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Dog Dispute Hell

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  • Dog Dispute Hell

    I'm 15 and my parents have been in a neighbourly dispuste for sometime. It all started over a year ago when the neighbour got a dog. The neighbour wanted to "get his dog used to other dogs" by letting his dog attack our dog. My mother said no, obviously.

    This made the neighbour angry, and in the weeks that followed he began to follow my mother out of the house. This scared her and made her feel unconfortable.

    My dad asked him why he was doing this, and the neighbour came at him with an iron bar. The police came up as there was no evidence he got away with it.

    A few weeks past, and the next time we heard off the neighbour, he was trying to attack my father again. Then he turned on me and started calling me names, and swearing at me.

    After the police couldn't do anything, again, we got CCTV cameras outside our house, to prove what the neighbour was doing. Over the following months the neighbour was doing his ususal things; Swearing, threatening, abusive name callings.

    In one argument he even took a swing at my dad with his fist. The police watched these videos, and in some cases laughed aloud. They didn't seem at all interested in what the neighbour was doing. Until one night eairly on this year, when the neighbour attacked my father in the face with a large wooden stick, after smashing our CCTV camera and light. Our second CCTV camera is on the front of the house and the neighbour was unable to reach it.

    However we were not recording that night and didn't have any evidence.

    He was taken to court and fined £50, and that he was not to have anything to do with us for the next 12 months. Since this happened he has been out of the house calling all 3 of us names. And boasting about the mild fine. The police have told us they cannot act until he actually hits one of us again.

    My parent are forever arguing over this matter and have had it with the police.

    It seems no one can help us out of this situation, and the police have told us they will not responde to us if we phone them again. And the neighbour phones them repeatedly over petty little things, that we haven't even done.


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    Hi george and welcome to the Forum

    Sorry to hear about the troubles that you and your parents are having at the moment with your neighbour. It is never nice or easy living with a problem neighbour.

    It sounds like the Police aren't being very helpful at all. I'm sure that other members will be able to give you some advice and support that you can pass on to your parents.



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      Hi George and welcome to the forum

      Sorry to hear about your awful situation with NFH.

      I wonder if you can give us more information, e.g. do you live in council or Housing Association property or are your parents home owners? What about NFH is he a tenant or owner? Sometimes, if you or NFH are a tenant you can get the council or HA to act against NFH.

      It seems your NFH has got off very lightly with regard to the court case. Do you think the police are not taking your complaints seriously? If so your parents could make a formal complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, you can find their website here: where you can also find more information.

      Keep a diary and log every incident involving your NFH. If possible replace the broken cctv cam and keep recording. Just make sure that the cctv cam is positioned so that it is only overlooking your own property.

      Good luck

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        Thanks for the advice. They and us both own our own porperties. The only advise the police have given to use is to move house.

        Thanks for the weblink, and my parents have found your advice useful, and they are feeling slightly better already.


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          Hi George,

          Welcome to the board

          It sounds like a frightening situation to be in, to be honest - many of us here have lived with situations that distress, frighten us, and place us somewhere where we don't want to be. I can understand too that it must be upsetting to both you and your parents, leading them to be even more on edge and stressed than they normally would.

          The Police have to take your complaints seriously. Even if they don't come out, you have to insist that it is at least recorded on their records.

          I agree with Misty, your NFH got off lightly with a £50 fine, it's ridiculous really that someone can do this sort of thing and get off so easily.

          You all seem to be experiencing harassment from your neighbour and this isn't acceptable and you shouldn't be made to feel you can't enjoy your home and property. It isn't fair both morally and legally.

          We have an online article about Harassment here:

          The article index is also here:

          - Perhaps too there are other articles that may be able to help you and your parents.

          Your neighbour is a bully, he is bullying you and your family. He is also intimidating you and threatening you; threatening behaviour can be verbal and physical too and all comes under harassing behaviour.

          If you can all ignore him as much as you possibly can, although I realise this may be hard if he's physically threatening you and your family, this will give you the edge. All bullies, and your NFH is no different, love attention. Ignoring him as much as you can will give you the edge over him, he won't know how to react. This gives you a mental 'superiority'.

          I would say too, however much you've been put off by the police, ring them if you have to, or on 999 - they have a duty to protect you and your family from people who are trying to cause you harm. Don't ever feel daft or put off because of what the police have said.

          Hope you can come back often and please tell your parents from us that they are very welcome to come and post here too, as you are - the great thing about the forum as you can see, is you're never alone with a problem with NFH, someone has been there or is there and can see possible new avenues of what you can do and give great support.



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            Another sadly familiar story and once again, the innocent suffer.

            You, your Mum and Dad really should follow the advice given by Misty, Holly and Matthew. They know what they are talking about and if you follow the advice, things will get better. It may take a while and you may suffer set backs along the way, but persist. We are having to persist with our problems - infuariating, but necessary!

            Best wishes to you all.

            "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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              Hi George and welcome to the forum

              I'm sorry that your family are having such a dreadful time

              I haven't much to add tho the advice you've already had here at the moment, but I hope you find the information and support helpful.

              Do let us know how things are going, and you have every right to ring 999 from your house if you feel at all threatened. I, personally, would feel like asking the police to explain what constitutes "breach of the peace".....maybe they can use this, if nothing else!

              Good luck



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                Hello George.

                Sorry to hear about this sorry state of affairs. Your dad must be very strong willed and dignified to avoid completely losing his temper, which is probably what your nfh wants. A situation I am familiar with.

                It sounds as if your local police are not affording you the proper protection of the law. I would recommend complaining to the London IPCC / PCA if I were you. It is generally said, and my experience can confirm this, that complaining to your local police about themselves is a waste of time.

                I hope ypu've been keeping a diary.

                You are not alone and I hope you feel you have some support. Schools and Colleges often have counselling services and these can be tremendously helpful should you feel the need.

                Our story. Our nfh had police friends, and had boasted the name of a 'bent' Sergeant, we'll call him Sgt Abyss. Nfh made all sorts of attacks on us, swearing at our toddlers and filming them, punching another neighbour - a pensioner - for taking an interest, setting dogs on another pensioner neighbour, attacking me and getting me arrested for it, attacking my wife when with our baby and mysteriously evading a trial. Both those attacks happened at our home.

                After I contacted the PCA in London the police ridicoulousness dramatically reduced. Sgt Abyss was transferred. To get away from the nfh though, moving house was the only sensible option, which we did - not without reservations, but we're so glad we did.

                I don't know how much help this is to you, but I hope your nfh problem is solved very soon.

                Wishing you strength and peace.



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                  Link to the website of the Independent Police Complaint's Commission below


                  This explains the process involved in complaining to this independent body, and worth a look to see how it works.

                  Sorry Misty, didn't see you'd already thrown that link in!! You're too quick, and I'm too unobservant LOL


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                    Thank you for all your replies, it is much appreciated.

                    Since the attack on my father the neighbour is still abusing and threatening my father with physical violence, which we have reported to the police again only last week to find out that they had been reporting us for trivial things, such as a dead bird was found on their garden. Of, course, we got the blame! Apparently they have reported us over 14 times but of which we don't know what about. Having looked at our records, as we DO keep a diary, he has abused us over 51 times since the atrack.


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                      Also, of the 51 things, we've only reported about 5 or 6 of them.


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                        Hi George

                        Your neighbour HAS been busy, hasn't he? I don't understand why the police haven't been to see your family previously about these "reports" to them...seems strange that they've asked no questions of your parents, and they've only just mentioned this!

                        The police should be logging all your family's reports as well as the neighbour's. Does strike me that they don't seem to be taking this very seriously.

                        Is your cctv still down, it could be really useful to have footage of anything which happens on your property as evidence. Have you looked at the self-help article "CCTV, you and the law", in the resources section? It's useful to make sure of the law regarding this.

                        All the best



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                          Hi George, have you and your family ever considered self defence? and if your NFH threatens any of you again phone 999 i hope things get better for you all and i hope you find some sort of comfort from the fact that your not alone god bless and take care. eden


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                            Hello George

                            Sounds like you've got quite a battle on your hands. It doesn't appear your heighbour is reasonable.

                            I hope that you are able to concentrate on your studies, as they're far more important than that eejit next door. In a few years time I'm sure all this will be behind you (or you'll be gibbering wrecks), but your education will remain important.

                            A dictaphone would be an inexpensive way of recording evidence of his menacing behaviour, which sounds like he's breaching his court order to me. Hope you win through, and soon.

                            Good luck.


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                              Dear George,

                              Why do people act this way?

                              I agree with Homer, use a dictaphone to record any abuse recieved by you. Be aware that it would not be admissible in court unless the NFH knew you were recording him, and he *still* abused you.

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