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Flo-feeling low!

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  • Flo-feeling low!

    Dear Friends-hello baggley et all new members,

    Sorry I have been off the web for the last week - I have been plagued by a spate of nuisance calls and suspect I have downloaded some thing nasty from the net ! Not Nice!!

    Just a quick update since I never seem to give much away (so my friends tell me).

    I introduced myself on the old site as someone who had suffered in the past from 10yrs of torment from the occupier of the flat above me who kept her TV on loudly 24hrs a day directly above my bedroom.I had no idea how to tackle the situation since the occupier was elderly and mostly housebound and my kindlier tendancies always got in the way of any thoughts about bringing the big guns to bear.........until I found out she was doing it deliberately!!

    In that 10 yrs I turned from someone who was tolerant (I had shared many houses with student chums) neighbourly (as I had been brought up to be) and well balanced into someone who mistrusted all (at least initially) and who feared any repeat of this sort of situation to the point where I could make myself sick with worry and act irrationally when forced to confront any issue involving interaction with neighbours.

    As someone who HAD suffered and who had unconsolable fears that this would happen again I felt an immediate empathy and anger on behalf of the members here who suffer daily from the horrific activities of nfh.....far in excess of anything I have been forced to tackle so far.

    Since this episode I have unfortunately reacted to any 'change of neighbour' scenario with only negative thoughts of the worst that could be ...thankfully often unfounded but always terribly stressful.

    Thus I found myself dreading my most recent change.What will they be like? Will I be forced to stay awake all night suffering wave after wave of panic attacks because I am in a situation I have no control over.Will I be locked into an inescapeable no-win scenario? Or am I just being mad??People that know me find it hard to believe that a normally outgoing sociable person can have such a massive hang-up but I am sure I am not alone.

    In the end the new neighbours (if I'm lucky) turn out kind-of OK....but they tend to stay up all night using TV hi-fi or whatever and I resort to earplugs to sleep saying OK; I will complain if things get more intolerable.A chance meeting with the property-owner who asks me if things are OK-am I being bothered by noise? I reply -quite honestly that well actually ,I am often kept awake until the small hours but if it gets any worse I will have a word with them. Which I do!Why do I then agonise about these people and feel somehow it is me who is at fault? What is going on here ? Does anyone else suffer this wierdness? Why am I able to cope with a relatively high-stress job;complain in shops(nicely but firmly) and all the other myriad aspects of life but be brought to a standstill by this (for most people) easily dealt with part of social activity.(You don't have to answer!!)

    Yrs,currently stressed out but don't worry-it's all in your mind-(allegedly!)


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    Oh Flo!

    You are reacting in a normal way!!

    you are not mad!

    After all the months of noise abuse we have become super sensitive even though we really have no cause to.

    We expect that we will still be super sensitive this time next year.....almost looking for the problems that are not there.

    it takes time to adjust!!


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      Dear E.Beth,

      Thankyou for your reply..............things are going on here that are really upsetting me but I have been brought up to be proud and independant!

      Truth friends say 'don't worry Flo, everything will be OK!'........

      truth have to have to have been there to know just how profoundly these things can affect people!


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        You know I would wave my wand for you.........................

        if only I could remember where I'd left it!

        Thinking of you.-Flo.


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          I know it is easy to say but keep your chin up hen!

          We understand completely where you are coming from because when you have stresses etc at your work etc. you can escape but when you have a NFH there is no escape

          Like our NFH they take over and invade you life!!If it isnt noise then its the mess it is there 24/7 you cannot get away. Your home is your sanctuary and when it is being "attacked" what can you do except become stressed!

          You are so right it is so easy to become super sensitive!!

          Anyway if you ever want to sound off or need a comforting ear we are here for you

          The Horsefans

          ps no we dont breed horses!!its a long story!!

          sleep well

          "Take off and nuke the site from orbit- it's the only way to be sure!"

          apologies if you are an "Aliens" fan

          Posh Noodle - NOT for the likes of YOU!!


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            Thanks Horsefans!

            I like your 'signature' quote!!

            yrs Flo (Aliens fan)


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              I've come in late on this post, but Flo, you are not mad or oversensitive. I agree with everybody else, especiall horsefans. The reason you feel so bad is that your home, your sanctuary is being attacked.

              It can't be easy to put up with. But you have friends on this board who understand completely what you are going through. Nothing you can say will make them think you are mad.

              Take pleasure in the quiet times. I wish you well and hope your problems will soon be a thing of the past.

              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                Dear Aquarius

                Would have acknowledged sooner only I momentarily lost the ability to press things!

       much truth here.

                I know that reason and 'the quiet word' are the first and only civilised ports of is my way to be civilised and we must keep the faith!!If only things wouldn't move so quickly!

                yrs. flo