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  • Mull's story

    I hope you NFH are now gone permantly from the earth or may be you would settle for just gone from your life.

    My family & I live next door to a known "crack house" which is unfortunately owned outright by a drug dealing granny. The police have raided a few times, but as there are so many SC*M bags in the house it's hard to get a prosecution when they all deny that the drugs are theirs. Even if they have the drugs on them their defense is that they put on the nearest pair of jeans when they got up.

    The house also has an amount of prostitutes using it as a base who stand outside all the houses adjacent. As for the police they are restricted by human rights issues (or so they tell us) which stop them from repeatably following targets etc. They have also told us they have a long term plan in which they plan to "get the granny sent down", but are not sure what to do next, they are waiting for a "bit of luck".

    I'm not filled with confidence and I reckon I will be in the same position next year, thatís if my wifeís resolve remains intact. :badmood:

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    Hi Mull and welcome

    Sorry to hear about your situation, it must be horrendous

    Unfortunately the police have to follow certain procedures and have concrete evidence before the CPS will take a case to court. Hopefully, things are going on behind the scenes that will deal with your NFH once and for all. How long it will take is anybody's guess and unfortunately in the meantime you have to put up with all the hassle. How do your other neighbours feel about it all?

    The thing about drug dealers is that you never know just how dangerous they will get, so keep safe, think of yourself and your family first.

    Good luck

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      Hi Mull and welcome to the Forum

      Sorry to hear about your neighbours.

      Have you had meetings with the Police to discuss your concerns? Do you have a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in your area?

      Glad you've found us, you'll get lots of support in coping with your neighbour problems .


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        welcome mull

        how nasty!, we had a known dealer living next door at one point but was nothing like you describe.

        you have already been given some good advice

        start a neighbourhood watch

        start a residents assoc.

        contact the local police on a regulare basis

        also you can write it down, log it on the resources page of the main site you can print of logs to record NFH comings and goings. maybe the police will act if there is a written record.

        the other thing I suggest is that you ring crimestoppers 0800 555111 everytime granny dealer or cronies gets up to something

        crimestoppers hand the info on to the police who are more likley to act than if you have rang them.......who sad is that?!?!?!

        also crime stoppers is anon so you dont have to give your name.

        the most important thing is that you and your family are safe

        stay away from them and if you need to ring 999,

        good luck :clover:


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          Hi Beth,

          Thanks for your interest.

          Although There is no official residents assoc in my street, so many of the locals have been affected that recently after putting pressure on the local police we had a meeting at the station, in which 16 of my neighbours attended.

          I'm not sure really how much good came of it other than people were able to vent their spleens.

          The funny thing is that my NFH is aware that some of the locals have marked her card & that her moves are being watched, so she actually has acquired a neighbourhood watch sign from a nearby street an has it displayed in her front bedroom window. Who say's NsFH can't have a sense of humor? :lol:

          I will try the crime stoppers Nr as you suggest, I'm getting tired of calling Police control & an officer in the intelligence dept & I'm sure they are getting fed up with the reports they get from little part of the world.

          We had an incident last week, my wife was in our back garden with 2 of my kids pushing them on the swing. Some guy came flying over the fence looking very scared (may be he had nicked some of their drugs) he went to make his escape by running into my house, where my third child (age 3) was playing in the back room. My wife shouted at him & he decided to jump over to the next garden to make his escape.

          I could go on & tell some gob smacking stories about things I have witnessed involving knives, baseball bats, cars & her own house being smashed up, but I will save them for another day.

          Best wishes,



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            Hi Mull

            How dreadful that your home isn't your own. What on earth made that bloke even think of running into your house

            I hope your wife and children weren't too frightened :badmood:

            It's good that there are other neighbours who are concerned enough to attend the meeting that you had

            As for the Neighbourhood Watch sticker...well I suppose someone has to keep lookout while the deals are going on :lol:



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              Went to a meeting yesterday and the head of the local Anti-Social Behaviour Unit recommended that anyone and everyone ring Crimestoppers if you suspected drug dealing.

              There is a real clamp down at the moment - check to see if your area is running the "Dob in a Dealer" campaign.


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                I can well sympathise with your situation. On top of my own NFH problem (see other thread), there seems to be a crackhouse nearby as well - as the constant bedlam emanating from there would indicate. These wretched things are a disgusting recent social phenomenon that the authorities seem to expect suffering residents to simply tolerate. Excuses abound from the authorities as to why nothing can be done about this blatant criminal activity that goes on under their noses and I'm frankly sick of hearing them. When the authorites WANT to do something, they do so and to hell with Human Rights and so on (as their behaviour in demonstrations etc shows. Another topic, however and not really for this forum).

                I get the impression that people in most major cities are rapidly running out of patience with this - I know I certainly am. Crack gangs have become a quasi-paramilitary disease blighting neighbourhoods everywhere. Rant Over!


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                  As Horsefans would say......... nuke all crackhouses!


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                    Hi Mull

                    I think you might find interest on Crimestoppers number.....informed through our NW to report there, esp with drug-dealing, as this is a priority. Police are not targeting users, but looking at suppliers.

                    Worth a go, let us know if it is helpful?



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                      Ive' got family staying with us next week, and have not warned them about my NFH. :unsure: I didn't want to frighten her off, so I will just let her have to find out for herself. Still life go's on.

                      One of my nice neighbours had a letter from an Inspector from our local station, in which he was replying to the pressure that we are keeping on them to act. :nfh1: In his reply he said he has had two letters from other neighbours thanking the police for everything they have done.

                      I wonder if he lives on another planet or is he confusing our predicament with someone else's, as none of the people who were at the original meeting at the police station are yet happy enough to congratulate anbody for a job well done. :badmood:

                      Still plenty of dealing going on, but I havn't witnessed anybody being beaten up for 2 weeks, may be things are on the up!! :blink:


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                        Hi again Mull

                        Like you say, strange about the letter. :huh:

                        Have you thought any further about ringing the Crimestoppers number?

                        Hope your nfh are quiet when you have your family staying.


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                          Originally posted by Mull@Aug 21 2003, 4:01 PM

                          Ive' got family staying with us next week, and have not warned them about my NFH.
                          It's a tough one that eh - there is always the *slim* chance they (relatives) may not notice, especially if things are quieter over their stay, fingers crossed for you.

                          This used to embarass the heck out of me - whenever relatives wanted to stay, they were aware of our NFH, but without perhaps the full understanding of what the culmilative effect was and what it was like day in, day out.

                          I'd find myself trying to put them off visiting - strange really to be embarassed about someone elses behaviour out of your control - but it's only human instinct, NFH are the ones that should be embarassed by their own childish, pathetic, selfish, intrinsically blinkered actions.

                          Hope the visit goes smoothly

                          :nfh1: :nfh1:


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                            I've been told by police officers themselves to report everything via Crimestoppers (except immediate danger stuff, then it's 999).

                            Apparently, they have to act on Crimestoppers stuff as a priority so if you just phone the Local Nick, that won't be such a priority (basically gets ignored I was told !!!)




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                              Crimestoppers have been informed watch this space.

                              Incidently one of the people who lives in the house has just gone down for 4 1/2 months for driving whilst disqualified