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Update on my NFH.

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  • Update on my NFH.

    I have just heard from Shelter who are helping me with my LA.

    They had written to them as we had had no response from solicitors letters, and the letter that Shelter had written on my behalf.

    They made contact with head of LA housing, who has informed them that all my complaints have been forwarded to their legal department to see if action can be taken against my NFH and wether they can obtain an eviction order on them for their Anti social behaviour.

    Shelter has said that the La are considering putting Surveilance up in my area to monitor what is going on, i id say that this is not the right time of year as if it is raining the NFH tend to not let the kids out! Just my luck.

    However as i log everything and have my own evidence on our security cameras they should be able to do something now.

    Lets just hope the legal department of the LA are quicker then the Housing Department!