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    Hello everyone, glad to be here. I bought my house 7 years back. The man on one side sometimes lives there and rents it the rest of the time. Out of the four people who have lived there, one has been ok, the rest have been noisy s*ds, loud music, tv etc in the night. The last people to rent it were great but only stayed a year, a young couple have just moved in and yes they love their music loud. I like loud music and my DVD player too but would not play things loud enough to annoy others.

    Am thinking of selling up now, try to find a quiter house or one with thicker walls. You never know, the peaceful life is out there somewhere.

    Thanks for listening

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    Hi Eckie

    Welcome to the board, glad you joined us. It can be a real worry when your neighbours change regularly next door eh? Especially this appears to happen more when people are renting a property...I suppose after all, it's normally a lot easier and quicker to move on if you're renting.

    Have you got some contact details for the landlord/owner of the property and is he/she local? Maybe you could get on good terms with the landlord (if you're not already) and invite them around to witness the noise disturbance for themselves.

    Have you approached your latest noisy NFH? If so, how and what happened?

    We have one house next door to us that's rented. When the landlord purchased the property, we managed to get his name, mobile, home address and work's address - luckily! (although it did little good, it was worth it to pester him!) - As boy, didn't we need it! I'd planned to show him up at work too if he didn't do anything. I was (honestly!) literally going to bother him at work in person until he took positive action (however, never came to that in the end with NFH couple no. 2!).

    I don't blame you for wanting to move, and get away from it, it's only human reaction. Makes you jumpy, you can't enjoy the odd bit of raised noise in your house for fear of being "like them" (e.g. your DVD like you mentioned) and it all becomes a bit 'claustrophobic').

    But you could move into worse couldn't you? Or you could move next door to a Neighbour From Heaven, who knows? Just a risk.................

    Hope you come back often and let us know how you're doing


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      Thanks for the welcomes everybody. The thing about the landlord is that when he was living in the house he was the worst of the lot...... really. I did go round a couple of times and he was communicative about the problem but he reckoned he was a bit deaf thats why the music was loud, ahem. I don't know where he lives now or phone number etc.

      We have wanted to move for a while so this might be the time, I take on board that we may be getting out of the frying pan and into the fire but thats the chance we take!

      The current neighbours exhibit strange habits with music, it will come on really loud for a minute or two and then be turned down to a reasonable level, but we never know how long it will go on for. At the moment they don't really play it much after midnight but they look the type who don't give a s*** so we are a bit on edge. We have a nickname for them already.. the mutants. Anyone else got a nickname for their much 'loved' neighbours?


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        Originally posted by Eckie@Dec 6 2002, 11:02 PM

        We have a nickname for them already.. the mutants. Anyone else got a nickname for their much 'loved' neighbours?
        Hi Eckie

        Thanks for giving us a bit more info, certainly a tricky situation. Our NFH couple number 1 used to turn up the music especially, lasting only for a few minutes and then down again. Turned out he was dealing drugs and used that as a 'cover'!

        We called NFH Couple Number 2, "Bubble and Squeak" - he ('Bubble') was basically as thick as they come (being polite!) and she literally squeaked, screamed, wailed and cryed all the time! I love your's, the "mutants"!

        It seems to be such a common thing to do, nicknaming your NFH, I suppose for us, we couldn't bear to call them by their own 'names', I suppose they didn't deserve it really.......

        Take care, I know how you feel, on edge, most if not all of us here, do too.


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          Funny you should mention drugs Mathew as I have smellled the distinct aroma of the illegal weed coming from their windows so you may have hit upon something there. They are only about 18, he looks like he's had a lobotomy and she's alive but just ha ha. I get the impression you're from Wales Mathew, am I right? Thats where I live.


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            Hi Eckie and welcome to the fold!

            I think nicknames are a good idea as it can turn a very stressful time into a....cant think of the word I am looking for...

            what I mean is you can look at the NFH in a different light....when you have labelled them they become less human.

            Matthew and I could'nt bear to call them by their real made the situation more real.

            on the street behind us we have "the cadgers" and we used to have the"battersbys" and the "firestarter"....

            Perhaps we should start a topic of NFH nicknames?!!

            I think Bubble and squeak were good names for our NFH as he used to bubble with anger and she squeaked like a piggy!!


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              Hi Eckie, sorry to hear about your NFH. You'll find a lot of very sympathetic ears in here.

              We had a couple living next door to us who had terrible rows, they left after about a year, their house repossessed and bought by a private landlord who rented to a young couple who had some humdinger fights!! They left after six months, never paid a penny rent but then my daughter moved in, so that solved our problem.

              Most of our troubles are with the local yobs. We've given some of them nicknames: The Banjo Players (Deliverence) Willy Wonka, Mick the Mong. Oh and there was one horrible youngster who used to drop his pants and go to the toilet in the street. We nicknamed him 'Plopper dropper'. Sorry about that folks

              Best stop here Anyway, Eckie, here's hoping things get better for you.

              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                Thanks for all your supportive comments, obviously the problem is widespread. I'm betting that my nfhs will be kicked out by the landlord because I know he likes to keep the place fairly tidy and I can hear them smashing around the house, after 3 weeks I think it may be a mess in there but maybe wishful thinking!

                I've tried the fighting fire with fire trick with the other nfhs, it works for a while but not long term, same as going round to complain politely. These kinds of people would not be making the racket in the first place if they were half sensible so I think they will never change.


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                  Originally posted by Eckie@Dec 7 2002, 10:21 PM

                  I've tried the fighting fire with fire trick with the other nfhs, it works for a while but not long term, same as going round to complain politely. These kinds of people would not be making the racket in the first place if they were half sensible so I think they will never change.
                  I see where you're coming from Eckie and I tend to agree definitely It's hard to get through to someone that truly doesn't care how their behaviour affects others and the long-term problems this causes in disrupting other people's lives.

                  Lets hope your landlord sees them for what they are - maybe they'll have problems paying the rent too and get evicted .....after all, hard cash talks the loudest where some landlords are concerned, it's the only thing they're bothered about!


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                    Yes I hope that this happens, I wouldn't rent them tent!


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                      Originally posted by Aquarius@Dec 8 2002, 1:16 PM

                      Unfortunately when you live next door to a rented property you are in the lap of the gods

                      How right you are

                      Beth and I were chatting about this last night, and we came to the conclusion that the only way to really control who you have as neighbours is to own the adjoining properties and rent them out yourself - thus if you have bad neighbours, as landlord/landlady you can boot them out yourself, just by giving them notice..........ahhhhhhhhh, what bliss eh?!!


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                        Yes as you say, if the house nextdoor is being rented then you have a constant worry no matter what, if the current ones are good you'd be worrying about them moving out, if they are loud then you wonder how long they will stay!

                        Our new ones are not that bad, its just that we are fed up of having to put up with any noise now it's irratating, hence we will move. The only real solution for us all is to be able to afford a detached house.


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                          Eckie just read your problem and sympathy is sent from here. We have put ours on the market but have to declare the NFH, they are private so no leaning on the landlord will sort ours. Best of luck. The place does make me fell a little better. Hello everyone


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                            It just goes to show doesn't it, that however much your house is worth, this alone doesn't guarantee (or the location as you say) you will be safe from NFH or any problems.

                            Goes to prove that NFH problems aren't restricted to class, or specific area (however, agreed, some areas have more 'problem's' than others).

                            Whether you live in a detached, semi-detached, terrace house, mini-mansion, flat, etc doesn't appear to make any difference's all down to luck, or the lack of it anyway!

                            The only solution is, to live in a middle of a field, like you say.

                            Beth and I are deadly serious, when we move next, we will be looking for a place literally in the middle of nowhere! Fotunately, in Yorkshire, there are still places like this. Otherwise we may have to get an architect in to build us an NFH-free house on the chilly Yorkshire pennines?!!!!


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                              Thanks everybody for your input. I would just like to clarify a few points about my position. The current renters next door are not that bad, nothing you could really complain about its just annoying. After 7 years of mainly bad ones we have become over sensative to whatever noise goes on. Its just made us realise that we need a new start in a new house. We would have moved anyhow about now I suppose, the house prices have rocketed here. Thats the plan anyhow, it just goes to show how bad neighbours can warp your mind!

                              A couple I know who are ok people are noisy neighbours, they get home after the pub with friends and sing kariokee! They aren't idiots but selfish I suppose and thats what a lot of the problems are about. We live in a selfish society mainly.