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  • Update Weird Nfh

    :badmood: An up date for you about our NFH. His latest party trick is put his Motor Mower - motor running - onto pavement slabs in the back garden near the top and leave it running and running and running. Sometimes several times a day, and into the evening. After repeated warnings from myself and my husband - hubby took things into his own hands and got the hose pipe out and sent the flow of water over our next door neighbours garden, onto the NFH garden, two houses up, and let it flow onto his motor mower. At long last the motor mower was turned off. He had been told that his Grass!!!! did not need mowing more than once a day as it does not grown so fast. We were getting sick of his motor mower. Every time us or our direct neighbour went into the garden he would turn the mower on and leave it running. This is a very violent man who then started shouting offensive words to his mother/wife/grandmother who he lives with - don`t know what relationship she has with this man. Crashing of glass and more yelling from him. Arguments over money - she got some money from company sell of - he demands money from her in a very loud offensive manner and tells her not to come home without the money. This can be heard quite clearly from his house. What a dangerous man. We are sure that if this woman had no money then he would not look twice at her. Why put up with this behaviour - desperation or what :badmood: :angel: Peace

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    Hi Peacelily

    Who on earth would need to leave a mower running several times a day? It's obviously causing you disturbance. Have you been in touch with your Environmental Health Department? What is their opinion?

    He doesn't sound very approachable, nor did he last time I read about him! Is he a home owner, or a tenant? If he's a tenant there are avenues open to you to complain to the landlord. Of course, it's well worth logging all incidences of this disturbance.



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      Hi Peacelily and thanks for the update

      I just wonder whether you had taken any action as given in your previous post, or whether you'd be able to answer any of the questions raised?




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        Hi Holly, reply to your lastest post and further details about our nfh - not a house owner as he lives in this house with a woman, not sure what relationship with her, she is much older than him, looks it anyway, do not mix with anyone in the street and his violent outbursts are becoming more of a concern. He has reported his direct neighbour for noise nuisance to the EHO - sick or what! - the children living next door are running upstairs and disturbing him, also their loud music is disturbing him- he is disturbed - not them. The only problem with his direct neighbours is that they are really, really nice people who would not say boo to a goose and this vile nfh is manipulating the situation so that he can continue to carry on with his appalling bullying of them. He forgot to tell the EHO about his antics with the motor mower and hurling abuse and violent behaviour. This case is now being passed on to the District Officer of the EHO - getting serious now. They asked me to contact the SS (Soc Serv) to tell them about the violence, so that a visit the woman he lives with - Not a Chance in Hell - she choose to inflict this man on the Neighbourhood - she can live with him - she is an adult and not our responsibility. I would hate to be accused of infringing her Human Right to live with who she likes! The porno side of our nfh is still being looked into, not easy to do - the SS are useless - not the best run or organised SS dept in the country. As for the Police, they spend too much time at our local hospital instead of the rest of the beat area. Will try the Crimestoppers line next time - looks more hopeful. :angel:


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          Another person with mental health issues. sigh! When will they be looked after properly?


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            Originally posted by Neighboured@Sep 6 2003, 12:08 AM

            Another person with mental health issues.
            With respect, how do you know that Neighboured?


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              Respect, or not, here we go again. Mental health-bashing is not acceptable. Is this a difficult message to get through?



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                PLEASE KEEP ON TOPIC



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                  I was not bashing the mentally ill. And I most strongly resent the claim (not substantiated by a shred of evidence, IMO) that I was. (And I trust that message gets through, also, without too much difficulty? )

                  Some of the people who are NFH are not mentally ill, some from what the posters say about them, are mentally ill.

                  Unless we presume that anyone who claims that their nfh is mentally ill is wrong? Mistaken? Or otherwise in error?


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                    With regard to mental illness, with all due respect, mental illness should not

                    be discounted if you feel your NFH is a threat to lives.

                    I asked a psychiatrist whether my NFH was mentally ill (I was worried

                    someone could die from his acts or whether he could kill).

                    My NFH had swerved a vehicle at me and was obsessed with all of

                    us so much he invaded each of our lives on very personal levels.

                    He even came to the door several times

                    when he moved in wanting my 15 year

                    old daughter to be sent to his house (he has no children).

                    My NFH has worked hard at winning the respect of some of the

                    community (others are not so easily fooled and others don't want

                    to be involved).

                    I asked a psychologist the same thing about dangers

                    and mental problems after another incident.

                    The reply was that some people have personality disorders.

                    This does not class them as crazy. The reply also was that some

                    people have what is called "evil intent". We all saw John Lennon killed

                    by someone who crossed the line after being obsessed with him for years.

                    Wanting to protect lives from people who might be psychotic in some way

                    is not mental health bashing. I have an inquiring mind and I also wanted

                    to know how the story would end (would the NFH cross the line to become

                    a threat to life). I believe everyone has the right to protect their family

                    and to understand what the threat is from a NFH. Also, I have it on good

                    authority that some people with personality disorders and obsessive behaviour

                    can cross the line and become a threat to life. Never underestimate the

                    threat from some of these people. I'm sure we've all read the articles where

                    the occassional NFH has killed. This is not only tragic for the person killed

                    but leaves dependents traumatised and without a major care giver in their

                    lives. To summarise, some NFH do have disorders which can make them

                    potentially dangerous to life. It is better to be aware of this than to

                    try to find logical reasons for their behaviour. Awareness like this could save

                    your life if you are unlucky enough to have an evil, obsessive, stalking NFH.



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                      Hi all, with regard to Mental Health Issues, we strongly believe that out weird nfh has some serious problems, whether they are called Care in the Community/Obsessed/Bully - these all relate in some way to Mental Health Issues. There are some circumstances that have not been revealed on my posts which, if you new of them, would prove very disturbing and may lead you to summise that this person is outside of the "Normal" This nfh has some sort of personality disorder at the very least. His interest in a teenage girl is not healthy and we feel that this person is not to be trusted and his behaviour is not to be trusted at any time. Having sitnessed his fould temper on the lady he lives with, we are left in no doubt of what this nfh could be capable of. Categories mean very little when dealing with a weird nfh. :angel: Peace :ban: