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Councils Attidude

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  • Councils Attidude

    My stomache has turned to stone with all the stress I have suffered for the past 5 years.

    I have four dogs therefore in breach of my tenancy agreement.

    There is drug dealing going on nextdoor they are noisy, but not at the illegal hour.

    they make sure i dont see them exchanging their dirty dealings.The police dont care. The council dont care, My solicitor can't help. Im the only one complaining, but you know my dogs are no bother and are kept clean. HELP! :badmood:

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    Hi Sandra and welcome to the Forum

    Sorry to hear about your current problems.

    There are a couple of issues which jump out straight away:

    1. You have four dogs and are therefore in breach of your tenancy agreement. Did you have all these dogs when you moved in to the property? Are you a Council tenant? If so, have they served you with a Notice of Seeking Possession detailing the grounds for possession? Have you discussed this with your Housing Officer? It is likely that if you got your dogs/more dogs after you moved in, then you will have to arrange for re-homing.

    2. Drugs - you should contact Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.

    What in particular have you been seeing a Solicitor for?

    Sorry if there are a lot of questions, but it does help to get a clearer picture of where you're at at the moment and where you're coming from.


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      Okay, so you have four dogs. Well do I detect that someone has reported you for having four dogs and therefore you are in breach of your agreement ?

      If so, thats a seperate issue and we will look at that later on. Firstly, you say that your neighbours are dealing in drugs. My friend had a neighbour who did this but NFH thought she was cleaver and used the local taxi firm, except my friend was one step ahead of her NFH and logged down all the times, the vehicle registration numbers and how long they were at the address.

      In the meantime, my friend found out that her NFH was going on a trip to Jamaica and no doubt bringing drugs back into the country. My friend did no more than rang Customs at Hetahrow and tipped them off. Sure enough when NFH came back into the country they searched her and she was found to be in possession of cocaine. She was sentenced to four years, served in Holloway for some of the time and was out in just over 2.5 years.

      In the meantime my friend had been in touch with our local station and gave all the evidence she had on her NFH to the CID officer and they already had the house under surveilance. So the ode to this story is get logging, use a diary and record everything. Get in touch with your local police station and tell them that you want to speak with an officer on the Drugs Team and start giving them the evidence.

      In the meantime keep on at the Council and don't let up. Its a hard old slog - but it will pay off in dividends providing you gather the evidence. I know we shouldn't have to do this, but unfortunately it is a sign of the times.


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        please tell us a bit more - has someone reported you to the Council about the dogs?? Are they causing a problem to others? I assume you are a Council Tenant?

        Why aren't the police paying any attention to the drugs dealing, it doesn't make sense..?

        Keep a log of EVERYTHING that is happening and use the Crimestoppers number that Holly quoted earlier - the police HAVE to respond to those calls - and they are completely anonymous.

        Please let us know a bit more about your situation so that you can be pointed in the right direction for help




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          If you do not have a councillor as a relation then, no, you do not matter.

          And if you are not a drug dealer, a car thief or other general vile NFH type, then you are clearly not dangerous and are therefore a legitimate target for official grief.

          Fax or write to your mp. He/she might be able to help.


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            Hello Sandra and welcome

            You say you are breaking your tenancy agreement because you have four dogs. Is this because you're not allowed to have dogs or because you have four? I can only go by my own area but unless dogs are causing problems the HA usually turn a blind eye to the number of dogs a tenant might have. If nobody has complained and your dogs are well behaved I can't really see a problem.

            I'd urge you to do as others have said and call Crimestoppers about the drug dealer. Sometimes it might appear that the police are doing nothing, but they have to collect evidence and this might take a while and in the meantime they have to keep a very low profile.

            Also, as neighboured has pointed out, I'd advise you to contact your MP.

            Good luck

            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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              Welcome to the Neighbours From Hell in Britain Forum Sandra

              I can't say so much more than the other members that have posted so far before you can expand a bit more on the issues and problems you have, so hope you visit again soon.

              In the meantime, please do have a read through our help articles here, some of them could be quite relevant and helpful to you in your situation (e.g. Anti Social Behaviour article, Noise Help one and so on).


              Hope to see you soon



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                Hi Sandra,

                just wondering how you are doing, saw you on the board this morning,

                let us know how things are progressing and we might be able to offer some more help.