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    I have been browsing this site for the last week or so and cannot tell you how much it has helped to know there are others out there getting together to support and offer advice.

    I am not going to post our entire story - it would take forever. Suffice to say we have been suffering to varying degrees ever since we moved in 4 years ago. Our problem at the moment is twofold. Firstly, and I haven't come across this problem on the site yet. Our neighbours have a very vocal and noisy parrot. Now this may seem like a stupid problem but this parrot imitates their telephone ringing at at least 10 times the volumes the actual phone, it imitates them shouting, the baby crying and child yelling and it also makes an unbearable screeching noise that really sets your teeth on edge. During the winter we hear the noise but as the parrot is inside it doesn't bother us too much. But this summer they have taken to leaving the thing outside permenantly. The parrot is awake as soon as the sun comes up and doesn't shut up until the sun goes down. We haven't been able to sleep with our windows open all summer! :badmood:

    Anyway I have taken some of the advice I have read here and started keeping a log of the noise - pretty much permenant, I can hear it as I type. We are not going to do anything about it this summer as it should be heading back indoors soon, but at least next summer we will be prepared. By the way we have not approached tham about it as historically we have found that as soon as we mention something not only does it increase but they tend to find something else to do to annoy as well.

    Sorry - this is a long one.

    Our second problem is the boundary fence. In the past it was very low towards the end of the garden about 3ft we didn't like looking into their garden and so when it looked as though they were putting a fence up on their side last summer we were quite pleased - although they never mentioned they were doing it. Had they talked to us we would have been more than happy to split the cost of extending the boundary fence. Anyway when the fence actually went up - when we were out - we found he had painted our side green - the rest of our fencing is brown, as was their side of the new fence. He subsequently refused to let us paint it as technically belongs to him. And I have to admit here we did it anyway when he was out - not good behavior I know.

    This week he has added a trellis to the top of the fence and this has been painted red As you can imagine our side now looks awful, he has also managed to spill an amazing amout of red paint down the whole of our side. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced problems like this and if anyone has any advice or know if we have any rights in this area?? The original fence was 6ft high and the additional trellis is about another ft.

    My husband is going to speak to tham about this next week as we don't want to go tit for tat and make things even worse. But I can't really see any other option for us than to put a fence up on our side to hide it all.

    The houses are both private owned and our intention is to move in the not too distant future and I am worried that this obvious sign of us not getting on with the Nfh will put potential buyers off.

    Help please I am at my wits end - the sun is shining and I don't want to go outside because the parrot is squawking and the sight of the fence depresses me.

    Miss Moffat

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    Miss Muffet,

    Hi and welcome to the forum. I can only imagine how annoying this parrot is; one of our neighbors has a small dog that yaps away for ages. We try to block it out but it can get under your skin. I can't offer much advise here but other members have a better understanding of the noise laws. I’m sure they will be able to advise.

    As for the fence, I can offer you some advice. Basically he has done the dirty on you. He as erected a fence, knowing full well it is an eye sore on your side and also knowing there is very little you can do about it. I believe the maximum height for a boundary fence is 6 foot but I don't think the trellis on top is classed as part of the fence.

    It is an eye sore and makes you feel uncomfortable. Putting another fence maybe an option, bit like you said may look odd. How about disguising other way. A small hedge or even growing some climbing plants up it?

    I would also advise here that no matter how annoying this guy is you try to remain civil and not loss your temper.

    Take care Kevin


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      Hi Miss Moffat and welcome to the forum

      Sorry to hear about your situation Do you know if the parrot is annoying any of the other neighbours? If so perhaps you could send a delegation to your NFH and ask, politely of course, if he could do something about it. If that fails you could contact your local Environmental Health office and ask them for advice.

      As to the fence, hmm. I would imagine that the side facing your garden can be painted any colour you wish. But don't take my word for that. It just seems like common sense to me. But you might find some help here:

      If you have made up your mind to move in the near future maybe you should grit your teeth and bear it until your house sale goes through.

      Good luck with whatever you decide and come back as often as you want We have a rants folder if you need to vent your spleen

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        being an owner of a parrott (whos being naughty today) and two smaller birds, i can only say that it is unfair for the bird to be left outside in the garden all the time, day and night. id have a word with the RSPCA, you cannot leave any animal outside in the kind of heat we've been having. its cruelty.


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          What about planting some conifers - even those dreaded Leylandi things - it will cover it over and the bonus is they will not loose their leaves come autumn as they retain their colour year round. Also they will grow up and generally become part of the garden.

          The paint - well can you prove that it was done with intent of causing criminal damage ? Once again the Burden Of Proof is upon you to prove that they have committed this offence.

          The parrot. Well, perhaps taping it also to prove your case might help too as would a wee chat with the enironmental health officer to see what help they can ive you for next year.


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            I think that trellis is considered seperately too - I kind of remember it can be in addition to the actual fence.

            I feel for you - I know exactly how it feels to have a fence in your face everyday that is a reminder of your NFH. It shouldn't get to you but it does. :sad:

            I would say try to forget about the fence if you can, given that you'd like to move. If you make an issue of it in even the slightest way, it will cause you problems whan it comes to selling - not woth it as you'll want a straighforward transaction.

            I agree that you should just try and hide it with a climber or leylandii - very effective, completley blots it out and looks quite nice too.

            The parrot? I'd have thought it's a similar problem to barking dogs - RSPCA and Environmental Health would be well placed to advise.

            Good luck



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              russian vine! commonly known as mile a minute!!

              that would cover the fence in no time at all! we have it at work and have to trim it twice a week at the mo as its rampent!!

              BTW a big welcome to you!!


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                Thanks for all the advice, it feels better just talking to others about it. We will look into Russian vine, it sounds just the job. We have lovely nieghbours on the other side who have been horrified at both the green and now the red extension to the fence. They also find the parrot noise extremely annoying.

                I have to say they don't mistreat the parrot as it always has a blanket partly over the cage so it has some shade.

                I have spent ages wondering if we are just being over sensitve and reacting badly, but actually thinking about everything they have put us through it is them that are unreasonable. We were initially delighted when we thought they were putting a fence up because in the past they have had parties and their friends jumped into our garden and knocked on the french window when I was in the house alone. They have also thrown things over the fence including bleach that killed a patch of our lawn. I just wish I knew why they do it? As far as I can tell we are pretty quiet neighbours, we have never had a party, no kids etc, I can't work out what we have done to make them behave like this.

                Anyway I am so pleased to have found this site.



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                  Hi there, I think you can sort out the parrott with the help of environmental help, there are lots of successes as far as getting this kind of nuisance eliminated.

                  i remember a case where someone had an ornamental frog in the garden the croaked when it detected movement, unfortunately it picked up on movement from next door and drove the poor neighbours mental. they took it to EH i think, seeing as the NFH wouldnt be reasonable about it, and the frog had to be silenced.

                  are you recording the noise?

                  how tiresome people can be, thinking only of 'me, me me' all the time.

                  as for the fence, russian vine is amazing, i can vouch for that, we had tons and tons of it all over our fence and we thought it was growing over from next door, as it was all over his shed and was even up his tree. anyway we decided when we put our house up for sale to really tidy it up, well by the time we had finished we realised the pesky thing was actually in OUR garden, and even more of a was in a POT!!!!! we were so embarrassed we apologised to our next door neighbour, but he didnt care thankfully as he was moving himself.....

                  anyway im twittering!!!

                  i hope you will feel better for posting here!!!

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                    Hi Miss Moffat and welcome

                    What a horrible situation

                    I hope that your NFH leave plenty of water for this parrott, especially considering the heat

                    I have recently bought some Jasmin, which has grown so quickly and looks so pretty. I don't imagine that it grows as much as the Russian vine, but at least it gives you another suggestion to hide the eyesore that you have to look at everyday

                    Best of luck :clover:



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                      Virginia creeper is also great!! We can vouch for that!

                      As for parrot, I have a friend who has 3 - they are quiet. Just phoned him and he says that parrots are usually only noisy when bored or mis-treated. He suggests a quiet word with RSPCA as leaving a parrot bored is a form of bad treatment, even if the owner genuinely believes they are not mis-treating the bird.

                      Good luck.

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                        Who mentioned the word "leyandi" ? Wash your mouth out with soap

                        Only joking, these really are monster trees and really do cause a great deal of friction between neighbours.

                        Mrs Moffet I hope you have found the advise and support you need and please don't feel that you are being over sensitive to this issue. Please believe me if anybody could figure why people behave like this I really doubt any of us would be here.

                        Take Care Kevin


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                          Hi Miss M

                          Sorry to hear about your difficulties!

                          It may be worth checking out with your solicitor the sort of information you may have to declare on the Seller's Property Information Form regarding any disputes regarding your property, as you're considering selling your house in the near future.

                          This may have an impact on whether you decide to take any measures about the issues.

                          Good luck



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                            thankfully our parrot sqawks and screams when he knows someone is in the house, like if i leave the livngroom to go and make a cup of tea. ive spoken the the neighbours and asked them to tell us if he misbehaves when we are out (he knows when there is no one in - dont ask how its just animal intuition) and he does know if theres no one in and then he is according to our neighbours, quiet. my neighbours do hear him and the other birds occasionally when we are in but there words were "we dont mind hearing them after the years of swearing and shouting we had to put up with).

                            on the subject of the parrott left outside all day, regardless of wether it has water and is half covered it still sounds cruel to me and i would ask the RSPCA or other such group abut what the norm. is. i certainly wouldnt leave any of my pets out in this heat even if half covered.


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                              Could you try asking them to move their parrot to a different area of the garden, somewhere with shade for the bird and hedges for soundproofing for you.

                              You could buy some parrot enrichment toys and give them as a peace offering. If it keeps the bird quiet, and you can get across that you like parrots but not so close to your house.

                              Is it possible they could build a small avery for the bird, and fill it with toys and things. The bird would then have more to do, instead of standing still making a racket.