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Update and Missed Opportunity

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  • Update and Missed Opportunity

    The idiot next door came to our house today to ask permission to put ladders up in our garden so he can fit new guttering around his house. If only my father who answered the door would have done a deal. He could have asked for their back door be fixed in return for use of our garden.


    As it is now, we have major house works coming this weekend, still the door frightening the life out of everyone, and the daily hammering going on literally feet from our window. (I've logged something being hit with a hammer EVERY DAY for the last 12 days by this fool. What on earth does he find to do?)

    So there we are. Giving up our comfort again in return for noise, vibration and disruption.

    Overall the situation has not improved with our NFH. The criminal son got kicked out of his council flat and is back home causing trouble so they are a full 'family' again. Just waiting on something positive to happen like our trip to Bristol next week - 2 days in a hotel where we can relax for once!


    Peter J.

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    It all seems never ending doesn't it? So pointless.

    Guess all I can say is stay calm and enjoy Bristol.

    "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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      Hi Peter, and sorry the disruption goes on! It's mind-boggling just how much hammering one person can do :blink:

      Hope you have some peace and quiet on your trip away

      How often does your E.H. dept want log up-dates?



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        I cant contact them to take action as the house belongs to my father who refuses to make any complaint. The only thing I can do is record every incident for future reference and try to persuade the neighbors they are causing us real problems.

        You may be surprised my log contains 37 thousand incidents over a 4 year period detailing the door slamming, constant DIY, immense vibrations, damage to our house etc.

        Not being able to take action is the real issue with me as not being able to do anything with some authority drives me insane!

        Peter J.


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          I think if you live there you can make the complaint

          is your father dead against the idea Peter?

          does he know what you are going through?

          I can imagine him not wanting to cause bother with the neighbours but at the end of the day its you who have to put up with it, I would be going insane by now!! :blink:

          hope you can recharge your batteries in Bristol, you sound like you all could do with the break!

          take care


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            Hi Peter and nice to hear from you again - although shame about the circumstances

            You could always still ask about them fixing the door whilst they're still using your garden?

            Sometimes you need some time away to recharge your batteries - hope you have a lovely time in Bristol.


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              If I see him outside, I will tell him permission is denied to enter my garden until he fixes that backdoor to prevent the impact this is creating on our house. Chances are slim though as he hardly ever ventures outside the confines of his back garden. The garden is high fenced with locked gates so you hardly see him.

              Can you believe they are still slamming the door day and night after asking US for a favor! Last night was the worst. Slammed the back door creating a huge explosion, then ran around to the front door and slammed that door too!


              Other than this I feel revengeful. If I ever get to rent this house out, I feel like finding the worst, loudest, roughest, problem family I can find and give them cheep rent for 8 years.

              Absolute bliss to think they would suffer the way we have and still do. :blink: :angry:

              Peter J.


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                Hi Peter

                CANNOT believe the bare-faced cheek of the man!! I think he should co-operate with you, aince you are big enough to do him a favour, after all the disturbance he has made you endure!!

                Can understand your vengeful daydreaming .

                All the best



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                  What - No!

                  I cannot believe this cheek...

                  The yobo next door and the two neighbors from the other side have been sitting in my front garden all day with the excuse that the council painters are using their garden!

                  With that, their little kids are using my garden as a play-pen with the adults smoking and chatting right under our front window!

                  This is so unreal - like a nightmare - can you believe this?

                  What next when I come home - a BBQ being done on my lawn?

                  What selfish inconsiderate idiots we have for neighbors.

                  I'm so, so angry at the bare-faced cheek.

                  :angry: :angry: :angry:

                  Peter J.


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                    how cross am I for you!!!! :rant:

                    the cheek of it!

                    it is beyond words :rant: :banghead: :rant:

                    thank goodness the emoticons can express feelings better than words! I really am most annoyed for you.

                    what have the council got to say about it? have you reported it?

                    ggggggrrrrrr again!!! :angry:

                    whats your father got to say?

                    I would kick them off or ring the police, it must be trespass??????


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                      Good grief Peter, a REAL nerve they have!

                      They are trespassing, tell them to leave immediately or you ring the Police. :yobs:


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                        Hi Peter Don't they just have a bare-faced cheek??? As well as being completely selfish and inconsiderate! :rant:

                        Does your dad not mind/notice any of this. or is he worried that making complaints will result in some kind of backlash?

                        It really sounds as though there are plenty of occurances of nuisance of one sort or another(incl. plenty of noise!), to get some action here with a bit of persistance....and wonder how you can deal with anything if your dad is so dead set against it.




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                          It's just mind-blowing, the absolute brass neck of some people!!! :rant:

                          How dare they? I think they're winding you up Peter! Grrrr, I feel so angry for you! I remember earlier this year when our NFH and his yobbo mates were having a water fight on our front path, I was fuming but I knew if I went out and told them to p**s off they'd just make things worse for me. I felt so frustrated! So, I know, I think, how you must be feeling!

                          Luckily for me NFH only stayed a couple of months but you're in for the long haul. How about you get some painters in and go and sit in their gardens, see how they like it....take the BBQ as well

                          Oooh, I'd better stop here because I might go into a full scale rant. I hope you bill them for any damage!!!

                          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                            Hi Peter

                            There's not really much I can say to this, other than what has been said :rant:

                            How dare they treat you like this...I'm sure that if it was you in their garden they would soon do something about it :badmood:

                            WHAT A DOWNRIGHT OUT 'N' OUT CHEEK :banghead: :rant:

                            Tri :angry:


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                              Hi, thanks for your support.

                              I honestly don’t believe they are deliberately winding us up by doing this. Rather, they are pure ignorant to their responsibilities as neighbors and think as they live like this, others on the estate should too as it's quite 'normal'.

                              My farther was very angry but don’t show it - in fact, he ask how they are doing when he passed them! I don’t blame him though, the yobo has criminal convictions for violent behavior and the other neighbor to our right is loud, 6 foot tall and unpleasant. (yes, we have a problem family that side too!)

                              As for me, I walk past them close by, caught one of the many toys strewn across my lawn on my foot, and kicked it in anger. The item whent flying into a bush and made the girl cry - Oops! I regret that but couldn't help it!

                              Perhaps now they will realize our displeasure in this.

                              For now, the 6 footer has being thrown out by his girlfriend. A screaming match, a fight in the street and out he went with his clothes in bin bags.

                              Whew - its hard work living here.

                              Got to go, the NFH to the right have the builders in - hammering and drilling has just started. (8.50 am) :blink:

                              Peter J.