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Low-life family across the road

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  • Low-life family across the road

    Hi all

    This is my first post here, so I hope it comes out O.K.

    The story with me (and nearly everyone else in the street), is all about one family. I bought my house nearly six years ago, and about a year after we moved in, so did a 'family' across the street, into a council property. My house is an end of terrace, which has an end wall which faces a very small patch of grass, and a public path (BIG mistake!)

    Ever since the SC*M 'family' moved into the street, their children have caused nothing but trouble. Basicaly, their children are unleashed onto the street early in the day, do whatever they feel like doing (which often invloves vandilism), and are gathered up at night. They are all very young, and so apparently can do whatever they like. They slam footballs and stones into the end wall nearly every weekend, unless it is raining very hard (the only time they are indoors). In the past, they have deliberatly smashed tiles off the end wall (I've actualy heard the two younger brothers boasting about how many tiles they have got today!). The only time I had a go at them, their low-life father came round, and told me "someone else shouted at my children, and I went round there and told him I'd cut his throat". Nice. Their 'mother' once insisted I should apologise to their second-youngest vandel, as he was "only throwing stones at the tiles, not the windows." Oops! My mistake. The young lads shout abuse at me every time they see me. I just walk by.

    Nearly everyone else in the street has complained about this 'family', even threatening the council with legal action if nothing is done. This has been going on for almost five years now. Their children have also vandalised an abandoned car in the street, which took the council & police about two months to remove. I've been in touch with the police again at the weekend, and all they offer is sympathy - no use at all. Even a P.C. who called me today said "unfortunatley, they're under ten, so we can't touch them either". The police have asked the council to write to them again though with a warning. Sometimes the 'mother' (egg-doner would be a better description), just goes out and leaves them. The other day, they were locked out of the house until she bothered to come back.

    Someone told us the council have 47 letters about this family over nearly five years (it'll be 48 tomorrow). I'm not sure if that's a slight exageration, but a lot of people have complained, and nothing gets done. One of my other human neighbours has written to the council again, and has video-taped the slime-kids smashing away at the wall.

    Does anyone know what the next step is? It seems that children under ten have a free reign to do whatever they like, and theres nothing you can do about it. They are council tennants, and the council do nothing but write to them, basicaly saying 'please be nice to the neighbours'. What a complete waste of space. I just can't understand how this is fair.

    Sorry for the long, rambling rant!

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    And join the club!

    Fight and fight till the end!

    I am the same now, however only since monday as i have just purchased my house from the council as i was fed up with them not taking notice.

    Kids are the worst NFH as you can't do anything against them, however i now intend taking council to court as their landlord, they take rent from them or the D.S.S. A


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      Sorry got cut off there!

      Too much Vodka i think!!!!!!!!!!

      Only way i escape from it at night!

      Keep on to the Council i have and they do get fed up with it.

      My life has been hell for 4 years now because of kids and i am not giving up. Hope you do the same Fight till the end!!



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        Hi Baggley,

        I can sympathise 100% with your situation. I can't add much to what has been advised except to say, don't give up, its the squeaky wheel that gets the attention.

        I've had hell for nearly 20 years on and off with neighbourhood kids and the only reason it "appears" that something might be done is because I wrote to a national newspaper. Not about any one particular family but about the estate in general and the reluctance on the part of the housing association and the police to do something.

        My advice to you is to call the police EVERY TIME. Maybe sometimes you think that a particular incident is too trivial to report, don't think like that, report it! Keep a diary and suggest to your other neighbours that they do the same.

        Good luck.

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          Hi Baggley,

          What a horrible family!

          It sounds that they have been dragged up not brought up!

          I completley agree about keeping a diary, there are some forms you can print off in the resources section of this site, you can always hand them out to your neighbours too.

          If you and your neighbours are able to record the same problems at the same time the council might be more inclined to take action, as then it will not just be you alone reporting it, but other witness'.

          You must'nt give in, I know it is a real drag having to follow up the LA and the police and can be completly time consuming, you must not let them try to forget you but keep fighting the good fight.

          come back and let us know how it is going, and remember if you need to let off steam we are a very understanding lot!!


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            Hi everyone

            Thanks for the replies and support. Sorry I didn't get back quicker, I can't always get to the PC when I want. Thanks for all the ideas as well.

            I must admit, I've got a new zero tolerance attitude this week. I was listening to the screaming sc*m (my pet name for them) pounding away last Sunday. I did leave the house, but paid a visit to the local police. I will do this every single time from now on, until they get very, very, very bored with me. I'm going to write to the council threatening legal action if nothing is done before Christmas (at least two other letters have done this), and I'll also threaten to take it to the local paper. At least this week the police did get in touch with the housing office and acknowledge there was some kind of problem, but he did say they were under ten years old, so completely powerless. They are taking some notice, but are saying it is up to the local housing.

            I was just wondering, how well known is this web site? I wonder if any senior M.P.s (maybe cabinet members) are aware of sites like this, and how much of a problem this is in the U.K. It seems the current labour government is good at hyping-up how active they are on petty crime, but it all seems like bullsh*t to me so far. Nothing seems to change, and I'm getting fed-up with being told children are completely above the law. It's pathetic, and it doesn't work.


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              Hi Baggley

              We feel so sorry for you. Sorry havent been in touch earlier.

              Can sympathise somewhat as we have the junior "anti-christ" next door but we dont even have remotely as much of a prob as you do but he's only 4!! there is time yet!


              I dont know how it works in England but surely you should be considering taking the Council to court for the fact the have "knowingly" housed a problem family in your street?

              In cases like this there is no point even contemplating approaching the family as all you will get is abuse.

              I think that the others have given you some top advise!!

              Keep in touch!!

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