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    Hello all you suffering members.

    This is my first post and I hope it inspires you all and gives you hope that you can, with your efforts all do your bit to force the hands of those it position to do something about NFH to actually do something about them. My wife and I lived right over the road from one of the most obnoxious families you could ever wish to meet. This was in *** ******, ****** in Birmingham. It was a cul de sac with a large green in the middle. The family was headed by a gypsey grandmother whose "adult" children spent all day everyday out on the street in front of the house, shouting,drinking and swearing, fighting, arguing, vandalizing and littering the area. Neighbours were subjected to torrents of verbal, racial and sexist abuse whenever they passed by. Sometimes there were so many drunken bodies on the footpath that you had to pick your way amongst them to get to your own gate. Then, there were the 15 grandchildren, most of whom never went to school but like the previous generation, had little else to do all day long but make nuisences of themselves and likewise litter the area. The grandmother of the children had one daughter living further down the close, whilst another lived around the corner on the main road,( with her 7 children), the oldest of the matriachs sons lived opposite his sister on the main road, again with several more children, all of whom played daily in the cul de sac.The other residents in The ****** had to put up with this sort of behaviour over a period of 20 years, and so it goes on as each generation grows older so the anti social behaviour was perpetuated. As a single man I more or less tolerated it for the three years I lived there alone, but when I married I became concerned for my wifes failing health which was being affected by the stress caused by this rabble who also were attracting all sorts of low life into the otherwise quiet cul de sac. We began keeping nuisance sheets provided by the council, listing times, dates ,details of incidents and offenders involved. Whenever we got about 10 or more filled out we handed them in, but despite assurances that all we were logging was not for nothing, it seemed that nothing was being done! then we went through a succession of officers who were temporarily handling neighbour nuisance, and who subsiquently mislaid our completed forms! Eventually an officer with a little determination came along and actually began to take note. We fed him with volumes more and he began to compile them and the extended family concerned recieved warnings about their behaviour, implying that repossession orders would follow if things did'nt change. There then followed doorstep enquiries by the various members to try and ascertain who was responsible for informing the council. We tried to get other tenant together, but apathy was all we faced. "what can the council do?" was typical of the response. Indeed this was what the NFH themselves asserted, as we heard them boast, "F-the council!What can they F-ing do about it? it's their word against ours. we'll just deny it!!!" Following this and after my wifes life was threatened by both mother and daughter,we got a video camera and began to record the behaviour of the family. We duly handed the footage to the council to reinforce our diary sheets. The housing officer, whilst he did'nt disbelieve what we were putting in the sheets, was appalled at what he was seeing and took the videos to his manager. Until now they had considered issuing them an injunction, but now decided to go straight for an eviction.

    We were advised that they were getting repossession papers at a certain time. You can imagine my glee at being able to set up the camera to cover this event!! Still they did not know what sort of evidence was being held against them and so their behaviour changed not, except that they took for part of the time to drinking and congregating on the main road outside an elderly peoples home where those inside were subjected to the same level of abuse as already described, with the addition of throwing stones and bottles at passing cars.

    Fortunately as all this was proceeding, we got a transfer on my wifes health grounds, well away from the area. By the time all this went to court we were in June of this year. I could have walked away from it saying it was no longer our problem, but when asked by the council if I would give evidence in court against them, I jumped at the chance for the sake of the people still living in The *****. The judge was appalled at what he was seeing and as there was very little reliable material being put forth by their defence, he took our side.

    Just to see them writhe in the dock,it was worth it as they tried to deny behaviour actually taking place on the screen before them!! The upshot was that they were both evicted from their properties and the whole thing hit the headlines. It went nationwide when the story was covered by the BBC last week, when the baliffs moved in to evict the grandmother. Her daughter moved at some point before, gutting the place of all fixtures and fittings imaginable.

    Apparently the Birmingham couincil said that these were the worst individuals that they had had the misfortune to deal with. Bella magazine are featuring our story in the first week in October and also there is a possible inclusion in the next NFH series for anyone out there interested.We are now well settled in a very quiet neighbourhood in a little place of our own with a lovely garden we can enjoy front and back without being subjected to the sort of constant abuse we have hitherto experienced. Again, we hope that this story gives courage to those of you still suffering. Our hearts go out to you. We at times felt that nothing could or would be done but the only thing that often kept us going was the possibility that it all might count in the longrun and it did.

    Kind Regards Norman & Diane

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    O mi goodness, can i just say what a fantastic person you are!! thank you for posting a happy ending to a nightmare scenario. your determination will inspire us all.

    i will look out for that issue of bella! and i am sure i heard about these people on the news. good riddance to bad rubbish eh???

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      Hi there and welcome!

      its so refreshing to hear a sucess story once in a while but I am sorry you had to go through all of this along with your good neighbours.

      It shows us there is often a light at the end of the tunnel and I am sure your story will give a bit of hope to some of our members here.

      thanks very much for sharing it with us, it sounds like you have a lot of useful advice for people here.

      I am glad you manage to move from the area even though I hope that area is a lot quieter now.

      I have starred out the location to protect the neighbours you left behind!

      Thanks again

      :nfh1: and then they were gone!!!


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        Hi Vergeltung and welcome

        Wow, that is a fantastic success And very well done for you for not turning your back on your ex-neighbours. They must have been so grateful to you

        I needed a story like that tonight because it appears our NFH families have been ruffling a few feathers around here again. We also live in a cul-de-sac with a large green area in the middle.

        Thanks for giving us hope

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          Hi and welcome to the Forum

          Well done for sticking to your beliefs, your family and all your other neighbours.

          It takes a brave person to do what you did. Well done. I hope that your local authority take a more pro-active for all their tenants in the future.


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            Hi, and welcome to NFHiB

            And what a positive result...albeit after much persistence!! Although persistence does seem to be a really important factor! Along with determination, and as much evidence as you can muster

            Again...I hope your authority keep up enforcing tenancy agreements, and that it encourages others to do the same.

            Well done, and thanks for sharing your experiences in the forum



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              Hi Vergeltung! and welcome

              Wow...what a tale you have told. You stood aslone against these NFH's and won

              Good on you I will be waiting to read your story in Bella magazine and will also keep an eye out for it on the TV.