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My Neighbour From Hell

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  • My Neighbour From Hell

    So I moved into my flat 3 years ago, I knew I had two other neighbours in adjoining flats. I quickly became friends with S downstairs. But my immediate neighbour i.e next door has caused me trouble over the past few years.

    She is verbally abusive, she has throw rubbish through my letter box, she cut's S's phone line. She's thrown rubbush in my garden, she hits my door with her mop, she locks me out of the communal doorway.

    There are so many things which are happening I don't know where to start. My landlord is not going to try to evict her and the police are involved but as we have no evidence of the phone lines being cut they will not apply a anti social behaviour order.

    N I'll call her, obviously has some mental health problems. She thinks we are all 'out to get her'. None of us have retaliated once.

    Today I was off work and N has had CCTV installed directly opposite by flat. After a bit of searching on the internet I understand this is breaking the law.

    I'm scared to leave my flat and come home....I worried that she will do something really bad. All I can do is keeping calling my landlord and the police to keep the record....but I've really had enough, with the camera she can now see my every move. :sad:

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    I undrstand how worried you are. You will get great advice and support from experienced people here. Keep coming back and take that advic.

    "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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      Hi Dizzy and welcome

      its a bit bad when NFH wont even let you in your own home!!!!

      the first thing I must say is record everything! here is a link to blank log sheets

      log sheets

      print some off and write it all down, dates times what she did and how it effected you.

      has the community police officer been involved with this at all?

      I think you and your good neighbours need to get together and insist that an officer comes to talk to you, you might need to get some logs filled in first so you can show the police some evidence. get your neighbours to fill them in too.

      the more the better in your case!!!

      the cctv thing........she must have it pointed at her property and no where else. certainly not at your door if thats whats happening, if this is the case you need to also mention this to the police.

      also keep any rubbish put through your letter box, stick it in a sandwich bag and hand it to the police, if you feel they are not intrested ask them how they might respond if next time its petrol or what ever (not meaning to worry you! )

      well thats a start, and of course I would write to her landlord expressing your concerns, keep a copy of the letter,

      good luck I know you will get loads of advice and support from others here


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        Hi Dizzy and welcome

        Well Beth certainly has given you good advice, as she always does

        There's not much more to say, except good luck :clover:



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          Thanks for the welcome everyone. I'm glad to have found this place

          Thanks for the log sheets Beth, they will be really useful.

          Yes I am now in contact with our local police officer.

          Yes the camera is pointing directly at our door. I have contacted the landlord and the police and am waiting for a call back.

          I am actually scared of her burning the place down. She has 2 months to get out and she won't go without a fight.

          I'm certainly glad I don't live alone and that I have my other neighbour fighting along with me.


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            Hi Dizzy

            I'm so sorry about your nfh, and glad you have the support of your other neighbour!

            If you know your nfh's name, perhaps a call to the Community Mental Health Services expressing concern might possibly help. Maybe she has some serious problems, and she may be known to them. They won't tell you anything, obviously, but if they know her, and she is behaving in a strange/paranoid way...they may be able to check and see how she is. If she is a possible danger to herself/ others, they need to assess that and act on it.

            (This is in NO WAY suggesting that every nfh has mental problems or should be "reported" to these services, but it's just a thought if you feel she may have serious problems . Also, I'm not suggesting that people with mental health issues are, in general, nfh).

            Good luck with finding a way through this!



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              Hi Dizzy,

              Have you contacted your local Authority to confirm whether this property has been registered as having a person residing within who is registered under the Mental Health Act/under the supervision of the Community Mental Health Services. All residences used for this purpose must be registered with the Local Authority.

              We have found this path gives fast results. Checks can be made very quickly. At least you can be re assured or otherwise if this is the case.

              Sometimes just checking can also lead the Local Authority to make a few checks to see if the information they hold on a particular address is correct!

              You just need to give them a few details about the person, how far you go with the info is up to you!

              Good Luck - Peace :angel: