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nfh blew up my dads car

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  • nfh blew up my dads car

    my names emma. a few months ago my nfh set fire to my dads car right outside our house. the car was a right off.

    we know it was them because they suddenly appeared after fully dressed and laughing. it was 2am

    the council said nothing could be done (no proof)

    a month later with cameras installed they tried again and we caught them on camera. it was their kids.

    the police came and again nothing could be done as underage. the council arent interested.

    how much more do we have to take

    i have been assaulted in the street as has my dad

    the police couldnt prove it as it was our word against theirs. they said we started it.

    everyday is a living nightmare. my mums had death threats on tape and still nothing can be done. why.

    what do we have to do to be taken seriously. be killed.

    the woman even tried to run me over once and still nothing has ever been done. they get away with it every time.

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    Hi Emma, and so sorry to hear about this awful situation! :badmood:

    Although the kid's are "under-age", this has no bearing on what the council can do.....if the parent's are council tenants they are responsible for the behavior of their kids! Well worth your parent's asking the housing office if your local authority has a "nuisance and harassment" team. This sort of anti-social behaviour, for which you have evidence, should have the team's ears pricking up.

    Perhaps a couple of meetings might be worth trying to arrange. One with the local community safety officer(police) for your area, and one with the area Housing Manager ( to ask them to look into this harassing, anti-social and scary behaviour).

    Have you had a look through the self-help articles?

    I'm sorry you needed to find NFHiB, but am sure you will find help and support here

    Please come back and let us know how things go



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      Hi Emma,

      What horrible experiences you have had with NFH. I had property

      damage including car being vandalised (scratched badly and little

      message left on winscreen) and other stuff. The police didn't help.

      NFH also swerved car at me on the street several times (NFH was

      going the other way) to try and make me swerve my car.

      I won't go into all the details of my experiences (I have experienced it all),

      but I can recommend you think about moving if there is no other

      answer. I have moved and am glad I did so (should have moved

      ages ago). Family members will take a long time to normalise

      after NFH. (You keep expecting things to happen after years of this


      Melanie :nfh1:


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        Hi Emma and welcome to the Forum

        So sorry to hear about what you're having to cope with at the moment it must be really awful for you, very frightening.

        It would help if you could tell us whether your parents own their home or whether it is rented (if so, is it from the Council, a Housing Association or Private landlord?). What about your neighbours?

        If you and your NFH are in rented accommodation then you need to speak to the landlord, like sapphire says, as the neighbours could be breaching their tenancy agreement by causing a nuisance.

        Having evidence seems to be the only way these days of getting anything done, so you must write everything down that happens, take photographs, record on audio and/or video tape. Get as much as you can. Go back to the Police, speak to your Community Officer. Do you have a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in your area?

        If you witness a crime, you can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 - if it is an emergency, then there's always 999.

        Please let us know how you're getting on & take care of yourself

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          Emma, your story is a sad one, though not unheard of, sadly.

          I wonder if you have considered contacting your MP? The lack of response from both the council and the police is concerning. And might be of concern to your MP.

          There's a website from which you can send a fax to your MP. It is a good service, and is totally free. It is operated by a group of people who feel it should be easier for people to contact their MP.

          To access this (easy-to-use) service just go to Fax Your MP


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            Re car damage. I didn't even bother reporting mine to the police.

            They don't even care. All they say is that if you have no witnesses

            and can't say who did it then they register it as an unsolvable crime.

            This happened when I had other property damage.

            Sad but true.



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              Hi Emma

              what a horrible situation to be in

              do you have support from other neighbours?

              are they targeted or just your family?

              you must get your parents to contact the community police officer for your area and ask for a visit, do not take no for an answer!!

              the situation you are in needs to be explained fully to the police and do not be fobbed off by them

              if you are in danger and the police do not act it will not look very good on them if something did happen!!

              I know there are a lot of questions you have been asked at the moment so I wont say any more!!


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                This is one of those situations where you have to be very persistant.

                Call your local police station and keep complaining to your local beat officer.

                Try and build a relationship with him. You can ask for a visit from him and to go and see the NFH. Some try and fob you off, but you have to be strong and not take no for an answer. Its their job to help you.

                You must log everything down aswell. And keep recording with the Video camera.

                Just dont take no for an answer. You keep calling the police and council. Write letters to the council. Send your diaries to the council

                And if the council keep letting you down you can complain to the Local Council Ombudsman or local MP. They have to act on this kind of behaviour. Especially if your well-being is at such a threat.

                Good Luck!!!!


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                  Emma my mums had death threats on tape and still nothing can be done. why.

                  Emma you say you have these threats on tape. Are they clearly audiable to hear on tape ? Have the police heard this tape ?

                  I think you need to be more proactive with your local police force and you need to start making some waves.

                  Making death threats is a very serious offence and on balance looking objectively at your situation you have a good case for an Anti Social Behaviour Order being placed on this family. It will take a while for sure, there are no quick fixes for this problem, but you need to be vigilant and proactive.

                  I am not around too much at the moment so I shall try and pop back and check your thread as and when I can, but you need - and I cannot stress this point enough - to keep on at the police and log everything in a diary regardless of how small it is it builds up into a bigger picture and gives a comprehensive breakdown of your NFH's patterns of abuse.

                  You and your family have a basic human right to be protected and helped. It is the duty of the police to keep the Queen's peace.


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                    thanks to everybody who replied. unfortunately things have got worse now.

                    my dads car was smashed to peices by the nfh on monday. in broad daylight she came out with a claw hammer smashed into our house smashed our furniture then went outside and did the car.

                    she was caught on camera and arrested, but guess what. because she hurt her poor little finger she was released without charge or bail conditions. now she is home opposite us and the police cant come and arrest her again because the officer who first arrested her is on holiday.

                    this means she can do whatever she likes again.

                    what can we do now.

                    we live in a housing association house and they are prepared to serve her with an eviction notice but then whats she going to do.

                    im really scared. i havent slept or ate for 2 days and neither has my family.

                    what can we do. the police wont give us a panic button because they think we are in no danger. what do they know. what will happen before they listen do we all have to die.


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                      I don't really know what to say about your appalling predicament.

                      "the police cant come and arrest her again because the officer who first arrested her is on holiday."

                      That sounds rediculous, do others know if that's true or is emma being fobbed off?

                      It sounds to me like you could be in danger so the police really should do something


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                        Hi Emma

                        You most definitely are in danger and need to go higher. If they won't listen to you at the local police station or just fob you off...demand to see the chief constable. What is happening is a crime and the police should be taking these death threats made to your Mum seriously.

                        You have obviously got evidence on CCTV that they are gulity of criminal damage where your Dad's car is concerned. If, as you say, it is the kids, and they are under 10 years of age, then the parents are responsible for their actions. Over this age and they are old enough to know the consequences of their actions and therefore can be charged. The fact that the parents are just as gulity as their children means that they are encouraging their actions, and they are responsible for this too.

                        You must, as already said, keep a log of everything, record what you can, whenever they say anything to you. You have got to build up a file on these people. Don't forget to log all crime numbers as well.

                        You must STAY SAFE at all times. Be strong and don't give these people a chance to have a go at you. Your personal safety is of utmost importance.



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                          Emma, that is awful The woman sounds dangerous. I think you should advise your parents to ask to speak to a senior police officer about what is happening. If they are not satisfied they can make a formal complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission:

                          You should also contact your MP. Neighboured has posted a link where you can fax your MP from your computer but here it is again:

                          I think if the HA are willing to seek an eviction notice then you should go ahead with it. If she tried anything after that I'm sure she can be served with an Anti-social Behaviour Order which, if she breaks it, means she can be imprisoned.

                          Good luck, I hope things get better for you.

                          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                            Hi Emma

                            Sorry to hear about what's happened and I'm not surprised that you're feeling scared.

                            I think the remark from the Police is ludicrous :blink: . They need to be doing something for you and your family - it shouldn't make any difference that one of the Officers is on leave. Get on to someone in a more senior postion.

                            Report everything. Stay safe. Keep in touch and let us know how things are going.


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                              thanks again for everyones support.

                              My mum and dad went down to the police station today to try and speak to a inspector or someone higher but to no avail. This is because noone was available.

                              Is this a joke or what. it wasnt the kids who smashed the car is was their mother who apparently has already been charged for gbh and assault on other people so they must know she is dangerous.

                              its still not safe for us i dont feel. we have sent letters to the mp and we have a meeting with someone from the council tomorrow to see if they can rehouse us somewhere else.

                              i just wish we could win the lottery and buy our own house!

                              il keep everyone posted as to whats happening to nfh i just hope nothing else happens to us