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"wording" Needed For Complaint To Neighbour And La

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  • "wording" Needed For Complaint To Neighbour And La

    hello folks

    big thanks to Matthew for helping me on this site today. been reading all the stuff and sad to here theirs plenty of folks in same boat as me.

    l,m after any advice any of you guys can give me on "wording" a letter to 2 noisey neigbours who r related to eacthother, and share 2 flats. its a small block just 5 flats and private Landlord, we know the noisey neigbours r related to the landlord. Bassically they r shouting all day long and into the early hours of the moring, and screaming all the time insde the house which u can hear clearly in our home with the windows shut. we have never complained about noise here in 30 yrs after having many tenents come and go. believe me they r loud. they r using the balcony all day sitting ouside shouting.

    we have spoken to them many times without any luck. the council say write to them and complain to the Landlord. they r all on Housing benifits as far as we know. l think if l sent them a letter like the word document u have on comlplaining first time to noisy neighbours is good, but l know these people will just laugh at that. maybe if l sent that letter but also with a warning of us taking legal action , as well as informing the local council they might cool it down a bit. but as u can see my writing is not upto much. if anyone could help me with the "wording" of the letter that would be great. the Landlord might listern then.

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    Hi kevin and welcome to the forum

    How about the standard letter adding: -

    "If however, this behaviour still continues, we shall be forced to take further action by contacting the appropriate agencies, although we would prefer not to."

    I know you will get some better suggestions, but at least it's a start



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      there is a letter templete on the main site under resoucres, you can change the wording of cousre to what ever meets the situation you are going through.

      if you want to copy and paste the letter here first everyone will be more than happy to read it before you send it to your NFH

      letter template


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        Hi Kevin

        Sorry to hear you are experiencing such noise nuisance problems...and glad you've found the site

        I think maybe I would be wary of threatening "legal action", without having legal advice. Really to make sure first WHAT legal action is open to you, civil or criminal? Whether the action would be against the tenants or the landlord...or whether it might be an empty threat.

        Through logging noisy incidents, and involving the Council Environmental Health/Protection Department, there could be recourse to legal action. But this would be carried out by that department(and for free!), not yourselves. This is not a quick process, but could result in them having a Noise Abatement Notice, which if broken can lead to a hefty fine/noisy equipment being confiscated.

        For some nfh, a letter threatening action may be like a red rag to a bull, and I hope that wouldn't put your safety at any risk(or your property either). However, I appreciate that a letter might encourage some nfh to cool it, so who knows? You have the best knowledge of your particular nfh

        Not much help in wording a letter! But, just a bit of musing whilst you decide if you definitely wish to do it .

        Good luck....and maybe see a solicitor expert in this area/your local housing advice/aid centre. Worth checking out what's available in your local area on




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          Hi kevincharles and welcome

          Sorry to hear about your noisy neighbours. :angry: It's awful having to try and cope with noise nuisance.

          If you haven't started writing everything down, then you need to the very next time your neighbours from hell (NFH) are noisy.

          You can use this sheet here:

          Once you've got a few things written down, then use the letter template thatBeth has given you the link for.

          Write in the letter that you have suffered noise nuisance on these dates (and write them in the letter) and that this was the nuisance (again, put that in the letter).

          At the very bottom of the letter, put something in like Tristar has suggested.

          But, make sure you keep a copy, and

          Make sure you keep writing EVERYTHING down.

          The letter on this site is a very good one.

          Like sapphire says though, sending a letter can start the complaint ball rolling - your nfh may shut up straight away, they may apologise, or they may start being noisier than ever.

          If the noise goes up or doesn't stop - you MUST ring your Environmental health department in your local Council.

          Good Luck - let us know how you get on.


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            Hi kevincharles and welcome to the forum

            I can see you've already received a lot of excellent advice from other members, so I'll just say, good luck and come back as often as you need to

            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi