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  • Will It Go Away

    hi all,

    seen this site while surfing and thought i would give it a go.

    myself, partner and 5 kids moved into council accom. in august 2001.

    until three months ago it has been great. we made some good friends and so did the kids. its that good that we are in the process of buying it.

    as i said, the problems began 3 months ago when the NFH moved in.

    they seemed quiet enough to start with but this was just to find their feet. they began to throw insults and abuse at the kids whenever their son came running in telling lies about what was happening to him at the hands of our kids and our neighbours.

    it got to the stage where we couldn't even have a conversation with them over it as they didn't want to hear it.

    2 nights ago it came to violence. i was building decking in the back garden and it kicked of out front. i didn't realise until i heard one of ours screaming. when i arrived there i had to take hold of our NFH and remove her from my partner. my partner went into phone the police and i started to confront the NFH. it emerged that she had accussed our 16 year old of slapping her 6 year old son two weeks previous. she then proceeded to attack her. after hearing this i went mad. personnally, i think i showed great constraint not to smack her boyfriend who had appeared for the row. :angry:

    the police were called and statements taken.

    i did do the right thing but will i be able to keep this up.

    the council are aware and we are keeping records but will this go to far too late?

    we hope not. :badmood: :banghead:

    yaggi.indie :nfh1:

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    Hi yaggi.indie and welcome to the Forum

    Sorry to hear about recent events.

    What are the Police going to be doing about what happened? And what have your Housing Office said about it all?

    Obviously if you have been considering buying your home, you may want to now think a bit harder. I'm sure that other members will be along shortly to give you their views on buying.

    You are right to write everything down, get witness statements about any incidents, get some pysical evidence such as a dictaphone recording or video /CCTV footage (although you may want to check out the article on this at the link below).

    There is also an article on coping with neighbour problems which you may find useful:

    I'm sure that there are other avenues to try such as contact with the school, when term starts again, but other members are more up on that than me, so wait for their replies.

    You mentioned that problems have been happening for the lat three months and that other neighbours have been involved too. Do you know what started the problems off, or whether your other neighbours are making similar complaints to yours?

    I know there's a lot of questions Sometimes, it just helps get a clearer picture. Don't answer anything you don't feel comfortable with.

    Welcome again and I'm sure the others will all be along shortly.


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      Hi Yaggie.indie and welcome to the forum

      Sorry to hear about your situation To be honest, I bought my council house and I now believe it was the worse decision I ever made. If you think your NFH is going to be around for a while I think maybe you should delay making plans to buy. Unless of course you're in a fairly desirable area. The sad thing is that a couple of NFH families in a road can cause all sorts of problems.

      It really makes me so angry that somebody can find a nice house, be happy and then NFH rear their ugly heads and spoil it all

      I think Holly has given you some really good advice.

      i think i showed great constraint not to smack her boyfriend who had appeared for the row
      I think you made a very wise decision. If you had smacked him you could have been the one in trouble. I think most if not all members here would agree that retaliating will only make matters worse.

      Good luck, hope things get better for you. You can come back any time you like and if you need to rant we've got a great ranters folder Sometimes it really helps to vent your spleen to people who understand

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        welcome to you!

        sorry you are having your life disturbed by NFH! it can do horrible things to our life.

        log every incident (you will find forms on the main site you can print off and use)

        keep on at the housing office

        keep the police informed...if you need to ring the 3 nines then do

        keep copies of everything you send or receive!

        your families safety is so important.

        you were very right not to hit back...never give them anything they can use against you!

        I know its hard but try to ignore them as much as possible, get some good sunglasses for you all so you dont have to make eye really works

        I hope you will keep us up to date with things, and we will try to help where we can, I promise you that your family will get moral support here,

        take care and stay safe :ban:


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          Don't be put off from buying just because the council have moved a bunch of idiots in next door to you, just press them on their tenancy policy - you should have a copy of it so you will have signed up to the same agreement as your neighbours will have... take a read through your policy and see what it states then waive that in the face of the council's highest manager - don't be fobbed off with any member of council staff lower than a senior manager when this has happened, it should be escalated directly to them.

          As the others say, keep records of every incident, dates and times are very important and keep your hands in your pockets at all times, if you have to defend yourself make sure there are plenty of witnesses and you use the minimum force needed, ideally if it comes to that just pin the person down without hitting them and have someone call the police straight away.

          Like I say though, whether you buy the house or not, in all cases where tenants are proving to be N's from H, the key document is the tenancy agreement, it's a legally binding contract and if they breach it the council MUST act.

          Good luck