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City Council Won't Listen

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  • City Council Won't Listen

    Hi all,

    I would like to say having exhausted all other avenues. How do I get the Media involved in our case?

    We are a small council estate and it appears we are having all the 'Drug Addicts, Drunks' being housed here. There are elderly residents who want to live out what is left of their lifes in peace. Not die from the terror tactics of a few!

    The Tenants are beginning to form a tenants association, but, in the meantime are using the resident solicitor to inform the City Council of antisocial behaviour, intimidation tactics etc. Even the Police say they shouldn't be housed here! However, the CC won't listen and feel we need the media involved in our case.

    We realise these people need to be housed, so that they can become 'useful members of society again,' however, this isn't happening and the CC aren't listening.

    Sorry about repeating myself, but we are truly frustrated. Any help gratefully appreciated.

    Kind regards


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    Welcome to the Forum C W

    Sorry to hear about all the problems in your area.

    It's good that you are coming together as neighbours to try and get your local authority to listen to your concerns.

    Beyond contacting your local paper, I don't know anything about involving the media. Other members will be along shortly though and I'm sure they'll be able to give you lots of useful advice and support.


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      Hi C_W and welcome to the forum

      Sorry to hear about your NFH situation. As somebody who lives on a council estate I can sympathise with your problem. I've seen some real low-lifes move in here and the trouble they cause is way out of proportion to their numbers

      I had a chance to tell my story in our local paper but turned it down because they wanted to publish my name. I've had a few letters published but always asked that my name is witheld. You can never be too careful as some people delight in taking retaliatory measures so I'd urge you to think very carefully before taking this step.

      I think your first port of call, if you decide to go ahead, is your local press or local tv news. We have two members who have created websites to air their problems with NFH. Have you thought about that?

      I'm sure other members will have more advice for you. In the meantime, good luck

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        Welcome to the forum CW. As Misty says, Media Contact does often backfire and it could be a problem if they want/need to publish your names and other information etc.

        Although I can understand why you'd want to take such a step now, you're very clearly frustrated at the lack of outcome in your situation - fingers crossed that the tenants group can be proactive and get something positive back out of the situation for you all.

        You can also take a look at our Media Contact folder here, or even post a request in it should you wish:

        (Have a look to at Beth's pinned topic there about guidelines for Media Contact).

        Hope you visit here often


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          I have a good working relationship with the people in my council's PR department. Would that stop me from publishing a story that the council didn't like?

          Well, it hasn't yet!

          Any newspaper will have to seek out a response from the council, but you'd have to be a real novice (or an idiot) to be sucked into the "don't print that one, old chap" nonsense.

          If you want to get the media involved there are ways.

          Phone your local paper and ask to be put through to reporters.

          If you and your fellow residents can raise any money, think about hiring your own local PR company. Even to get them to write one press release might help.

          Even Mr. Max Clifford might be able to help. He is in the London phone directory under Max Clifford Associates. And he does a lot of charitable work so might be worth contacting, even for a few pointers of good local contacts.

          Good luck.

          Oh, yeah. Try local radio and TV. I nearly forgot them!

          Where are you by the way? I might have a contact near you who could help you...


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            I also should have said, thank you for the very warm welcome

            Neighboured, thank you very much, I've taken everything on board and see what is best for the people concerned. Although the Solicitor involved at the moment says 'its got to the stage where the CC aren't even listening to me!'

            I hadn't thought about the radio, very good idea and its only about 15 mins away from me

            Thank you all again.

            I may not be online for a short while, I'm changing ISP's, but I will be back

            Best wishes



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              Are you covered by Birmingham City Council, by any chance?


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                Hi C W

                Good luck to you and your neighbours in whatever you decide to do :clover: :clover: :clover:



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                  Oh, yeah. Had the councillor X is my bestest ever buddy treatment.

                  They get really, really upset whenever a story is published that they don't like.

                  Even had one numpty complain to the Editor. Who said: "My word, Councillor X. Why did you have a problem with us running this story? It might sound to people who don't know you as if you have something to hide."

                  No more was heard! -But of course, back to being bestest ever buddy when Councillor X wanted something in the paper, again! :lol:


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                    Hi all,

                    It seems one of my posts didn't materialise. Probably an error on my part :huh:

                    However, what we are trying to achieve is the following:

                    1. Residents Association (coming together nicely)

                    2. All outside agencies involved in the process of eliminating 'dross'

                    3. The City Council to make a resolution with reference to NOT putting Drug Addicts and dealers in the same buildings as Senior Citizens.

                    4. Finally have the 'Community Spirit' back in the neighbourhood.

                    Since my last posting we have had the property raided by the Police, lots taken away, arrests, but not the tenant of the property? Maybe he grassed his drug friends up. We aren't resting on our laurels, but working with the Police to make their job easier. No. of 'visitors,' cars stopping for property and the taking of number plates.

                    A wonderful organisation called CROP (Citizen Rights for Older People) have been a present from heaven. They have spoken and written to the Chief Constable, the chap being an ex-policeman himself, is more than happy to help in whatever way is suitable to our situation.

                    We still as yet haven't gone to the Newspapers (Janee, your points taken on board). However, we have spoken to the local Radio (Thanks, neighboured) and they are prepared to do a feature highlighting the problems involved in Drug Addicts/Dealers and the elderly.

                    So all in all, at this moment in time, we have things moving again. I need to do a lot more research, being prepared to use the time intelligently, instead of it blowing up in our faces. We realise now, that it will achieve nothing of consequence.

                    I of course, will keep you posted as we progress.

                    Again, thank you for your input, it have been gratefully received.



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                      C_W, well done, things seem to be moving along nicely Maybe not as quickly as one would like, but hopefully the pace will quicken

                      It's good to hear about neighbours getting together to defeat a common foe. I just wish it would happen all over.

                      Good luck for a more peaceful life for you and your neighbours

                      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                        Hi C_W and thanks for the update

                        I've always maintained that slowly but surely is the best way to deal with things

                        Sounds like it's going well. Stick with it and you know where we all are.


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                          good for you CW!!

                          Its good to see victims being proactive!!

                          nice that your community spirit is coming back to the neighbourhood, all areas need it, sadly few have it

                          you sound like you are doing all the right things, and I am glad the police are being supportive, like you say you help them, they help you!

                          keep the faith and keep fighting!!! :ban:


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                            Hi CW

                            Have arrived at this thread at a snail's pace, forgive me. Have read it with interest, and I think it has brought up many useful points re. the media....pros/cons/finer points. Hope, as you decide which way to pick through this, that the members here have been helpful(and think they have!).

                            Good luck in how you decide to proceed, and thank you for starting a valuable debate

                            Please let us know how things go...



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                              Hi all,

                              An update from this morning. There is a God!

                              A number of Estates in the area have today been raided, a number of the 'dross' have been arrested again and remanded this time.

                              So in the short term we have a peaceful Estate. (she says breathing a sigh of relief).

                              Now the CC are prepared to listen to us, typically late, but with the Police on our side, let's hope we have the progress we truly want.

                              Thank you all for your heart felt sentiments, there are times when you reach a low ebb and for me today was one of them, until I heard the News from one of our Police Officers.

                              Keep up the wonderful work you are doing for everyone suffering from NFH's. I of course, will keep you updated on any progress.

                              Best wishes