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  • Noisy Neighbours

    Hi everyone. Intrinsically lazy, this is the first time I've ever been moved to use a forum of any description, so things must be bad.

    We bought our house six months ago, putting ever single penny we owned into the purchase. We were looking for peace and quiet and were prepared to pay for the privilege. We chose the area carefully. It is entirely residential, and made up of quiet families and older people. Everything was fine until our next door neighbour sold their house. The new owner never moved in, but let it through a local estate agent. According to thie agent, he let it to two people whose names are on the rent book. Although he was responsible for finding the tenants, and collecting the rent, he claims not to manage the property. I found the telephone number of the owner, and during a telephone conversation, she claimed that the estate agent does manage the property. It is impossible to say who is telling the truth.

    Our problem is that there are not two people living next door, but at least ten during the weeek and about fifteen at weekends. There are constant comings and goings...mainly young people with rucksacks. The road is littered with cars, mostly untaxed, used by the tenants, or their guests, and it is difficult for other people to park near their houses. As you may imagine, ten to fifteen young men and their girlfriends make a lot of noise. The garden is used as their main social area, and mosts evenings and every weekend we are prevented from using our garden, because the loud dance music, and the loud laughter and shouting make it very unpleasant for us, and make it impossible to hear our own conversation.

    Sometimes it is impossible for us to sleep (our bedroom is directly above their favourite sitting out space) until the tenants decided to retire, often 3 0 clock in the morning, or later.

    We are not old fuddy duddies. We have been young, and we know what it is like to play loud music and have earnest conversation deep into the night, but we did this in our student halls of residence and in areas where young people gather to raise hell, not in sleepy suburbia.

    We have tried reasoned argument to no avail. We have alerted both the estate agent and the owner to the problem. The tenants have clearly been made aware that they must not make a noise after 11pm, but they assume that this rule means that they can make any amount of noise they like until 11pm. They also assume that we are the only neighbours who are disturbed by their behaviour. This is not so. We know of at least two others who have complained directly to them, and who have been waging a quiet war by informing the local council about the untaxed cars! However, because our garden directly abuts theirs, we are the most affected by noise, and therefore we have done most of the direct complaining.

    What we object to most is the bullying effect of numbers. They no longer listen to us, but simply turn up the volume if we complain. We really hate the feelings of powerlessness we experience in having to time our bedtime, or our use of our own garden to fit in with what is happening next door.

    What else can we do?


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    Hi Gill and welcome.

    I can really sympathise with you on this one, it is such a horrible feeling being kept awake and feeling that you can't use your own garden when you want to because of noise. I can remember being young and wanting to party too but why are people so unreasonable and selfish :banghead:

    I am not really qualified to give any advice, I am sure there will be lots of people along soon with loads of great tips though. You have come to the right place.

    Good luck

    Miss M


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      Hi Gill and welcome to the Forum

      Sorry to hear about your noisy neighbours from hell (NFH) I know from personal experience how much noise nuisance can affect your day to day life. These people are just so inconsiderate and simply feel the world revolves around them, they don't care for anyone elses opinions.

      If you haven't started recording what's been happening, you need to start doing so today, there's a blank sheet (noise nuisance) for you to print off here:

      A sheet for general nuisance is here:

      Have you written to the residents next door? If you are planning to make an official complaint, then you will generally have had to put something in writing first. There is a template letter here:

      If you haven't checked out the Self-Help Articles, then you might find them helpful. There's a good one on noise nuisance and how to cope with NFH. Have a look here:

      Before you start making official complaints though, you need to be sure that you're staying where you are and not planning to sell, as there are issues about disclosure at the conveyancing stage. If you are staying, then you need to record everything and get ready to make your complaint to the Environmental health Deaprtment of your local authority.

      You mentioned a query about the rented property. I would have thought that if the Estate Agents sorted everything out for the owner at the beginning, then it is likely that they will be acting as agents throughout the letting period.

      It's good that other neighbours are affected by the behaviour of the NFH, could you all put something in writing to the NFH and/or Estate Agents?

      Please come back often to see what other members have posted. Good luck with everything and welcome.


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        Hi there, what a bunch of inconsiderate morons. they think they can do what they like when they like and s*d everyone else.

        The thing is, I hope your neighbours, apart from reporting the untaxed cars, are also complaining to the agents/landlady. Even though you might not think they are being much help, perhaps, when the tenancy comes up for renewal they will send them on their way. they must be coming up to the renewal of the six month let soon???????

        I wonder if you mentioned you are worried about damage being caused to the actual rented property and this affecting the overall value of property values in the street as a whole, whether this would goad the landlady into action? i dont feel it is acceptable for people who jump on to the Buy to Let bandwagon to simply think it is a road to riches. there are responsibilities and obligations they must accept. i feel sure that when the tenants move out she will freak out at the state they will have left the house in, and maybe this will encurage her to be more choosy who she lets to next time.

        keep plugging away at it.

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          Hello again

          I don't know if this will help at all - we found that having a large fan in the bedroom drowns out noise from outside. It can take some getting used to but we found it didn't take long for us to be able to sleep with it on. Now as long as we have the windows shut and the fan on we can usually sleep fine - turned up to it's highest speed it can even drown out the noise of parties in full swing outside.

          Might be worth a try

          Miss M


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            Welcome Gill to the forum - as you say to join you obviously need help because of the inconsiderate selfish neighbours you have, but I'm glad you found us here

            You've had some great advice already and I just wanted to say hello - you'll find the forum an excellent resource and source of never ending support, help and advice. Have a look through our articles and see what can be applied to your circumstances, as Holly has said.



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              Hi Gill and welcome to the forum

              You have my sincerest commiserations over your situation Do you know what the appeal is for next door? You mention rucksacks, they're not using it as an unofficial youth hostel are they?

              Whatever they're using it for, surely they are breaking their tenancy agreement? It's good to hear that other neighbours are complaining as well. Perhaps you should get up a petition and send it to the letting agent and/or the owner. It's grossly unfair of the owner not do something about this. Maybe you should go and picket his/her home, see how he/she likes it :P Sorry, was only joking.

              I think Holly has given you some really good advice. Maybe you should also contact your local Neighbourhood police officer and seek help there as well. If a whole group of neighbours get together it would be even better, groups are more often listened to than individuals.

              Good luck, hope something gets done about it soon.

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                Hi Gill

                I am sorry to learn you have to take the hell that you are currently being dished up, as indeed most of us are. It just goes to show that even when you pay for your own property people are subjected to this utter cr*p.

                I am just a beginner in the fight but intend to be a winner.

                A thought occured to me regarding the bacteria living next door to you. Its just an idea (maybe a bad one).

                Are they University students????

                If so what about contacting the Dean of the university and explaining to him the problems you are enduring because of his students. I am sure knowing so well as I do the funding principles in Higher and further education the last thing they need is bad publicity prior to bums on seats time coming up.



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                  Hi Gill

                  So sorry to hear of the noise that is being plagued upon you,especially by such large numbers of do you find the ones who are responsible for the tenancy amongst all the others?! I wonder is there anything in their agreement as to how many people are supposed to be living there? They are certainly contravening tenancy obligations regarding nuisance!

                  I see Holly has given plenty of useful pointers here...have you had a look around the legislation section on the home page....there is info on the different powers authority's have.

                  A specialist housing solicitor should be able to help work out who,exactly, is responsible for enforcing the tenancy agreement/taking action.

                  Good luck, and please let us know how things are going for you




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                    Hi, Gill here. I just wanted to thank everybody who has given us advice or supported us. What a difference it makes to know that you are not alone. I've had some support in that another neighbour has reported her concerns to the estate agent, so they are beginning to take me seriously. Thank you all once again.



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                      Hi Gill

                      Good news...I hope that the estate agent will now take your complaints seriously

                      Fingers crossed



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                        hi there!

                        yes you need to keep complaining to all those agents involved, its a bind but worth it in the end if you get the result you need.

                        invite the estate agent over to witness the going ons if you need to, let them now you are meaning business!!

                        good luck


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                          How despicable that the landlady and the estate agent are playing a snidey game.

                          Chances are that the estate agent is the managers of the property and therefore responsible for the tenants as the landlady will be paying them commission to do this for her.

                          Keep plugging away at the estate agent in particular. It sounds like they are fobbing you off. They are not bothered but will have to do something if you are calling them up lots/writing to them. Be sure to log everything as Holly has advised!!

                          It's great that other neighbours are prepared to join forces - so hopefully this can be dealt with without having to fork out for solicitors etc as that will be the other route for you to (have to be forced to) take. :blink:

                          It's awful that you have to waste your time with all this rubbish though . I hope that you will at least find support and all the help you need here to see you through




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                            Hi Gill

                            Keep at 'em...persistance is the name of the game!! Good luck