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    hello to everyone. im new here. just found the site. tis great . help?!

    our NFH have damaged both of our new cars. the children have thrown stones over and the damage bill has come to £600. the've been throwing things over....including all kinds of rubbish for about 6months now and my dad has been up and down to the police station many many times.

    it was near fisty cuffs tonight. we flipped on them. we called the police. the father said that he was sorry it happened, to the police( ie an admission). this means that we can take them to the small claims court.... right? thats what the police said to us.

    funny thing is.... the neighbour said "'we're ringing the police"

    my brother said " too late we've already done it"

    so the neighbour said " what did u go an do that for?"......stupid vagabond. :P

    we're going to sue them if we can. they only rent the house. the're on low income...probably sponging off the state. ANYONE been in our situation before? its realyl getting to us now. we're either going to move.. or try to get them evicted ( how to do this?) .... any advice would be very greatly received.

    ps/ we're going to our solicitors on monday morning.

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    welcome bartus

    sorry to hear you have crappy NFH situation :badmood:

    have you spoken to their landlord about their behaviour? there might be a clause in their contract about damaging neighbours property and causing nuisence

    you need to record everything

    on the resource page of the main site there are blank logs you can print off and use.

    did you get a crime number from the police?

    you might be able to claimin your insurance, but that really is not the point though, why should you have to? :angry:

    I strongly advise you not to flip at them again!! its so tempting and we all have experienced that anger inside us caused by *them* never ever give them reason to counter complain about them

    I am sure you will get loads of advise here from members who have been through a simimalar thing to you

    its very sad that so many of these neighbour stories are reaching us



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      Hi bartus, and welcome!

      You might well be able to claim through the small claims court, and probably should. However this would be a civil case...and I rather think that this is criminal damage...ergo a criminal matter!!

      Have you thought about investing £30 in a cctv camera, and record what happens on your property(just be careful it's not pointing in nfh windows/garden/drive)?

      If they are tenants you definitely need to log everything, find out who the landlord is, and put it all in writing. Ask landlord for a written response within, say 5 working days. Their tenancy agreement should have a clause relating to nuisance/harassment. They are in breach of this clause, so present your evidence. If their landlord is local authority or Housing Association,this could work in your favour, if private you may have more of a battle on you hands.

      Keep us posted! ...I'm sure you will get a lot of support/advice here




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        Welcome to the Forum Bartus - glad to have you here

        Some great advice already there, but as already said, try and stay cool over your NFH situation and don't give them ammunition back again - it's tough sometimes, granted, but by acting in their league you make it more difficult for yourselves to do anything positive to affect the NFH situation.

        Hope you come back often - you'll get loads of help and support here


        PS: This topic moved to NFH: What's Your Story.


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          Hi Bartus and welcome to the forum

          Sorry to hear about you and your family are having to put up with

          I can only echo what others have said. Keep a log of all incidents. If there is more than one incident in a day log them as seperate incidents. I agree with Sapph, £600 worth of damage is definitely 'criminal damage'. Do you have proof that NFH caused the damage? I mean like an eyewitness. Sometimes you just know who did it but because there is no eyewitness the police are powerless to do anything.

          Do you know if they have caused problems for other neighbours? Sometimes it's good to get together and approach the police and landlord as a group.

          Hopefully your solicitor will be able to help you. Good luck, hope things improve. And come back as often as you like, you'll get a warm welcome and lots of sympathy and advice

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            thanks everyone for the advice n that.

            we dont need a witness as the stupid so n so effectively admitted that it was his kids to the cops. YAY- his stupidness finally paid off.... for us that is :lol:

            my dad and i are going to our solicitors tomorrow and we're definatly going to sue them if we have a case( which i think we do). we're also gonna approach the landlord to find out the company which lets the property out on his behalf.a company like that( i assume) should and will have a clause about disturbing neibours. hopefully it will be a :nfh1: situation.

            once again thanks


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              Hi Bartus

              Don't necessarily have to spend the earth on solicitor's fees here....have taken 2 cases through small claim's court, and won. It's not very expensive at all, but solicitor's will hike up the cost. If you have good evidence...and the police have an admission, maybe you could do some of it yourselves? Will police provide you with evidence of this "admission"? Have you any pictorial evidence?

              Spend some time, both for this, and landlord, in numbering points you want to make fairly concisely, then you don't forget anything.

              Best of luck with it



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                Hi Bartus and welcome to the Forum

                Nothing to add to the advice you've already got.

                Please let us know how you got on at the Solicitors today - hope it went OK?


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                  Hi Bartus

                  Hope it went well at solicitor's today?



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                    the solicitor was out in court. he's going to ring when he gets back in tomorrow.

                    my dad went to the citizens advise bureau and had a chat with them. they said that because the neighbours are on low income ( we pressume,bcos they dont work), it might be pointless taking them to court if they refuse/can't pay. d'oh :angry: .

                    But isn't there a way to get the court to pay us, then the court claims it off the neigbours, and if they refuse, the court gets bailiffs in?

                    anyone have any tips for writing a letter to the landlord to request which letting agency he uses?are we allowed to request this information?

                    and heres another thing aswell which literally just happened. :badmood: . some teenage lads were up our path having a go at mine and my brothers scooters. my mum heard them and went out n scared them off. the neighbour's just gone out to look for them now. This aint just co incidence, its because of saturday nights events.


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                      When awarding compensation, the Court will check what means the defendent has to pay, based on income and outgoings(including other fines and debts)....if they are on benefits/low income/have high outgoings you could get it at the rate of £3 A WEEK!

                      However, they still have to pay it.

                      I suspect that you need to make the complaint in writing to the agent, asking them to contact you, so you can discuss what action they will be able to take. If they issue the tenancy agreement on behalf of the landlord, I expect they have the responsibility to enforce it.

                      Re the driveway...definitely could do with CCTV? Next time, you will have clear evidence...and it might even deter them :badmood:




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                        Hi Bartus

                        I don't see any harm in writing to the landlord to see if they will tell you who they have employed as their Letting Agent - although I don't think they have to give you that information if they don't want to.

                        Money Judgements made in Court will be paid by your nfh - not via the Court. The defendant starts paying at whatever they can afford each week/month.

                        Definitely follow up sapph's suggestion about CCTV .

                        I know the above probably isn't what you wanted to hear though. Please let us know what your Solicitor says when he contacts you tomorrow.