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My neighbour stinks!

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  • My neighbour stinks!

    I have to say that I stumbled on this site by accident and after feeling very upset today, feel as though I have virtually nothing to complain about, compared with you lot!

    As I set foot outside my upstairs flat today I stepped on a pile of dog poo on my mat. I think it was inspired by the bloke downstairs because he doesn't have a wheelie bin and occasionally uses mine. Yesterday, when I went to put my bin out there was a big object (in its box) in the top of my bin which meant that I couldn't close it. Because the council do not take overflowing bins away,-they just leave them, and they also leave things which are not bagged, I took it out and left it by the side of the flats. It is now in his outside-cupboard, so I know that it was his and I assume he got the hump. I also heard him go out last night after midnight, but not in his car.

    As I was in a rush this morning I had to go home at lunchtime to clear it up. The poo certainly wasn't there at 9.30pm last night and not many dogs would take the trouble to walk upstairs to relieve themselves - particularly as noone in the flats actually owns a dog. When I went to collect my "empty" bin from out of the front (to dispose of my doormat and its excrement topping, the bin had a carrier bag in, with more dog poo inside, (if it is "dog" poo) which just seems too coincidental.

    I don't know what to do and I don't want more retaliation (luckily my car has been parked out the front of the flats in public view, for the last few days) I have been advised to that I should go round tonight and just apologise and hope he didn't take it the wrong way that I took his stuff out of my bin etc and give him the number to ring the council for his own bin, and leave it at that without mentioning the poo - after all I don't have proof. What do you think- it's really bothering me but I don't want anything else malicious done or find any more unpleasant surprises - such as squidgy stuff smeared on door handles of my car etc? Should I mention that I heard someone creeping around last night and give him the number for crimestoppers as well? When I went home at lunchtime, he was in so would have heard me clearing up etc and then return to work, so I am now not looking forward to going home tonight. It is unbelievable how idiotic actions of people can make you feel so horrible and stressed inside. Anyway, I feel better now I got that off my chest, and I realise that it is on a minus scale compared with other stories!

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    Hi Shirley!

    Welcome to the NFH board - it's good to have you with us

    Firstly, nothing is on a "minus scale" ok, if you have a little problem or a massive problem or combination of problems, it doesn't matter, it all causes you un-needed bother and troubles. Little problems add up too, and many members here have first hand knowledge of that and understand.

    I understand why you're upset about the dog's 'present' on the door mat, I would be too, it isn't a nice job to have to remove it and clean it up, and dealing with someone else's 'mess' (pardon the pun) isn't enjoyable.

    You shouldn't have to apologise to your neighbour that is using your bin! To be blunt, he has a cheek using it in the first place without asking you first, it's your bin and the council will provide him one free, if he asks for one (maybe he hasn't for a number of reasons - e.g. doesn't know how to, too lazy, etc).

    However, having said that, you don't want to escalate the situation any further than it already is (or may be at) and certainly at this stage (although it is already an extremely annoying one!) I would say if you can approach your neighbour safely and confidently, politely asking him not to use your bin again as it has caused you troubles in getting it emptied (that sounds like my Local Authority by the way!). By 'blaming' another third party (e.g. your LA as they wouldn't empty your bin, you could shift the onus away from "you" causing trouble to the LA causing it from your neighbour's point of view - so this could be ultimately positive for you).

    If you don't want to approach him for whatever reason, pop a polite note through his door, it may work. Also, if you can in-directly address the topic through another conversation, that may work even better (like as you said, mentioning about crimestoppers, etc).

    Is he an older neighbour? (e.g. pensioner, etc) - do you think he's not aware of how to get a wheelie bin? Maybe you could offer to telephone the council for him if he hasn't got a phone?

    If he is malevolently soiling your property then he is answerable to it, and if you are sure it is him (and maybe have some proof?) then a call to your Local Authority Environmental Health department to ask for help/advice is certainly in order!

    I must admit, a few years back, I was so annoyed at one of my neighbours constantly leaving rubbish outside the back of the houses (bags would be split by local pets and rubbish blown/go everywhere, etc) - I telephoned my LA in extreme annoyance to get him a wheelie-bin delivered, it solved the problem. But, I suppose, it's the principle, why should I have to do that for someone else off my own back? But, it all depends on your outlook on it really The end's may justify doing that, etc.

    Hope you get the problem sorted out ok, come back and let us know how you get on.

    Best Wishes,



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      Well, what a nice surprise this morning to see the responses, so thank you! I do feel a bit stupid about it all now as it is so trivial compared with others!

      I actually spoke about it with my sister who listened to the facts and reckons it wasn't him. She said to be as nice as pie and take the number for the council round. She waited round the corner and listened in whilst I knocked the door. I introduced myself in a hyper-friendly manner and said that I noticed he didn't have a wheelie bin and had used mine which I didn't really have a problem with (I probably shouldn't have said this really, but was keeping up the "nice as pie" routine) but the council wouldn't have taken the bin, blah blah.

      Initially he was a bit on the defensive and we haven't really spoke before so I think he was expecting me to be accusing. However. he couldn't really be nasty and thanked me for the number and said he was only putting the big box-thing in my bin cos it was raining and there was something electrical in it. This was a bit of a porky as he has an outside-cupbard just yards from the bins which he moved it to afterwards, but I kept up the cheesy grin.

      Anyway, hopefully now that we have had contact he will feel guilty and stupid and not do anything more. On listening in, my sister said that she didn't reckon it was him and was just coincidence and paranoia. I was starting to think this myself though, until I met him - he was a bit strange. I am still convinced he did it but hopefully I cleared the air and nipped it in the bud. If I haven't then I know someone who has listened to the facts, agrees it WAS him and will have a quiet word!

      I have to say though, that I am paranoid about doing anything else that might upset him - I live above him so am tiptoeing around at the moment!!

      Neighbours, who'd have 'em?!!