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    aaaaarrrggghh!!! I'm going to explode.

    well where do i start my nfh story. The guy next door is a severe alcoholic and a dole scrounge.

    He plays music full blast throughout the day, we can't hear the tv, relax or enjoy our free time at home. He plays music full blast at night, which wakes us up and we're gettin very little sleep.

    He bangs loudly on the walls and screams and shouts abuse through the walls.

    He knocks on our door and windows, threatens us in the street, leaves messages on my car window, saying things like he's cut the brake cable etc.

    He's the same with the neighbours on the other side, and he even threatend the woman that lives there who is very heavily pregnant. He is becoming very dangerous

    The police won't get involved, they say we're welcome to call them anytime, but unless they witness him doing anything they are powerless (or shud i say useless).

    The council have got involved, and are now taking him to court, but whats going to happen. If he gets found guilty he'll have to pay a fine. He's a dole dosser so will probably have to pay a £1 a month for the next 20 years, BIG FAT LOAD OF USE THAT IS.

    I'm a calm person, but i now want to take matters into my own hands, because no-one will do anything of any use. I know people, who know people, if you know what i mean, and im thinking of sending the hired goons round.

    With the police being utterly useless, and the council giving him a smack on the wrists, what other action is there to take, or as above shall i just sort it myself


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    the first thing is keep safe

    second thing...put crimestoppers number on your phone

    0800 555 111

    the police have to act on calls that go through crimestoppers, you can remain anon as well

    start recording everything, there are some blank sheets you can print off here


    then contact your community police officer, ask for them to visit you and your other (good ) neighbours

    show him your record and ask for help

    do not take no for an answer, you have to be persistent to get anything done

    good luck


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      Hi cks and welcome to the Forum

      When you say the Council are taking your neighbour to Court, what is that actually for?

      Just to get a clearer picture of your situation do you and your neighbour own your homes or rent? If you rent, is it from a Council, Housing Association or private landlord? Who moved into the properties first: you or your neighbour? The answers may determine which other avenues you can go down in terms of dealing with your neighbour.

      It would seem that the two issues you are having to cope with at the moment are noise and harassment. I think you should find the Self Help Articles useful, check them out here:

      Like Beth says, you need to be recording everything on the blank sheet she has given you the link for.

      What options you go for may depend on your housing situation and how you want to deal with these problems.

      I would never advise taking action into your own (or someone else's!) hands, that only brings you down to your neighbours level. I know that it is frustrating having to cope with a problem neighbour and understand that these ideas pop into your head - but try and keep them there and don't allow them to materialise otherwise you can bet you're the one that will end up worst off.


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        Hi guys

        Thanks for the advice.

        Firstly I dont think Crimestoppers would be any help. Looked at their website and they are to be contacted in reference to crimes such as burglary etc.

        Secondly both me and the other neighbour have been recording all the events over the last year, and have handed these to the local council. The council have also been round and recorded the noise levels and are now in the motions of prosecuting him (hence the impending court case).

        NFH, myself and the other neighbour all own our own houses, so the council can't move him, or us on.

        I would sell up and move, but it is now law to delcare any problems with neighbours. I could lie but face being sued in the future by the purchasers. So i'm stuck in the house until everything gets sorted.

        Also spoke to the community officer, all he did was go round and had a word with him. NFH (of course) denied everything. Community officer said nothing they can do unless they catch him doing something, which lets face it, unless they can travel at the speed of light, they are never going to do.

        I've explored evry avenue including the ones in the Self Help Article, with verry little success. He threatened my girlfriend yesterday, and i'm just not having it.

        I've done the calm and responsible citizen bit, and got nowhere, and I know im going down to his level, but hiring the muscle seems the only way out of this living hell.

        Anyway cheers guys, i'll be back and let u all know how the court case goes.


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          crime stoppers is for any crime, thats why its called crime stoppers, not burglar stoppers!!

          you need to keep copies of everything you hand over to the council

          if you feel you are in danger you must get back onto the police

          declaring problems when you sell does not mean no one will buy your home

          so moving is always an option, it means you might have to lower the asking price though

          NFHiB do not condone any acts of violence towards NFH and we advise against any forms of retailation

          you have to think of the consquences of any actions you might you want to have a criminal record??


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            I'm a calm person, but i now want to take matters into my own hands, because no-one will do anything of any use. I know people, who know people, if you know what i mean, and im thinking of sending the hired goons round.

            With the police being utterly useless, and the council giving him a smack on the wrists, what other action is there to take, or as above shall i just sort it myself

            If you, as you say, "sort it yourself" you will be playing right into the NFH's hands. Thus any action he takes in the future he will be able to counter any claim of your by reference to this.

            Believe me though, we've all thought about what we'd like to do our respective NFH's. Keep these thoughts in your head.

            Let the court case roll and see what comes out of it. In the meantime log and record every incident of harassment and IGNORE any provocation. As long as you are playing by the rules you will prevail but it takes time I'm afraid.
            Now, these creatures are bringers of death and misery. They will never eat, they will never sleep, and they will never stop.

            We are part of an ancient secret society. For three thousand years we have guarded the Cities and Towns. We are sworn at manhood to do any and all in our power to stop the NFH from ever being reborn into this world.

            So what's the plan?

            Rescue the damsel in distress, stop the bad guys, save the world.


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              Hi cks

              You mentioned that your neighbour was a "dole scrounger", I wonder what makes you use that terminology?

              Do you know if they own their home outright? If not, then their lender may end up taking action against them for non payment of loan - how could he be paying the loan?

              If you are concerned about the harassment aspects of your situation, then you really must speak to the Police again and ask what action they can take under the Protection from Harassment Act. You could also see a Solicitor about the harassment issues.

              Do you have CCTV facilities at your house? This might be an idea as you may be able to get further evidence of his harassment to show to the Police to support your claims.

              Like Beth says, NFHiB do not condone acts of violence.


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                Hi cks

                Well you have already been given some very good advice.

                I would just like to say that you are better than this NFH will ever be and it would be a real shame if you stoop to his level, by playing his 'little game' and using violence or threats of violence.

                It sounds as though you have already done an awful lot to try and stop what is going on...have you tried contacting your Local Councillor or MP? If not, they may be able to help you out.

                I know just how frustrating it can be having to keep your self control, when all around you is chaos. It's also very very upsetting when your loved ones are put in the firing line :angry:

                I totally sympathise with your situation, which may not be of much use to you at the moment, but you are not can now come here and know that there are other people here, who know and have experience of what you are going through.

                We are all here to give you support in any way that we can

                Take care



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                  hi there,

                  I totally understand your feelings of frustration and i bet that nearly all of us sufferers of NFH have thought about hiring a hitman to sort out the problem. But you just cant do it, because you know that you will come off much worse out of it than the NFH. So please dont be tempted.

                  as for the police, since when do they have to witness a crime in order to do something about it????? tosh and more tosh!!!! you keep on phoning them, if you feel you have to. :angry:

                  I would say your NFH sounds like he maybe cannot control his behaviour, if he is an out and out alcoholic, whatever he says he isnt going to be able to stop his ways without some serious professional help. and if he hasnt reached that rock bottom stage they all have to get to in order to seek help, i do feel for you.

                  my next door neighbour was/is an alcoholic but he is the harmless type, and he has been trying to straighten himself out, but every so often he falls off the wagon and you can hear him roaring gibberish at the top of his voice and whacking his music up loud (but not so loud as to particularly hassle us).

                  I think you need to keep well away from your NFH, as hard as it may be, no matter how provocative his behaviour. he is the dangerous type and you do not need to be on the receiving end of it. so try to gather all your reserves of patience and inner strength, you have done all the right things so far and the court case is pending, wait to see what happens there. keep strong and calm, and keep on posting here as you will receive a lot of help. we have all had dark days like you and know how you feel.

                  id just like to let holly know - the DSS pays most/all mortgage interest if you have been unemployed for so long, and if this NFH is getting these payments which go direct to the lender) the mortgage lender will be taking a 'wait and see' attitude as regards any arrears. very unlikely they would go for a repossession order.

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                    Hi guys

                    Thanks again for the replies. Reading what you all have to say is calming me down.

                    I may seem a little angry to you all, it was just my girlfriend being threatened has really upset me. I can look after myself but she can't.

                    Great advice (Tristar) about the Local Councillor & MP. I will definatley check that out.

                    Sorry about the dole scrounger comment, hope that didn't upset any of you.

                    But I don't just mean he has got no job, he is on disability because he is an alcoholic. Therefore our taxes are paying for his booze.

                    He'll always be an alcohlic, and will therefore always get benefit.

                    He has no intention of ever going back to work. It makes me angry that i work hard and pay my taxes, and he gets a free ride, and on top is a NFH.

                    Thats just the way I see things, a lot of you might not and thats fair enough.

                    I try and do as Rockbank says and ride it out and see what happens with the court case.

                    Dont know when the court case is as yet, but will let u all know how it goes.

                    Cheers again


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                      Hi cks and welcome

                      Sorry I've come late to your thread (ISP probs ). But you mentioned your NFH leaves notes on your car. Have you saved those and shown the police? Perhaps you could have another word with your Neighbourhood Officer and mention the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. Maybe you should leave that until after the court case. Do you think the council are going for an Antisocial Behaviour Order?

                      You've already had a lot of advice so there's no more I can add except to extend my deepest sympathy for your situation.

                      Good luck

                      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                        Hi cks

                        It's normal NFH behaviour to try to find your breaking point. Once they have found it, they will push their luck time and time again.

                        For me it was my children, especially my disabled son. I have had to get out of my house on so many occasions that I have lost count, even if it was just for a drive around the block.

                        Something that helped me and still does, is the sunglasses trick. If you and your girlfriend wear sunglasses whenever you go out of the house (even just to hang the washing out) NFH can't make eye contact and therefore seems less intimidating.

                        Imagine him as a cartoon character and try your best not to let his behaviour wind you up, I know it's easy to say, but if you can do it, it feels great and it gets easier as time goes on.

                        Try to avoid all contact with him at all times, although sometimes, I know, it is unavoidable, but as Annabel has already said, he sounds the dangerous type and you can never tell what he will do next. So both you and your girlfriend must try to stay as safe as you can and avoid any confrontations if possible.

                        Good luck to you both :clover: :clover: :clover:



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                          I agree .. avoid contact. That way they do not have an opportunity to 'sound off'.

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                            Be strong - don't rise to the bait. Keep your revenge as fantasy only, or better still try not to let these thoughts pollute your brain.

                            The Council is dealing with the noise issues, but what about his behaviour? Are they also seeking an anti-social behaviour order? If not, keep logging and keep on reporting.

                            The Crimestoppers no can be used for ANY crime - don't worry about their website - I've seen it too and it's very lacking in information overall. Police have to act on stuff reported via Crimestoppers, so don't be shy!

                            Your NFH sounds a bit like a loose cannon - try to avoid even looking at him - sunglasses are great as Tri says and it actually works too!

                            Unfortunately alcoholics are notoriously difficult for 'the authorities' to deal with and many will even try to avoid dealing with persons with this type of issue. That's where you will need to keep at them and don't let them fob you off.

                            Sorry, I dunno much else, but you'll find the members here are very supportive so keep visiting!




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                              Read your story and I sympathise. My wife and young kids were subjected to horrible things by our nfh and instinct is to get even. But, as everybody has said, this is not the right course. I note that you said reading replies makes you feel better. Good. I find it calming as do many others and you must stay calm if you are to deal with this properly..

                              Do as the more experienced people say - record everyting. Get a dictaphone. Use the local beat bobby - keep phoning thm and you may get a better response. Use Crimestoppers ( I just have to report drink/driving by nfh).

                              Above all, put the dole cheat issue or whatever it is, to the back of your mind. Even if a dole cheat, this does not make him a nfh. In reality, galling as it may be to you, he is probably receiving what he is legally entitled to whether this is morally correct or not and you can do nothing to change this.

                              Concentrate on the really important issues - threats, harassment and noise.

                              Good luck.

                              "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"