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On top of everything else!

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  • On top of everything else!

    Having a weird nfh, teenage nfh`s and now a resident of our street has been charged with attempted murder after a bad stabbing incident in the locallity. We are supposed to live in a "Nice and quiet area", who`s kidding who, there`s nothing nice about this area. Can`t get much worse, surely. Peace :angel: :ban:

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    NFH are no respecters of area, it seems, Peacelily. Just shows as well, they can live in any type of housing/own it or rent it/ have any amount of money! I think there are common misconceptions that all nfh maybe live on council estates/are on the dole, or something! I'm not saying this is never the case, but lots of nfh own their own houses/live in "nice" areas/work, etc.

    You just never know what you are going to have as neighbours, no matter where you live!



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      As i said in a different thread. Areas may be "nice", People are often not nice!!

      I live in what is a "sought after area". It is lovely, rural etc etc. But, the people next door are not nice and care not that they are ruining things for others who work hard to buy houses in this area.

      By contrast, a council estate across town, although rather run down looking, wins local awards from the council for the "community spirit" that exists. Never a hint of trouble of any sort there it seems!

      A nfh can easily turn popular misconceptions on their head!

      Take care and keep away from them!
      "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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        Hi all, just a quick update from our "Nice neighbourhood". As I was just arriving home from work to day, four Policemen went to one of the houses in our street, no one was in of course. How amazing that the Police can send 4 Officers to one house. Didn`t know we had that many in this area. Wait in anticipation for the next event!!!! At least we can say that life is never dull and boring in our street!!

        Wishful thinking on my part I think. :angel: Peace :ban: