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Update On Peanut Brain.

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  • Update On Peanut Brain.

    Hi guys,

    I am soooooo tired! I can't even muster the energy to think straight anymore but at least there is some glimmer of hope on the horizon.

    I didn't get to sleep until 4.30am this morning. He started playing music at 12.45am and it went on and on, a constant thud thud thud. then it would stop for a second then a different thud thud de thuddy thud.

    I rang environmental health who said they couldn't send anyone as there wasn't a file on him, what? we've been ringing up every day of every week for weeks now. So I rang the police and they just directed me to EH, round and round in circles we went until 4am. My boys were awake and screaming, the constant drone was even louder now and my wife and I were so tired and ratty that we almost ended up with a divorce there and then! So I rang the police and said that I knew that they wouldn't help and I was getting no joy from EH so if they didn't turn up within the next 15 minutes I was going to go down and sort it out myself.

    They arrived about 10 minutes later with the man from EH. Apparently the councils computer systems had gone down hence they didn't have any info on the NFH. Well, 4 coppers and the EH man went down and issued him with a noise abatement notice. The EH man said that he was suprised that someone with no job could afford to have twin-decks, amplifiers etc. all routed through a top of the range computer system. You wouldn't have thought that stuff was down there if you'd seen him or his abode.
    "no matter where you are, that's where you've been".

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    Well done for your persistence in the situation. Glad you didn't have to go down there though



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      Well done, Saint. It's amazing what happens when you 'promise' to sort something out yourself

      Hope you're getting some rest and peace now

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        Well, that's one way to get the authorities to listen to you.

        How has your NFH been since being served with the Noise Abatement Notice?

        Quiet I hope ?


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          Yeah he's been as quiet as a mouse, quieter even. I still can't believe just how insane people can be though, how inconsiderate to others, it astounds me. Now I know he has the whole kit and caboodle hooked up to a pc I have a few tricks up my sleeve should I get no further joy from EH.

          "no matter where you are, that's where you've been".