phone calls taken or made from the rear garden of No 13. The male involved in these calls was someone we had not seen before and who we now know as MW.

    Between the 24th August and the 4th September 2002 in the early evening I overheard MW telling someone on his mobile phone from the back garden of 13, that he now lived at the address. He gave the address to the other party and confirmed that he live at 13. He invited the other party over as he had some green. (slang for Skunk, cannabis). We suffered almost everyday with noise. A pulse like bass boomed trough the house. It would start at anytime and continue until the early hours of the morning.

    On Tuesday 3rd September 2002 My partner and myself went to bed at about 2230. We had spent most of the evening listening to a pulsating bass note from the stereo system of 13. I would describe the noise as very similar to a car outside your house with a sub bass playing. It is background noise and without raising our own noise levels to extreme proportions it is impossible to drown out. Due to its low frequency I can be picked out from every other sound in the house no matter how low it is turned down.

    At 2310 we had heard enough and Caroline visited No 13 for the first time over the level of noise.

    I followed Caroline to the front door and saw MW sat on the bonnet of Mr GS (lives at No 7) Black Ford Sierra. He was on his mobile phone and I could hear his voice from the front door.

    Caroline spoke to the owner of the house a women we have known since she moved in J. We have known her for about 2 years????. After a short while MW joined them. Although I could not hear clearly what had been said between the three of them I could hear a raised male voice. The conversations lasted for about 10 minutes. Caroline returned home shaken and clearly upset over the way she had been spoken too. Jane had claimed that some of the cause of the problems had been her husband’s friends. He had brought home unknown to her, a crack (cocaine) dealer who had stayed at the address. But he had left some time ago and bore no connection with the disturbance we were complaining about. This was pointed out to her

    On the 5th September disturbance again was heard from No13. At about 1600 I had returned home from work with my son. On entering our house I could hear nothing from No 13. My son and I played in the back garden where I heard MW talking to the son and daughter of the house owner. I heard the patio door of No13 slam and then the music was turned on. The noise level was very very high for about 20 seconds. This noise continued off and on until about 2000 that evening.


    9th September disturbance started at 2330 and continued until 0330. No change in type of noise. Fast repetitive beat with booming bass.

    On the 12th September we suffered similar noise, pulsating repetitive beat, from No 13 and the police were called to the address. Calling Police was something we did not wish to do but we felt that any contact between ourselves and MW would be aggressive and confrontational. We also believe that due to our occupations MW was less than willing to be reasonable over the problem. We called police anonymously at 2230 and they attended. We could hear that MW was being sarcastic almost goading towards us after police left. He shouted “ TURN THE BASS DOWN” through the walls. The police visit did not resolve the problem and if anything worsened the situation as the noise continued until 0230.


    We couldn’t believe we were the only ones to be suffering from this noise so we spoke to the occupants of No 12 , K and M. No 12 also backs onto No 13. They explained that they too had been affected by the amount of noise coming from 13. They also stated they would be contacting the EHO at Hart Council. We exchanged phone numbers so that we could speak with each other when the noise got too much to bear. I must admit to know someone else was also affected help us enormously.

    On Saturday 14th September at 1300 a hand written note was posted through our front door. The note from No13 advised us of a loud party that was taking place that evening at No 12. At 1630 the music started and the noise level being much louder than any before we hastily arranged to stay at a relatives house for the night. Although level of noise from this party was witnessed by other residents in the Drive.

    On Monday 16th September noise disturbance was heard from No13. Same type of noise but at 0815- 0840.

    In the evening the noise disturbance started at 2030 and continued through until 2305. It stopped for a short while and then continued from 2320 through to 0245. Noise level and type as previously mentioned.


    During the next few days I contacted Mr Butterwick the EHO regarding the matter. We spoke at length on the phone. The result was to organise equipment to be installed in my house to hopefully get some technical data to support our complaints. I was concerned that my video had failed to pick up the noise. I had reviewed the recordings and could find little or no reproduction of the noise. I was very concerned that the EHO equipment would also fail to pick it up.

    On or around the 19th September I spoke with Mr H from No 12 who showed me a copy of a letter he had received from Mr BUTTERWICK the Hart council EHO. A copy of which had been sent to No 13 I believe this was a 30-day notice.

    On Friday the 20th Sept the noise started at 2350 and continued until 0500. A loud bass note, slamming of doors and a general high noise level. Loud talking from a social gathering continued into the early hours.

    I found out that one of the persons involved in the noise was the owner of No 7, Mr G. I had on many occasions spoken to Mr G and he had helped me with some heavy DIY work that was on going at the time. I would view my relationship with Mr G at that time as being good. I went over to No 7 the following day but was unable to speak to M, as he was not around. His wife was there, A G. She listened as I explained what had happened. I was clear in my view of the situation. I pointed out that under the circumstances her husband could help us but at the moment he was aggravating the problem. We did and still do hear Mikes voice through walls on the many occasions of disturbance.

    She told me that she was unhappy that her husband was spending more time at 13, but as they had supported him through a difficult time recently she felt it would be difficult to stop him going round there and being part of the problem. I explained that maybe through him we could appeal for some reasonable behaviour. She said that she would try and speak with her husband.

    In the following days I approached Mr G and was told that when the matter was brought up between himself and MW, MW had told him to “**** OFF”

    On Sunday the 22nd of September at 1840 the noise started again. It continued until 2230 when we reluctantly called police again. From police records we are not the only complainants that night. We have no record of when the noise ceased.

    The effect on our quality of life was now taking it toll. It was clearly upsetting Caroline who at the time and still is, suffering from a prolapsed disc causing her considerable pain.

    I myself in the following days took a few days off work due to feeling unwell.

    It was during this period that we again suffered a noise disturbance from No13. I know it was late evening as I got out of bed and called at Mr G's house. I asked MG to phone his friend MW and request him to turn the noise down. MG phoned whilst I was present. I could clearly hear MW who was not aware of my presence, express annoyance at the fact he had been asked to reduce the noise. On returning home the noise did not decrease and continued until the early hours of the morning.

    Home life was becoming strained over the noise and what to do about it. We had suffered lack of sleep for sometime and the experience of not knowing the next time our peace would be disturbed made life quite unbearable. I was determined to resolve this issue by reasonable means.

    The following day I saw both MW and Mr G in the garage of No 7, I went over to the garage to confront MW. I thanked MW for showing some respect in turning the music down the previous night, even though he had not. He said “ Sorry mate but who are you”

    I explained who I was and that enough was enough we had to get this sorted. I did not wish to come home to a pending war zone. So began about half an hour of discussion over the matter.

    I was taken into No 13 where I was shown the cause of all the noise. In the front room were two black grilled speakers. Each about 3ft high and about 2ft wide. MW would later claim these speakers were capable of 300w of noise. He put the speakers on which I believe were connected to a stack hifi system. Indeed the overall noise was acceptable and clearly not that loud from No13. I explained that it was not nessasaraly the noise level as such, although this too was noticeable. It was the bass that boomed into our house. At the time the speakers were located in the alcoves either side of the fireplace and it is this wall that directly backs onto our living room and our bedroom. I suggested that this might cause a problem as the alcoves amplified the sound. MW explained that the bass level was low and he could do little about it. I took MW into our house to show him the noise level. He expressed surprise at the level and admitted it would clearly disturb us. We went to and fro from each house trying to find an acceptable level until finally a level was found. I was offered by MW his mobile telephone number to contact him should we get any more problems. I gladly took this as show of good faith. In return I explained to MW that we were expecting equipment from the EHO to measure the noise. I said any action in this form would be the last resort and something I did not wish to persue. I told MW I now thought we could resolve this matter without official intervention and that I would cancel EHO action. MW agreed and the matter was for the time, appearing to be on its way to being resolved. During the whole discussion MW was polite, understanding and very approachable he also appeared as keen as myself to sort the issue out.

    I contacted Mr BUTTERWICK to explain what had happened and would admit I was very optimistic of a resolution. The strain of the situation had been removed and we really had thought it was the start of a new relationship with No13.

    From my memory we had sometime of peace although on occasions we did give No13 the benefit of the doubt. But we were sleeping ok and disturbance was minimal.

    On 6th of October I had to text MW on his mobile phone. The noise level at 1855 was as it always had been, a rhythmic pulsating bass drone. After a number of light-hearted text exchanges we settled for less evasive bass level which could be drowned out by our television.

    We stopped recording instances of noise as it appeared as though nothing evidential was being captured. I was to find this not to be the case in November.

    On Friday the 18th of October I had to text MW. At 2000 we were experiencing the same old noise. At 2052 I informed him that the noise level had reached the previous proportions and could he turn it down. I received no reply. At 2100 the bass was turned to a level that shook the pictures on our wall. It was turned down again but the bass was still as intrusive as usual. At 2300 the music was turned up. This time the whole track could be heard. This woke our 3year old son and on entering his room the music could be clearly heard. This was the loudest I had ever known the noise level to reach.

    At 2318 I again sent a text message to MW phone. I again received no reply. So at 2331 I phoned him. He claimed not be at home so the noise must have been caused by J. He stated he was only 2 minutes away and that he would deal with it when he got home. Needless to say we suffered until 0015 before any adjustment in noise level was made.

    On 21st October No13 started playing the now familiar CD of trance and dance music. As ever the low thumping bass note continued until 2330.

    On 27th October nothing of note was heard from No 13 until 2330 when a number of people returned to the house. The noise level was very high so much so that the walls and the interior of the house thumped with the bass. Full track of music could be heard. At 2335 MW was sent a text message. There was no reply to the text sent, nor the following phone calls to his mobile phone. It would appear the message sent, had been received by the occupants of No13. Caroline could hear the matter of turning the noise down being discussed. The disturbance continued until 0300.

    I was so upset by this behaviour that I phoned MW at 0751 the following morning, Monday the 28th October. He assured me that it would not happen again.

    On 29th October 2002 at 2100 I was watching the Manchester United football game on TV. At 2100 the noise from No13 could be heard over this programme. It continued until 2140 before it was turned down to a tolerable level.

    31st of October saw No13 produced more of the normal between 1600 and 1629

    A pattern was now forming. In the previous week MW told me that he was to drive some distance to collect a laser machine at a great price. I asked if he was in the disco business? I cringed when he relied “ No it’s for the house.”

    Later that week I was asked rather un-believably asked if I had a spare amplifier he could borrow. When I asked what it was for, I was invited into No13. Walking into the house I noticed an incredible amount of smoke in the front room. So much so I thought it was on fire. MW told me not to be concerned as it was his smoke machine. Dumb struck at what I saw MW proudly showed me a laser-generating machine. The machine was to be permanent as it was attached to the wall by a bracket. The following conversation and demonstration of its laser confirmed my fears. The laser worked on picking up speaker noise. Although connected directly to a source the volume needed to be increased for the laser to detect. A pre-amp would reduce the amount of volume needed to make this laser thing work. It was almost like I was creating my own misery, as I did not have what he needed to make this work without a volume increase. I left his house feeling somewhat amazed and fearful of the future.

    So now with the laser machine we had some notice of when we are to be subjected to the worst of No13. We hear a plug being plugged in and the switch click. Then within a minute the noise starts.

    On 1St November at 2200 we again unwillingly attended No13’s party. Droning low-level bass thumping constantly. We left at 0035.

    9th of November whilst watching drag racing with my son we heard No13 again listening to their music between 1700-1720.Again later that evening between 2050 and 2130.

    During this week I went around to No 13 in the evening to complain at the amount of noise. I was very upset at the length of time we had suffered this invasion of our peace .In my mind this was bordering harassment. J answered the front door. I was firm and made it clear that this was nearly the final straw. My point which I repeatedly put across was that it had now got to the point where any time the put their music on we were affected. Our sleep was controlled by what time they decided to stop playing music. My repeated attempts to sort this matter had been reduce to having to complain every time it was too loud. I made crystal clear that this situation was totally unacceptable. We wanted both J and M to consider us not just when we complain but all the time. MW seemed to plead that he and J had done everything they could to help both No12 and ourselves. They had moved the speakers, or plugged them. They had turned the bass down. What else could they do?

    I told them that the only answer would be to use household equipment. The speakers are just too big for the house. And as we all know the houses are very poorly insulated this would mean extra consideration amongst ourselves. I asked if we had caused them any noise problems. No was the reply. “We never hear you,” said Jane. MW made reference to my car on one occasion, but nothing else. I pointed out that I have a more than just passing interest in music, and do they ever hear my music. MW replied, “ Ah! But you never play your music” I do regulaly and told him that sort of proves my point.

    MW wanted me to give him a time to play his music. And to be honest I would have suggested a time but after all the previous efforts of compromise it would only delay official action. Sadly it had come to being the only way to bring this matter to a conclusion.

    I refused to give a time and stood by my point. The bass was turned down and I went back into my house to see if the level was acceptable. I was very annoyed and had to ask Caroline to tell me as I could hear nothing. She and then eventually myself could still hear it. I went back to MW and J and said it was no good. MW turned the bass down again and this time it appeared ok.

    11th Of November at 2000 the laser was plugged in and the normal thumping bass persisted until 2130.

    15th November the occupants of No 13 returned home from an evening out. Music was played and a lot of noise was created from 2330 until 0100. At about 2345 we heard a lot of raised voices inside No13 it was clear MW was unhappy at something. I learnt the following day that at that time K had knocked on the door complaining

    The following day whilst washing my car MW and J returned home. After parking and getting out of the car M W attempted to enter into conversation with me. I told him that I had nothing to say to him. Mr W said “ You didn’t complain. We didn’t get a phone call or anything.” I pointed out that complaining does little or nothing and again I had nothing further to say to him. He claimed that Mike and Angela had come over last night and that was the cause. Jane rolled her eyes and walked off. MW said “ Well we will leave it as that then. You’ll have to get your friends with the meters to help you.”

    19th November Bass thumping from No 13 from 2100 until 2200

    All through November we have had the same as above.

    We have now had a second letter served against the occupiers of 13, 29th Nov. We have had two EHO officer sit on our front room a listen to what they agreed is a noise nusience. Ther have offered equipment to be installed but as yet this has not arrived.

    We have had to call the EHO six times since this letter was served and this weekend has been the absolute pits. Trouble everytime the EHO finally get to call us back or attends the worst is over. We have video evidence but this is not eneought to push the EHO to serve the abaitment notice which they promised they would do.

    On Friday and Sat night we have been up unitl 0330 with the noise. It would appear the EHO have put all their faith into this final letter and are not prepared to go any further.

    Today I atteneded the police station and presented this story to the officer on duty. We are now dealing with an allegation of harrasment. Once I have done my statement, that is.

    We are also attending magistrates court this week to obatain a civil injuction against the occupiers. We have little knowledge of how to do this, even as police officers but we shall be following it through. It may embarress the EHO into action.

    I have also contacted my house insurers who may on reciept of documents consider legal representation for me in any future action.

    I told MW via mobile text that I was taking him to court and unsuprisingly he said. C U in court. Yes we will wont we.

    This may help someone or even put your off. But one lesson here is don't leave it too long to seek official help and don't be too reasonble these sort of people do not listen to reason. Our mistake is our delay in doing so that has caused us more upset than anaything else.

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    Hello and welcome, I'm new here too and its a comfort to share experiences. Your situation sounds horrific, I wish you luck on your day in court.

    Don't let the b*******s grind you down


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      Cheers all quiet at the moment here. Welcome to you also. Oh to be six foot two and built like a brick sh*t house


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        Yes I was just discussing with my wife today how much I am tempted to do a little face smacking to my neighbour and she said that if I was to indulge myself I should find out if I was any good at it first! Sounds reasonable.

        I know that feling of bass too from other tenants next door, your guts tighten even when its a passsing car no doubt


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          Hi Mark and Caroline. What a horrendous time you've had!! Good luck with your day in court.

          My husband was a policeman for 23 years and I think that was the reason we've had so much trouble from the yobs around here.

          Hopefully your NFH will have his beloved sound system confiscated any day now. Well if there is any justice he will, but I think most people in this forum have almost given up on justice

          Let us know what happens.

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            Eckie spot on with the gut tightening. LOL

            Mysty I think as police officers we are sometime more vulnerable than others. Everything by the book or its your job on the line and in our case x 2.

            Sometimes I hate it when the world around is so different to how we are expected to behave. Caroline is alseep I am looking foward to showing her this site in the morning.

            It`s a day of case prep and finding out what we need to do. I`ve taken 3 days off to get mono cell one and two sorted and intend to get some result before next weekend


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              Hi Mark and Caroline

              Glad you found us here, welcome to the NFH board!

              Phew just finished reading your long post. First off, isn't it a shame and downright prejudicial that some people think they have a right to treat someone according to their profession? It's not only out-dated, blinkered, prejudiced and ridiculous, it's the actions of cowards and school-playground taunters! I'm sorry to hear you experienced such awful behaviour from your neighbours actions and name-calling......

              Bass from 4pm to the early hours? Oh my god! That's awful, and I can truly relate to you with that. It's not so much the volume of the music is it? If the bass is heavy, it reverberates, it pulses, it literally travels throughout your entire body - and there's no easy way to block it out either is there? Oh, I bet you've dreamed of taking a big, sledgehammer to their music system! (I used to fantasise - this is true by the way - of cutting the electric to next door's house to cut off their ridiculously loud Hi-Fi! Course, I never did it, and I would have zapped myself in the process too, knowing my luck!).

              Can I just check again, what's the status of the house next door - rented, owned, etc? As I read your post, you're using the Out of Hours EH Dept and were going to use the recording equipment and then reached a temporary compromise, so didn't....the sound recording equipment is very sensitive and will clearly record all the noise as YOU experience/hear it. It's exceptionally tedious sitting next to that on/off switch!

              Just reading through all of your diary extract, so it's obvious you've tried to approach them - isn’t it typical, NFH so often blame everyone else for the cause of their problems, when at the end of the day, why should you care about their cause, you just want peace and quiet in your own home, that is your right, your entitlement after all.

              It's not a step anyone wants to take (and I'm sure this bears no relation to your profession either, it's just as difficult to do) in asking the Local Police to visit an anti-social neighbour, it's a tough choice isn't it. I mean, you take the risk of making it worse, much worse. But, NFH are bullies and ultimately cowards, they treat people like this as they are afraid most of the time and unhappy with their own lives - you can't sit back and take it, and certainly not forever.

              Yours sounds like a tricky situation as you have several members of your local community gathering around the NFH - have I read into this right? NFH often like safety in numbers don't they? Many forum members can relate to this especially.

              It's so invasive, so personal to live with NFH like this, it literally can 'eat' into your personal life and start affecting your relationships, your work and you absolutely dread going home. To your house, where you should be able to relax, un-wind, be happy - don't let them beat you.........

              I must admit I wouldn't have told "MW" about the recording equipment, but I came to the stage where I would never have given our NFH any warning whatsoever - and you obviously tried to communicate this in good faith (and as a gesture of good will, I can understand that) and tried to genuinely forge positive barriers with MW. So, I take my hat off to you for trying, certainly not easy with a person you probably couldn't bear the sight of, let alone talk to!

              How sorry I am to read that the noise reduced and then started again! This, unfortunately, seems to be such a commonly seen NFH pattern! They all come from the same mould, no?!

              I am thoroughly amazed at your info about this laser-machine! My god........this guy has a nightclub in his house.....unbelievable. I am still constantly surprised on our forum what some NFH get up to, the original things that some of them invent to 'torment' their neighbours, etc.

              Both of your lives are being controlled by this in-human, vindictive, harassing, bullying, un-caring and cowardly neighbour....I sympathise with you totally. You can't relax, sleep when you want and even if it is quiet, all you can do is worry about when the next lot of noise is going to come along. We all understand that.

              As for comparing your passing-car on one occasion - is 'MW' taking the mick?!!!


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                Thanks Matthew. Unforunately the diary lacks the latest details.

                Yes the family opp have a daughter who babysits the NFH children whilst her parents go out with NFH anf return to NFH house. This happened Fri and Sat night. It is privately owned premises by the female mono cell, who is the mother of the children.

                Last Monday 2 Dec Mr Butterwick EHO and another EHO attended the NFH.(without informing us) He sat in the thier front room and NFH played his stereo at I quote " The level I usaully play it". No laser show for the EHO, but he did turn it up to a level he states it has been in the past. The EHO stated that it would have certainly dusturbed us. I did point out to Mr Butterwick, when he eventually told me of this visit ON THURSDAY!!!!!! that he would be unlikley to play it at the same level with him there. Much the same as you are not going to speed in your car with the police behind you. I got the impression and the other complainent from No12 who spoke to them on Monday that he had done his job and that was the end of it.

                My other neigbour who is suffering too told him that on the previous friday he had spoken with NFH and told any music after 2300 was not on. The following day at 2305 guess what. BOOM BOOM so my neighbour sent a text to him. He did turn it down and just as he was writing a thank you text he turned it up again and then it continued into the early hours.

                This man is unbelievable.

                When I discussed this with the EHO he asked me if I had heard the music on his visit. To be honest I have trouble knowing whatday of the week it is at the moment I said no and got all mixed up with days of noise and what had happened.

                Anyway it turns out after speaking with Caroline I hadn`t even got home by then neither had my neighbour.

                I was told that the local EHO office had never gone further than the letter which has now been sent on anay other case. I really think they are scared top take this anyfurther they are just dithering and pussy footing around whilst mono cell is laughing his head off at us all.

                Looking at the time now we hae a quiet night I should get to bed but this site is doing me a lot of good at the moment.

                Well done all involved youreally have helped


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                  I'm glad the forum's helping you, sometimes it's just enough to know you're not "suffering in silence" (apologies, no pun intended!).

                  What planet is your EHO on?!! This man surely can't be so naive as to believe that your NFH is going to seriously play his stereo (if that's what you can call it, more like 'doom box' is more fitting!) at the same level as he normally does?

                  Noooooooo, I cry, surely not that your EHO is so inexperienced? Good grief, I would demand someone else be assigned to your case personally, if you're not happy. I would personally complain via the Council's complaint procedure about the lack of proper communication between you and this EHO employee.....that may shake them up a little.....especially when the line-manager's get involved!

                  You were entitled to be informed before the EHO's visit - what about your human rights? Or don't they apply as NFH deserves more? This sort of thing really gets me rattled..........can you tell?!

                  When one day runs into another day, and yet another, and another of all the same noise/disturbance - you feel as if they're all the same, the same log entries appear time after time after wonder it's hard to keep track of the exact days. After all, if this was a 'one-off' thing, of course you'd remember, it would be against the norm. Unfortunately, for you, this is the norm.

                  You could have quite rightly said to the EHO "If you don't inform us when you're coming, how can we be sure to monitor the noise on your behalf and give you accurate and realistic information" - hence declaring his visit null and it's a "please come again!"..........

                  At least the EHO has physically seen the NFH, for the good it hasn't done, some Local Authority's just seem to do a tokenistic try and then send them a letter, pathetic if some NFH are really going to take notice of a letter? (I wish!)


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                    Hi Mark&Caroline. You have the patience of saints!!

                    the noise from the bass must be the worst noise pollutant there is....Can't you even feel it in your tummy??

                    I do hope you can get some satisfaction...Soon.


                    Even if there is a rip in your teddy bear, his love will never fall out.


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                      Hi Mark and Caroline and welcome aboard.

                      I am absolutley outraged at your situation adn you have really explained in great detail the problems you have had.I read it with my blood boiling as I can clearly see the MO here.

                      I also wish you every success this week in Court and if there is anything we can do to assist in any way please do let us know.

                      A number of things struck me reading all the above messages.

                      Firstly it is my belief that the main causes of your type of NFH not being addressed and dealt appropriately and swiftly with is that it is the down to the sheer incompetence of various Local Authorities to implement their procedures effectively ( if at all) and also the seem to try to fob people off at every opportunity. Your EHO are a joke - who on earth asks a NFH to play their music so that they can listen to assess it like that? Answer - a complete idiot!!!! I do think we need to get cracking on here and check out various LAs and take some action somehow against the rogue ones.

                      Secondly - now there seems to be a common thread appearing.

                      My father served 25 yrs in the Police Force and I was brought up in the Force so to speak. I also spent 5 years in the legal profession. Now isnt it so odd that we all have this in common?

                      My thoughts are that we have been trained to behave correctly and also to adhere to the law of the land. We are playing by the rules.

                      The rest of the world isnt.

                      There is a lot more to this NFH than meets the eye isnt there?

                      I hope you take them all the way and I hope that the judicial system doesnt let you down.

                      Best Wishes Angela


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                        Hi !!! to both of you good to have you aboard have just finished reading your story and i am appalled you have been through so much not just with your NFH but with your

                        LA too not much use are they

                        I cant help feeling that your NFH is getting off on all this he seems to just love to take the **** eh!!! putting the music up and down all the time sorting it out with you and then turning round and doing it all again definitely dont give him the satisfaction of going to him again

                        I must admit that i am also quite suprised that you both being police officers that they would risk so much with you

                        I would have thought that some of your own staff could have helped you out a bit more !! like more of an earbashing or doing follow up visits even any way we wish you all the luck with the court case and remember if all else fails you can always nuke the site from orbit !! its the only way to be sure!!!!
                        "Take off and nuke the site from orbit- it's the only way to be sure!"

                        apologies if you are an "Aliens" fan

                        Posh Noodle - NOT for the likes of YOU!!


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                          Horsefans, you really won't be satisfied until you see that mushroom cloud, will you? lol

                          It's interesting that Mark calls his neighbours the mono-cells. When all the yobs are gathered around our green we usually say something like "Oh, no they're playing 'pass the brain cell' again!"

                          Angela, I LOVE your avatar

                          Mark, I know what you mean about this forum. I felt so much better after I found it, just having someone to talk to, someone who understands is a god-send.

                          Here's hoping your 'hell on earth' will soon get his come-uppance

                          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                            Sorry Horse Fans I had to edit one word there in your message! LOL!

                            Hope you dont mind! Angela

                            I have felt like posting it myself tons of times ( and worse!!!! LOL!)


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                              Hi to you both!!

                              We too have to endure the "music marathon" as we have come to call it!!

                              You are right the boom boom of the base seems to permeate through your very skull!! There is no escape!!!

                              It drives me absolutely mental!!!

                              Although perhaps not as bad as your predicament our NFH has some pretty heavy duty hi-fi equipment ensconsed somewhere in "Castle Grayskull"--"Thats one for the nickname board Beth!!"

                              Again you will always have a sympathetic ear here chums!!

                              Ps I too have a sore back! (broke it in a car accident when I was younger ) so I know that the constant pain can wear you down.

                              keep in touch

                              Horsefan1 ( just home from work)

                              "Take off and nuke the site from orbit- it's the only way to be sure!"

                              apologies if you are an "Aliens" fan

                              Posh Noodle - NOT for the likes of YOU!!