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    I should be happy that our NFH are in the process of being evicted but it's taking sooo long and the goal posts have moved so many times my stress levels are going through the roof. I've had my hopes up at least 3 times that we've been told a date when they'll be gone and then it just hasn't happened!. I've irritated the estate agent this morning because I've called YET again to find out what's happening and he was a bit short with me because he had told me he would ring when they had a date for when the baliffs would be arriving (which is what I was chasing).

    I've so far done all the right things - kept my mouth shut and tried to take the moral high ground but I'm screaming inside. Our summer has been ruined by this trashy family, we can't go out in the garden without the kids standing at the wall gawping, constant noise, intrusion etc. I've kept things civil with the home owner and the estate agent but now I've had enough.

    The party wall (brick) has been badly damaged by the little angels (infact all the boundries in their garden have been trashed). All the neighbours are up in arms (we will probably unite if required). I feel the only compensation for the months of misery we've all had is for the owner to replace all the boundries with a minimum sturdy 6ft fence (which the estate agent has said they should be able to do under their insurance). I'm determined this is done before they sell the property (which is their plan once the house is vacated). I know I can put a 'judgement'? against the property to hinder their sale but would prefer to somehow get the message across without being threatening but somehow letting them know we mean business.

    Any advise on the best way to going about this gratefully received. Also do you think I could do them for stress?!!!!

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    From one Misty to another Misty, welcome to the forum

    Sorry to hear about your NFH, I've met a few like them in my time, luckily I've not had to live next door to them for too long

    I don't know much about evictions, maybe one of the other members will be able to tell you more. But it would seem that either your NFH don't want to go or the owner is dragging his/her feet, which seems a bit strange having got an court order already

    Maybe you and the other neighbours could get together and go en masse to the estate agent and demand he gives you a date.

    I'm not sure you could 'do them' for stress, you'd probably have to ask a solicitor about that. You can have the first half hour of legal advice free, usually.

    I'm sure you'll find a lot of support, sympathy and sound advice from other members. Don't despair, hopefully your NFH will be out soon. Good luck

    Misty :nfh1: :ban:
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      Hi Misty and welcome to the Forum

      Hope I don't get confused with two Misty's .

      I think you have been very calm over this so far and hopefully you won't have to wait much longer for a Bailiffs Warrant to be executed. If an Order for Possession was granted, the tenants would have been given a date to leave; if they haven't left by that time, the landlord has to apply to the Court for a Warrant for Eviction executed by the Bailiffs. Depending on the circumstances, the tenants could have applied to Court to suspend any Warrant served.

      Just to check, do you own your home?

      I think you could quite reasonably write to the owner of the property where nfh are and ask them to replace the wall/ fencing to your satisfaction and warn in the letter that if they don't give you some proposals for remedying the damage then you will be considering small claims procedure.

      If you think the cost of damage is over £5,000 then see a Solicitor - like Misty (the other one!) says, your first hour should be free anyway and have a chat to them about the Personal Injury (stress) matter. Find one that's funded by the Legal Services Commission at

      Good luck


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        Hi Guys

        And thanks for the quick and supportive responses! I am frantic at the moment I must admit. I'm angry with myself too for letting this situation get to me so much.

        We own our home yes, and the wall that's been damaged we're pretty sure is the neighbour's responsibilty. Even if it is joint responsibility it's their tenants that have damaged it so they can sort it out as far as I'm concerned. The owner has said she will, but I don't want the bricks just put back because the wall is dangerous now and after experiencing NFH I won't be happy with at least 6ft even if the new people are nice as pie.

        My other fear is that the house is in such a poor state now, who will buy it??!! We could end up with even worse people and they'll be the owners this time! I'm just praying a developer buys it and then sells on to some decent folk! I can now see how one family can ruin a whole street. If these people had bought next door, our house would now be up for sale!!

        Here's hoping the baliffs haven't been delayed and we'll here a date soon! (I'm really looking forward to that I must admit. I will be viewing the proceedings form a discete spot with a glass of champagne).

        PS Misty sorry to use a similar name; didn't realise there was a similar....still, shows what great taste you have!!!


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          welcome misty!

          its amazing how one family can actually affect some many lives in one place!

          you are doing the right thing by not talking to them, hopefully they will move quietly, the police can be invloved if any one thinks its going to be a nasty eviction, but the landlord or the estate agents or mortage provider need to request their service.

          the day they go I think you should stay right out of the way, they might be going but they know where you live, our ex NFH came back to mend some of the breakages they caused and the stood outside our house shouting "were back!!" the ironic thing was we were not even home at the time!! our good neighbours said it was hilarious!!

          I hope they go quickly for you and your other neighbours!


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            Hi Misty,

            hopefully there will soon be a resolution to this problem, although i know how you feel, every day feels like a blinking lifetime when you are waiting to get something done.

            these ignorant NFH will no doubt wriggle as much as they can to stop getting evictedm but they will have to go eventually.

            i am all in favour of 6 foot fences, i dont understand why we dont all have them, those who dont have NFH say its antiscoial, but then, what do they know???

            as i am sure tristar will tell you, a 6 foot fence is a joy to behold!!!

            keep on at the agents!!!

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              but I don't want the bricks just put back because the wall is dangerous now

              I was wondering if you might get some legal advice from your insurance company? Perhaps sue the owner for the damage to the wall. I'm sure a fence would be less expensive than a wall so maybe you'd be able to negotiate. Just a thought

              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi