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seven months of hell

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  • seven months of hell

    Hi, my name is Joanne, my husband and I bought our house in November 2002, in a quite little street, or it was until February 2003 when our neighbour decided to move in with his girlfriend, thinking he would make a bit of money for himself by renting his house out. He had never rented before and allowed a couple who were on benefits with three children to take a lease for 6 months.

    Since their arrival we have had constant parties, drinking followed by them vomiting in the street or urinating against someones wall, drunks knocking on the door at all times of the night.

    When their parties finish they normally end up fighting in the back street and shouting abuse at each other, our children have never heard language like these people use and find it offensive. On many occasions we have had to bring them in, in the middle of the day.

    Dirty nappies have been thrown over our garden fence, when the child was asked to take it into her mother we were told her mother had said to put it in the garden. After this event we got in touch with the council. Environmental Health got in touch with the landlord and found him of little help. These animals next door started to use their garage as a dustbin filling it with take-away cartons;beer cans;dirty nappies and dogs excrement. The council did act on this and sent the landlord an order to get the mess cleaned up.

    On four occasions their dogs(staffies of course) have got out in the street and attacked other dogs belonging to neighbours and visitors, on three of those occasion the police were called but again nothing was done and the dogs still roam the street.

    Three louts turned up one evening with a baseball bat and put all the downstairs windows in. We took our children to my sister-in-laws as we didn't feel it was safe for them to be in our home. On arriving back home we found next door having a party instead of cleaning the mess up.

    The latest event was when their children painted our front door, when we phoned the police next door had the nerve to tell us there was no need to involve the law.

    We had been advised that their lease would end at the end of August and we thought this is it at last, just to be told that the local council won't rehouse them on the grounds of anti-social behaviour. The landlord extended their lease for an extra week hoping the council would change their mind, but they haven't and won't. Now he finds himself in a position where he must take them to court to get them evicted. In the mean time they just go on with their lives and we continue to suffer.

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    Hi Joanne, and welcome to the forum Although I am extremely sorry about the situation that led you to find us :badmood:

    If only people who own a property and decide to let it out knew the problems it could cause, and how difficult/costly it can be to deal with! And what the neighbours can suffer in the meantime!

    Can you ask the landlord whether he has actually given them notice yet(and what sort of notice)? That may give you an idea if he IS taking action.

    I would have thought the damage to your door may constitute criminal damage?

    There seems to be a fair bit of noise nuisance, I don't know if you have been logging it, and informed the noise pollution team in your Environmental Health Department? If they start action about the noise nuisance, this would give the landlord extra weight for the eviction, and E.H. can also prosecute (although this is not a swift outcome, as evidence must be gathered).

    Do check out, if you already haven't, the self-help articles on the site

    Re the dog problem. Have you had a chat with your local council's Dog Warden, as these dogs shouldn't be wandering the street, never mind constituting a threat to other animals (or people!)?

    Sorry about this mass of questions, but I can see there are loads of issues here, and just trying to give some info/get a fuller picture

    I think you are in a dreadful situation, and am sure if you keep visiting, you will get plenty of advice and support here.

    Take care,



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      Hi Joanne

      What an absolutely horrific story.

      It sounds like the landlord has had enough too, so hopefully this will make him hurry things along with evicting them. Are you in contact with him to see how things are progressing?

      If you are not already, you need to start keeping records of any incidents / excessive noise and keep the landlord informed of these.

      If the dogs are still roaming the streets, this should be reported to the police as they are a danger to themsleves and others. I would also report this to the RSPCA cruelty line (0870 55 55 999) as it doesn't sound like these people have any concern for the welfare of their dogs.

      As far as the damage to your front door is concerned, there's every reason to involve the police as it is damage to your property. Have they offered to pay for the repair to the paintwork?

      I'm sorry that you are going through all of this. NFH can eat away at your sanity and make your home-life miserable. Here's hoping that you start seeing some progress soon.....

      Take care

      Blue Cow


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        Hi Joanne and welcome

        So sorry to hear about the disruption these neighbours from hell (nfh) have brought you.

        I know that you say you have had the Environmental Health department involved in the past, have you kept logging everything down? If not, you must keep doing it. There is a basic blank nuisance recording sheet for you to use here:

        Also, please check out the Self-Help Articles, as you may find some very useful information, here:

        Regarding the landlords problems with evicting this household, they need to make sure they have served valid notice, or taken action under the accelerated possession procedures (available in certain circumstances). If they have, then the local authority will have a duty to accommodate the family (regardless of their anti-social behaviour history) for a minimum of 28 days. (It sounds like the LA are going to say they are intentionally homeless.)

        Check out the articles, keep logging, hopefully this family will be gone soon, but please let us know how you get on.


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          Ooops apologies for repeating stuff there!

          We are all that eager to give advice and support. I was typing out a reply when I went off outside to do something else! and those two managed to get in in front of me :lol:


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            Hi Joanne and welcome

            I can see that others have given you some good advice which I can only echo. You must keep logging incidents. Contact your local neighbourhood police officer and ask for help there. Dogs are supposed to be under control at all times, which your NFH dogs obviously aren't. If you see them in the street, call the dog warden.

            Do your other neighbours have problems with NFH as well? If so perhaps you could get together and present a united front to both the landlord and the council.

            I do hope your NFH will be evicted. It is grossly unfair when NFH of this sort are inflicted upon a community.

            Good luck

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              I agree with what everyoine else has said so far.

              It looks like the landlord is having to go through the due legal processes to extract them from his property. unfortunately there are specific steps he has to take to get them out. it will take a bit of time, but eventually they will leave. i can only say to you that you will have to grit your teeth and be patient on this. i take it you can keep in touch with the landlord to find out how things are progressing, i think it might take about another 2/3 weeks by the sound of it.

              i have said before, that landlords who jump on the buytolet bandwagon without considering fully what they are doing are extremely irresponsible. they seem to think it is just a question of putting their feet up and raking in the rent. well i hope this landlord has learned a hard lesson. not only has he had to use the law to remove his tenant, i would imagine by the sound of all the damage that has been done to his property that a lot of his rent will now have to be used to refurbish the place...thats if they bothered paying him in the first instance. nexttime i think he will be abit more choosy who he puts in his house! but i will get off my soap box.!!!

              i think you will regain your peace and quiet soon. obviously you will be on edge as to what is going to happen next, and i am wondering if you, along with any other concerned neighbours can get across to this landlord that you really cannot put up with another dodgy tenant. maybe he will have been so disillusioned by this experience that he will sell up!!!

              welcome to the forum and i hope you feel better fro being here :ban: :nfh1:

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                Hi just an update on what has happened with our NFH, the landlord has gone to court to get an eviction order against them and we have been told that they have until the 20 September 2003 to out, or the bailiff will go in. We are not holding our breaths that they are going, we think they will sit out as long as they can.


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                  Joanne - Hi

                  Hope you are finding the replies you have had so far a comfort already

                  That's great news!!!

                  Feel good about it - they will be on their merry way very soon by the sounds of it.

                  Everyone has given you excellent advice - I agree that the Council will HAVE to house them at least for 28 days - after that, it's their business as they have made themselves intentionally homeless (kids or no kids). But that's not your problem - they'll be long gone :P

                  I still think that you should keep reporting/logging everything in the meantime until you see them chucked out/carted away, just to keep your bases covered.

                  I can't believe that the police said that the paint on the door is not a 'law' problem - what codswallop -where I come from it's criminal damage, I thought the whole country was subject to the same law???

                  Fingers crossed for you that they go - and go soon!!!




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                    Hi Joanne,

                    I'm keeping everything crossed for you that your NFH will soon be just a bad memory.

                    Good luck

                    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                      20th Sept is now 3 1/2 hours away. Hope your nightmare ends on time.

                      "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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                        Hi Joanne,

                        I hope that they are gone and out of your lives very soon.

                        Good Luck

                        Blue Cow


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                          Hi Joanne

                          Hang in there! It sounds like it's only a short matter of time! Once the bailiffs go, they will have no choice, and will be removed, and the locks changed.

                          Hope you can look forward to some peace and quiet at long last

                          All the best!,



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                            Well it's the 20th September now, so I would imagine that the Bailiffs Warrant has now been exceuted and they've gone.

                            Have they? :unsure:


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                              Hi everybody,

                              The 20th sept came and went and our neighbours from hell are still there, we've been in touch with the council and have been informed that the baliff will now go in and evict them, but when? There seems no end to this situation and we are coming to the end of our tether :cry: