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    I am having problems with some people who moved into the house next door to me in the summer. I live in a large home on a tiny cul-de-sac of just 11 houses out in the middle of open countryside. The developer wrote various restrictive covenants into the deeds of the homes when we all purchased them around 5 years ago. However when the new family bought from the original purchaser they chose to ignore 4 of the covenants. They have parked a large ugly motorhome(restriced) along my front boundary wall, infront of my window blocking light(also restricted) from my living room. They have also parked a large worksvan(restricted) infront of my home. There is a large family, possibly two with several vehicles which spill out onto the road causing obtruction at times to the neighbouring houses(restricted).

    I have tolerated all of this as I did not want to cause offense, but two months ago they removed the motorhome and replaced it with a huge one, much taller than the top of my window effectively casting my lounge into darkness. I went and asked them is they could put this on the other side of their driveway but they refused saying that they dont need to give me any light by law. I explained that the covenants protect me from this nuisance and respectfully asked them to comply to which they replied that their deeds were different. They then started parking in such a way to antagonise me. I spoke to landregistry who have since forwarded me a copy of the deeds which clearly show all of the restrictions. To top it all the other neighbours keep approaching me as I am the only one nextdoor and urging me to take legal action. I only want them to rearrange the vehicles, I am not trying to have them removed completely which by rights should happen but they are totally unreasonable. Should I take them to court?

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    hi Littleboo

    sorry to hear you have such rude neighbours!

    it is downright nasty that they are stopping you enjoy a gift like light!!!

    people can be so greedy with everything.....I am completly in shock that folk can be like that.

    Perhaps you can get someone to park a double decker in front of their house!!

    only jesting!

    It is a shame that they were so un reasonable when you approached them too. they sound like bullies to be honest, getting a kick out of being so nasty.

    Mediation can work for some people but it sounds like your neighbours wouldn't even consider it as then they would have to talk to you.

    good luck


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      Hi Littleboo

      Sometimes it is easier to fight fire with fire!

      You could take take off and nuke their house from orbit-only way to be sure!! Only joking

      But seriously, why cant you park your car in front of your house at least it might get "rid" of the works van?

      Of course it would be such a "tragedy" if their motorhome were to be "accidentaly" painted next time you are painting your fence!-if you catch my drift.- I must be in a mischevious mood tonight!!

      As for the neighbours. Easy for them to hide behind you they are not the ones having to face the problem

      keep in touch


      "Take off and nuke the site from orbit- it's the only way to be sure!"

      apologies if you are an "Aliens" fan

      Posh Noodle - NOT for the likes of YOU!!


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        Hi Littleboo,

        You have my sympathy for what you are going through. Isn't there a 'law of ancient lights' which is supposed to stop people blocking your sunlight. I seem to recall it from somewhere. Although whether it would apply to a moveable object, i.e. a motor home, I'm not sure.

        But I think if you follow advice you won't go too far wrong.

        Good Luck in your endeavour to solve your problem. We're always here for you.

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi