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Waster's And Loser's

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  • Waster's And Loser's

    Well after reading some of the horror story's on this MB, i feel rather embarrassed to put up my own on going experience with a neighbour or that should be a neighbour's retarded off spring who obviously have a very low mentality and lacking in the brain cell department. But here go's.

    My NFH moved in 15 year's ago, at first they were utter sc*m, but as the year's went on they settled down and we rubbed along kind of OK.

    The couple have five kid's, four boy's and one daughter. Like i have mentioned above everything was kind of ok but alas thing's are coming to ahead this year.

    I live with my mother who suffer's from ill health, i am her carer and had to give up full time work to be with her, i go to college to make sure i dont drop out of the work market and to keep my skill level up....anyway i digress.

    Anyway the problem are with their children, the age's range from 15 to 21 or 22 year's old. For the past eight month's they have when their parent's go off to work blasted us and the street with very loud music. We have asked them on 27 occassion's to lower the music and to please play it at a reasonable level, i have on a couple of occassion's had to make contact with the local housing authority to help in this matter......i have even spoken to the parents about this, they themself's have told them again and again to respect the neighbour's, the problem is the kid's cant even respect their own parent's, both mother and father have been beaten up by at least three of their son's. The language they use against their parent's is atrocious and crude.

    They stand in the street f'ing and blinding, one even threatened to burn a neighbour's house down after she berated him for verbaly abusing her son.

    They have gang's of youth's hanging round out the house and when the parent's are at work they are in the house shouting and swearing until midnight, at time's they sound like they are on drug's, which in truth they are because i have heard them telling a friend to go and buy them weed. So we and our fellow neighbour/s have blaring music gang's of youth's hanging around and drug's which are brought to the NFH house. All this is going on until 12 at night whilst the parent's are out at work.

    They have ruined our piece of mind, my brother who doesnt live with us has even started to threaten violence against these's people. We would buy our home but feel it would be foolish to do so with utter sc*m like these's next door.

    They have wrecked their home, they have a couple of window's boarded up and a couple of window's cracked....the house is a hovel.

    I am staggered that ****** Housing allow's this family to live in one of their house's.

    They have time and time again as far as i can see, broken their tenancy agreement, yet no real action, just a couple of letter's and one visit telling them to do the house up, which they have not done.

    I know this is tame compared to some of the dreadful thing's that people are experiencing, i wish my neighbour's ill will and hope the saying what go's round come's round is true, true for them. NFH are vulture's, they eat their own and devour all thing's that are decent. Apart from their own brain dead friend;s i have yet to find someone anyone who do not associate with this family, to have a nice decent word to say about them....they are to put it mildy a very much hated family. The parent's can not control their own off spring.

    P.S any advice about their drug dealing's? who should be told about it i say the landlord my mother say the the way drug dealing isnt done at the house, they have a friend to bring's it, buy's it for them and turn;s up with the stuff at their home.

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    Hi Joeywax and welcome to the Forum

    Sorry to hear about your neighbour problems. I think in this situation you have to feel sorry for the parents too a bit (although they are the ones who perhaps should have instilled more discipline with their children ).

    Check out the Self-Help Articles , if you haven't already.

    I think that you need to break down what your concerns actually are, which might help in coping with them. From what I can read, they are:

    - Noise nuisance - for this you need to start recording everything, there's a blank sheet for you to use here: . If you intend making an official complaint, then the authorities will want you to have made a written request to your neighbours to tone down the noise (there is a template letter you can use in the Resources section). Once you have complained to your neighbours and completed some of the recording sheet, contact your local Environmental Health Department in your local Council.

    - General nuisance - again, you need to record everything, a blank sheet for you to use is here: You need to give this to your local Housing Office, along with a letter of complaint. Why not see if your other neighbours have made complaints too?

    - Your suspicions of drug dealing/possession - contact Crimestoppers on their freephone number: 0800 555 111.

    The other option for you to try is Mediation. Look on to find your local one.

    Welcome again to the Forum, I'm sure lots of other members will be along shortly to offer you more advice and support.


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      Hello and welcome,you will find this site very useful and all the members very wise and helpfull, you mentioned some company "****** housing" write and complain very stongly to this group and hopefully they can do something for you, as you can read hollygolightly has great advice as will lots of the others try to record some of the noise from your house. Contact the enviromental health dept and complain about the noise it's very hard to deal with on your own as I found out, but here you have lots of help and a good listening ear from all the members I am new so take my advise lightly but my sympathy is great and wish you the best :nfh1: hope all goes well Trig

      p.s I am installing cctv. Quite cheap if you have a computer hoping it will help me stop NFH climing fence and doing as he pleases might be worth looking into?

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        Hi Joeywax

        Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear you are having dificulties with the neighbours, and Holly has pointed out a number of useful starting points.

        It may be worth asking the Housing Association for a copy of their procedure for breach of tenancy obligations....and a copy of their complaint's procedure in case you need it a little down the line.

        The more logging of incidents you can do/evidence you can get the better, and give the H.A/E.H dept enough ammunition to take some serious action.

        Good luck with pursuing this, and let us know how things are progressing.




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          There's Crimeline 0800 555111

          Also Talk to Frank advice on drugs, etc.


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            Hi Joeywax,

            I would hardly describe what you have told us as tame It sounds like you are going through hell!

            Holly has given you some good advice and things to look at. I can only say, log every incident, if you can, get photographic or cctv evidence (but don't let them see you doing it). Or buy a small dictaphone and record the noise.

            I think you should get back on to HA and also have a word with our local Neighbourhood police officer. Ask them about their strategies for dealing with antisocial behaviour.

            It sounds like other neighbours are affected as well, maybe you could try to get together and approach the HA as a group. Ask your neighbours to keep diaries as well.

            I'm afraid that it seems HA's will give out warning after warning after warning before anything positive is done and even if they get to court there is no guarantee they will be evicted. HA's need evidence, so the more you can gather the better chance you'll have of getting them to do something.

            Good luck, come back as often as you want, you'll get a lot of help and support from other members

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              Hi Joeywax

              Well I'm sorry to hear about your situation...I think it's dreadful :angry:

              You have come to the right place for advice and support. There isn't much else that I can say that hasn't already been said.

              Take care and good luck :clover:



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                Sorry for neglecting my thread.

                Hello and thank you all for the welcome. I have taken phone number;s down etc.

                And i am filling in the nuisance sheet's.

                You know reading the horror story's on this site, has made me realize that i am not the only one who get;s that horrible worrying sinking feeling when the trouble start's up.

                I also have to admit, i am lucky in some way's. We are fortunate enough that the parent's of the teenage and early twenty's loser's and waster's take their neighbour's complaints seriously. It would be worse if this family parent's joined in the trouble. But also it is too easy to feel sorry for the parent's when they end up suffering physical abuse at the hand;s of their children, but they are reaping what they have sown....they did nothing but scream swear and hit their children from the moment their offspring started to toddle, and yes we did report it only to, be believe or not, to be laughed at by the people who we reported it too.

                I had to laugh Saturday night, the mother came home early from work and caught a couple of her kid's and a friend of their's smoking weed! I could hear her screaming at them yelling her head off..telling them to get it out of her house and to get rid of that pipe etc, priceless. problem could be so eaily solved if they had the nous to throw out some of their kid's, they are old enough to have their own home's......but no, the kid's dont even work, none of them can hold a job down.

                I look at theses young people and know they will never be any good to their parent's to any unfortunate who they may settle down with in the future AND like i have said to my brother god help their neighbour's in the future, when they eventaully either a) get thrown out or B) leave on their own accord, becuase i know that looking at theses people they will without a doubt will make someone's life a living hell.

                I pity who ever end's up living next door to them in the future.


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                  Hi Joeywax

                  Sorry that this situation is making you suffer . Things really don't sound pleasant! Glad you manage to get the odd laugh, tho'....worth it's weight in gold In actual fact, maybe getting thrown out might be a bit of a reality check for them, sounds like it could happen

                  I know the logging is a chore, but it really will help give a flavour of what you are putting up with, and should help in being taken as seriously as the situation warrants.

                  Keep us posted on how things are going, and good luck.