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    :cry: Bill here from Walton On Thames hi

    For about two years now my wife and daughter 10yrs have been getting all kinds of trouble from one particular evil femal and her daughter 13yrs.

    She has been moved here from another estate for her behaviour in ***** possibbly her Name is ******.

    We are hearing from the neighbours that I am a peidophile, have cancer rtc she lies to the police nieghbours, steals from them, feeds drugs fags and booze to the local teenagers at her front door, entertains sexually men and boys.

    all this and more in fron of her daughter.

    Now she has sent the police to me telling me to leave her alone.

    We have over the two years sent in two petitions and varios others have like us complained about the way she behaves.

    To no end can anyone help!


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    Hi Bill and welcome

    What an absolutely awful situation, especially as impressionable young females are witnessing this behaviour. It seems that your Neighbour From Hell (NFH) has no morals at all

    First and foremost, you should start to log everything that is happening, if your not already doing so. There are blank log sheets on the main site under 'RESOURCES'. You haven't said whether you own your property or not, or whether she owns or is renting. This is one of the things that you will need to say in order to receive the best advice.

    As for being labelled a 'paedophile'...I had that one myself and took absolute hell for it. Apparently it is the latest trend that as soon as there is a dispute between neighbours, this is one of the first things that comes out. I think it is that the NFH needs to have back up and the best way to get it is to use this accusation.

    In my situation, my NFH even went as far as calling the police and reporting me. I went straight to a solicitor, who sent a letter telling them that it must stop immediately, or further action would be taken. My NFH then began to deny the whole thing. I know that the damage was already done, but I managed to ride it out, and come out shining.

    It seems that all NFH lie about a multiple of things and seem to be somewhat unbalanced people. You already seem to have some support from your other neighbours in their signing of the petition. I hope these lies have not wrecked this!!!

    I'm so sorry to hear that you and your family are being subjected to this sort of behaviour.

    I'm sure the others will be along shortly to give you some advice.

    Keep your chin up



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      Hi Bill

      I am sorry this woman is making life so difficult for you...especially the malicious lies!

      I would fully support the suggestions Tristar has made, and log everything.

      Are you and she both in Council or Housing Association accommodation, if so, have you had a meeting with the Estate Officer? They should be looking at whether they can take action under breach of tenancy obligations(the terms of the tenancy agreement). Perhaps have a read of your own to see what it says about behaviour towards neighbours.

      Please let us know how things are going




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        It never ceases to amaze me what people will do to one other people....part of the problem is that people in authority continue to pass the book, if we initially came down on them like a ton of bricks surely over time this kind of behaviour would stop.

        We should be zero tolerance and let those who want to live in peace, LIVE IN PEACE.

        Sorry didn't mean this to turn into a rant :angry:

        Stick with it and the very best of luck.



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          hi Bill

          Join the club. What is it with some mothers and their teenage daughters. I have similar situation. bl**dy deranged some of them.

          Read and act on what experiencd members like Tristar, Sapphire etc tell you.

          From bitter experience I would also suggest lodging a formal crime complaint with the Police. Insist that you are given a crime reference number and keep on phoning them with each incident. What you are suffering, as my family did/do, is harrassment which is a criminal offence. Also insist on a house call from local community beat bobby.

          Most of all, treat them with the contempt they deserve. Ignore them - arguing back is futile.

          I wish you and your family so much luck. You have a battle ahead - accept this, fight them by every legitimate means and hold your head high. Sounds so easy to say, I know. Living it is hell but you will win - you have done nothing wrong.

          "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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            Rael, tell the police. And contact the local pess, too.


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              Hi Rael and welcome

              If you haven't already, you must start writing everything down like Tristar has suggested. You can access the recording sheet here:


              It will also help if you can give us a bit more information, as sapphire has suggested.

              You say that this woman has been to the Police about you, have they actually been to see you? Did you tell them about her behaviour?