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Meercat and Duck(wit)

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  • Meercat and Duck(wit)

    Hello all. For reasons best left alone I disappeared for some time. NFH had a great deal to do with it.

    Last I wrote I had found a buyer for my house and had found a house to buy. To cut a long story short, the people I was buying from had problems with their purchase and the chain collapsed. After about two months messing about (I couldn't find anything I remotely liked the look of), my buyer eventually also pulled out. This was all a bit stressful as NFH was still playing up big time.

    Matters came to a head about 6 weeks ago and have since then erupted big time. For those of you who may remember, Meercat (my NFH) had his beloved/revolting heap of a car scratched up badly. He blamed me though I was not to blame. Anyway, he and his wifey (the Duck) have been harrassing me about it ever since. An actual assault happened said 6 weeks ago when I was returning back from dropping a friend off at the airport. It was a Sunday evening at 7.30 and I was driving my friend's car. I came home to find that, as usual, Meercat had parked one of his three heaps blocking the driveway. I slowed down, swung the car out and attempted to drive up the kerb (the only way to get to my garage). However, in trying to negotiate this procedure I failed to see one of their cats lounging in the road - totally hidden from view by his badly parked van. Luckily I saw the creature at the last moment, and the fat flea-bag also saw me, so by a combination of me hitting the brakes and the mange-ball getting off its backside, we managed to avoid a collision. I saw it run off and then carried on trying to get up the drive. As I stopped the car in front of my garage I was just aware of someone coming up next to me and looked round. At that instant the Duck lunged through the window at me with a trowel! I literally nearly had the thing in the side of my face and it was only because I jerked my head back that she actually missed. She lunged through the window again and that time I put my hand up and she smashed it into the side of my hand causing a 3 inch cut from the base of my little finger down to my wrist. All this time she is screaming, literally screaming, that "that's the last f****g time you're going to get away with it you f*****g c***" and "you're f****g dead you whore". I couldn't believe what was happening and honestly thought she was going to kill me. Couldn't reply as it was all so sudden and shocking that I just couldn't speak or do anything. She was then joined by her husband who said that he was going to call the police because I had deliberately tried to kill their animal and said that, once he had done that, he was going to come back "slit my throat and stamp on my head".

    The Duck then thrust the trowel at me one more time saying "I wouldn't f*****g well leave that car there if I were you. Cars have a habit of getting scratched up round here" and then stormed off. She got halfway to her house and then turned back, walked onto my front lawn and started doing this mad jiggy dance and going "di de di de di de di de di" (this is because I once asked her mongrel husband not to keep walking across my flower beds so I guess she was trying to prove some other point).

    Anyway, I ran in doors covered in blood and immediately called the police. Amazingly, as I was talking to the 999 operator she was repeating to me a call from the Duck that was also coming in. Yes, the Duck had called 999 about an incident where I had nearly but not actually hit a cat that was lying in the road. Even the operator couldn't believe it.

    So the police came round. By this time two of my other neighbours had rushed over and were trying to bandage my hand up. They had witnessed the incident but, as it all happened so fast, no-one could react (it all happened in the space of less than 5 minutes). The police split up - two went to Meercat and two stayed with me. After about 10 minutes the two other officers came back with the news that the Meercat and Duck had wanted to make a statement saying that I had deliberately tried to harm their animal but, at the same time, acknowledged that I had made an effort to stop and that the cat was unharmed. They also said that, yes, they were in their front garden at the time and could see the cat asleep in the road but, so far as they were concerned, it had every right to be there and the fault (whatever it was) lay with me.

    15 minutes later the Duck was arrested for assault and, after an enormous row where Meercat vowed he would come and kill me, they arrested him as well.

    After this I obtained an injunction banning either of them from looking at me, harrassing me or coming within 10 feet of my property.

    During the injunction hearing Meercat defended himself by saying that I was the one harrassing them as I was constantly staring over the fence into their garden. He said he had proof and produced a videotape of me in my garden. The video showed me walking down to my shed and, as I am shutting the door, I turn for a second in the direction of their house. He claimed to have many, many more of these. This, obviously, was a shock as I had absolutely no idea that he had had a camera recording my house and garden. The camera was mounted right up under the guttering which meant that he could see right down onto my patio which I always believed to be private since I had two 6 foot fence panels there which create a private area.

    Obviously Meercat had shot himself in the foot as, far from being in his favour, the fact that he had been constantly spying on me was rightly regarded as an unlawful act.

    Meercat and his wife were taken to Court where she was charged with ABH and was ordered to pay me £500.00 compensation for my injuries and he received a formal caution against the taping and for making violent threats. She has currently only paid me £200.00. She also received a 4 month suspended sentence for the assault.

    Naturally, after that, I expected my life to become a living hell. The reality though was quite different and, since the last Court appearance (5 weeks ago), they have neither looked or spoken to me and have in fact made every effort to avoid me. This would be a comfort but it seems that they just will not learn their lesson. In that 5 week period (and before) they have caused a continual nuisance to other neighbours. They have used their own vehicles to push other cars out of the way if someone is parked where they normally park. They have a pond and have taken to draining it on a fortnightly basis into the alleyway behind their house. This alleyway slopes down and so the neighbours down there have had their patios awash with slime and filth. A neighbour complained about Meercat blaring music from his van outside her house for 3 hours while he cleaned it out so he responded by hanging three large sets of windchimes on the fence between his house and hers and they are driving everyone mad. He has a disgusting wishing well on his front lawn which has always been on the dividing line between him and his neighbour and he has now taken to moving it onto his neighbours' garden and claiming about 2 feet of their lawn as his. When his neighbour moved the well back, he discovered the next morning that all his geraniums had been ripped out of the planters and had been thrown around the lawn. During the hot weather Meercat constantly had his front door open and either sat in the living room or squatted on his porch wearing nothing but a small pair of underpants. He has also hawked up and spat and passersby.

    These things, and others, caused huge concern amongst the neighbours and various spats and skirmishes broke out. This made Meercat and Duck highly paranoid and they sent nasty notes round (not to me though) saying that if any of their cars or their property was damaged, there would be hell to pay. The police were called in again by three other neighbours and the war continued.

    Meercat and Duck are now, we very much believe, not of sound mind and are we think psychotic. Their behaviour is erratic and anti-social to say the least and they just will not be taught a lesson or learn to behave. The latest situation could well result in a prison sentence for Meercat. A couple down the road have 4 sons ranging in age from 9 to 17. They're not bad lads but can be a bit noisy. Certainly no trouble though, just your usual boisterous kids. Anyway, one has bought an old Mini to do up and the eldest has a Vespa scooter which he is also tinkering with. All summer they have been on their driveway messing about with the vehicles and it is actually quite fun to watch them teaching themselves about cars and mechanics. The 9 year old is the skivvy and they send him over to the supermarket to get cokes. They weren't causing a problem until one afternoon when the eldest finally got the scooter working and decided to ride it up the road (we live in a cul-de-sac). The thing actually worked and he had his 3 brothers running behind him cheering. They got to the top and stopped by Meercat's car and started fiddling with the bike. The next thing that happens is Meercat has appeared at his front door with his camcorder videoing the kids. They take no notice and go back down to their house. A few minutes later they come trotting back up and, instantly, Meercat is back outside with his camcorder. This time the eldest son asks what he thinks he's doing to which Meercat replies "teaching you lot of c***s not to f*** with my car". He's now accusing them of damaging his car.

    The kids go back down and tell Dad. Dad calls the police and the police arrive. Last I know is that Meercat has again been charged with anti-social behaviour and for unlawful use of a video camera. He has been to Court and is now being assessed for either a custodial sentence or an ASBO. As for wifey, last we heard of her he was screaming at her that she was a whore and she was calling him something equally nasty in return. The rows they have are just mindblowing and they make no effort to keep them private. They seem to be a couple in the middle of a total breakdown and it really is quite scary. On more than one occasion I have truly believed someone is going to get stabbed or even killed round here. I still just cannot believe how these sort of people survive in such a wretched, lonely, hate-filled world.

    So, phew, that's the update. I feel somewhat comforted knowing that I am no longer in the firing line and am actually now starting to believe that maybe they won't last here very much longer. I believe they will simply be either driven out or they will separate and have to sell the house and JUST GO AWAY!!!!. I am still getting a lot of support from my other neighbours and all of this has brought us much closer together than we ever were. I guess having one rancid apple really makes you realise how much you appreciate polite, respectful people.

    It is now gone 3.00 am which has turned into my ideal time. It's peaceful, quiet and, tonight at least, windless so no clanging chimes. Can now hardly remember life before the Duck and the Meercat. Les Battersby would be an angel in comparison.

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    so good to see you again, blimey what a carry on!!!

    I am stumped for words really!....I am sorry you got hurt but glad it was dealt with,

    Do these people have no sense???

    I cant believe they are stupid enough (well I can really!) to take on the whole street, what utter idiots!! :blink:

    are the street fighting them?

    gawd, bet your log sheets tell a tale!!!

    I am just pleased you are ok and being left alone a little bit now, we were wondering about you and am glad to see you again!

    I am totally gobsmacked really! I am sorry its been so dreadful :banghead:


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      Hi Jeannie,

      What a tale - how awful to have to go through all that and to actually assault you too - unbelievable.

      On a more positive note though, it does sound as though justice has prevailed for you and that the perpetrators seem to have left you alone since then?

      I really hope it stays that way for you as an individual, but they obviously haven't stopped this behaviour towards others :sad: .

      They do sound somewhat unhinged, to say the least. As you say, perhaps they'll split up and eventually be forced to move - live in hope, eh :unsure: .

      Best of luck,




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        I was only thinking last night that we hadnt heard from you in a long time, and I was so hoping that 'no news was good news'

        obviously not. :angry:

        these people are seriously deranged to put it mildly and they are also on a very slippery slope. i suppose they dont realise it and eventually one or both of them will end up in the slammer.

        the only saving grace in all of this is that your neighbourhood is standing firm against them and that the police have got them marked good and proper.

        how awful for you to have been attacked like that, you must have been terrified. :cry:

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          Hi Jeannie and thanks for the update - and what an update

          Well it sounds as if they have just gone from bad to worse.

          Sorry to hear about the assault, hope that you are recovering from it, both physically and emotionally.

          I am pleased to hear though that the Police/Courts are doing the right things and that you have support from other neighbours.

          What a nightmare situation :blink: . I really hope they end up moving so that you can enjoy your home again.

          Take Care


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            Hi Jeannie

            so sorry to hear that this has been such a nightmare! :badmood: I really do hope that the end is near with these horrible nfh, and glad to hear the police/courts are dealing with this, and that you have support in the neighbouhood.

            Take care.



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              Hi Jeannie, welcome back, just sorry you have to be back

              I was stunned by your story As others have said I was hoping that because we'd not heard from you that things were going well. Some hope

              It stretches the imagination to wonder what these people are up to! I think I'll have to agree with you, they've totally lost the plot! I remember you telling us about the police inspector who seemed to be blaming you and your neighbours for all the trouble. Well I hope these latest incidents have well and truly put him right on that score!!

              Having your neighbours rallying round must be a great comfort to you. Hopefully Mr.&Mrs. Trailer-park will now take the hint and move out! I feel sorry for their next neighbours, with luck some of them will be in the next cell

              It really sounds as though NFH have hit a self destruct button but want to take as many others with them as they can

              Hope your hand is fully recovered and they keep out of your sight. Take care

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                So, then I'd guess they were cat lovers then, eh?

                Sorry about the attack on you. Unable to see that if they hadn't blocked your drive, you would not have even been near their cat. (But, please be nice about cats. -My cat, Big C. told me to tell you that, by the way!" :lol: )


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                  Been here a fairly short time so missed your original story.

                  Hope you are OK - the assault must have been awful.

                  It is so reassuring to see that the Criminal Justice system finally came up trumps, but such a shame your neighbours had to push things right to the limit to make this happen.

                  Hope life is calmer now.

                  "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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                    Thanks for the update Jeannie but I'd like to echo what the others said that I'm sorry you had to go through this to gain justice.

                    Two thoughts

                    Have you considered a private prosecution on a no win, no fee basis?. Sounds like you have a cast iron case. Or check your insurance cover on home insurance, credit cards etc.. You may well be covered for personal injury claims.

                    Would the local press be interested in covering the story?
                    Now, these creatures are bringers of death and misery. They will never eat, they will never sleep, and they will never stop.

                    We are part of an ancient secret society. For three thousand years we have guarded the Cities and Towns. We are sworn at manhood to do any and all in our power to stop the NFH from ever being reborn into this world.

                    So what's the plan?

                    Rescue the damsel in distress, stop the bad guys, save the world.


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                      Hi Jeannie. Sounds like youv'e finally prevailed. Im chuffed for you.

                      Dont know how you managed to keep your cool and not swing for that horror bag of a woman. These people are morons, no matter what they do, theyr'e right, everyone else is wrong.

                      My sc*mbag NFH is in the process of being taken to court by the council and has recently been arrested by the police, same as in your situation.

                      Does the court case take long to happen, or do you have to wait months?

                      Do you have to appear in court? (Could do with knowing, as if this is the case I would have to face all his filthbag mates)

                      Im sure a story in the local paper would add to their recent embarassments, but you would have to be very careful with that one, now you seem to have got them off your back, you dont want them bothering u again.

                      Hope evrything keeps gettin better and the NFH's crawl back under the stone they came from.


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                        After this I obtained an injunction banning either of them from looking at me, harrassing me or coming within 10 feet of my property.

                        Like it, how did u go about that one.

                        Do you have to have a garden fork shuved in your face first, or can one be obtained after continual harrassment, threats, loud noise and disturbance.

                        I suppose you have to be physically hurt first.

                        Wouldn't surprise me.



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                          (picks up jaw from floor)

                          You must be a very strong person to go through all that and come out the other side kudos to you

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                            Hi Jeannie

                            Wow - you have certainly been through the wars. What a terrible story, especially about the attack. I think you're right, it certainly doesn't sound like they are in full control of their faculties.

                            Hopefully this latest court action will mean that you can get some peace and quiet.

                            Good luck


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                              I'm just so, so sorry. What else can I say, this is disgusting behaviour from vile people who clearly need to be assessed by a team of doctors. My own opinion on these people is that they should be locked up and the key thrown away but thats not possible now.

                              What you do have is a clear case of them harassing everybody else now which evokes the laws of Anti Social Behaviour. Beings as these two already have a criminal record and having been sentence at court the police would have an easier time bringing further charges before the courts given their now proven violent background.

                              Shaggy said to me tonight that some people will never be content with their lot and that they have to go about causing grief to other people because it helps them forget about their own sad little lives. I agree with him.

                              I think you need to call a residents meeting - at someones home maybe - form an action group and deluge the police with information appertaining to Meercat and Duck. People power goes along way and the more info the police have the better able they are to deal with NFH's such as yours.

                              In the meantime, I hope that you can get some peace and quiet and please do try very hard to put this behind you Jeannie, I know its hard but moving forward is the best way.