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A Little About My Troubles

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  • A Little About My Troubles

    Hello I thought this sort of thing would never happen how wrong of me I am a person that gets board with the home that I live in I guess I am looking for the perfect home I have met a few unsavoury people in my time but this place puts the icing on the cake first it was just the kids winding up my two children. Kids being kids they fight but this year it as gone a little further. I have had my back window broken twice in as many months. Allso I have had damage to phone cables by them ripping them out of the box .My son who is 11 was involved in an incident with a child a few years younger than him 4 years I think was the different. And his parents came round to shout the odds we have dealt with that matter but the incident got Evan worse by there elder son who is almost 16 tried to put my son in a dustbin.

    A few days ago the family’s was sitting out side and their children were winding us up, wanted to beat up my son and there parents didn’t seam to have a problem with that there was a boy who must have been 18 threatened me by saying “I’ve got a gun for you to play with a shotgun and I will kill you with it.” The reason he said this was because I shot my sons bb gun to the floor and he thought I shot it at his brothers.

    My children’s friends had there window and car put through at 2am on Tuesday morning. In the afternoon the people who had there window broke had friends around and they saw the person who they thought it was and one of there friend went over to him and asked politely if they broke the window and he said no.

    My next door neighbour said that she was having problems with a particular boy who she said was cheeky he walks into her back garden and plays football and also through a water bomb at her back door and being an elderly person could have had a heart attack that is what she said some off these thing maybe trivia but it’s the total disrespect that these people have toward there neighbours.

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    welcome Nakedrat

    I am so sorry you are having this grief :angry: it makes me so cross that we are hearing more and more of these stories

    have you done anything about this *crowd* of NFHs yet?

    I think you need to start logging all incidents, you can find a blank form to print off on the main site, link below.

    log sheet

    have you contacted your local police officer? try and find out if you have a community bobby.

    are the homes owned or rented that these charming children live in?

    if you choose to take images of these crimes beware, many of the members here have been accused of being paedophiles while trying to can video or photo evidence of acts being carried out.

    if you get a cctv camera you can only have it pointed at your property, house, garden or car.

    please come and tell us a little more about it if you can, it helps us to point you in the right direction, ie. do you need to go to council housing office or housing assoc. to complain.

    let us know how it goes and you are welcome to come and let off steam here when ever!


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      Hi Nakedrat and welcome to the Forum

      Nothing to add to what Beth's already advised .

      Please check back here often and post a bit more information so that we can see what other options might be possible for you.


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        Hi Nakedrat and welcome

        Sorry to hear that you are having problems with your neighbours

        I know you will get some good advice and lots of support from all on this forum.



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          Hi Nakedrat

          Sorry to hear of your nfh problems :badmood:

          I highly recommend cctv....not expensive, although as Beth says take care to aim it only at your own property.

          I don't suppose it's worth a word with any of the parents here? They may not all be as bad as your immediate neighbours?

          DO log everything....and if nfh are council/Housing Association tenants, then ask to meet with the estate management officer to discuss the anti-social behaviour you are experiencing.




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            Thank you so much for all your reply’s I forgot to mention that I have spoken to the police and still waiting for the community officer to turn up witch as been 2 weeks now since they said he /she would come round .I am not sure as yet as to whether they own there own homes as the street looks like privately owned homes .


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              Hi nakedrat

              I can see that others have given you some advice already so I'll just say I'm sorry to hear about your problems. Nothing you have told us can be seen as trivial. If it is destroying your quality of life then it is serious.

              If I were you I'd give the Neighbourhood Officer another call and ask him/her to come out to see you again. Sometimes if you just leave it, so will they. Remember, it's the squeaky wheel that gets the attention, so squeak on

              Good luck

              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                Hi Nakedrat,

                I too can only echo what everyone has already said, but I am sorry you are having these problems

                You will always get good advice here though, and the only thing I can add is keep your head high and walk tall


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                  So you are tollerating window smashers well you must get tough with their parents and if they threaten your son offer to go to the parents house and just sort the trouble out the parents will more likely get a shock. :lol: