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  • Its Over Now.

    Well we signed the contracts today, they want to move in on the 22nd August, i now leave my lovely little house with a huge garden just to gfet away from my NFH, mind you we bought our bungalow before the house prices shot up and have sold this lovely house at a very high price, still just cant believe how quiet the NFH at the back have become, thought they had gone on holiday, no rowdy youths, no football, in fact no noise, i just wonder if the neighbours have got in touch with the HA and just said enough, but i am heartbroken to be leaving here, as i have a lovely garden full of arches with roses/clematis over them and lots of other things too.

    Mind you i just cry when i read everybodies story, oh i pray that maybe the Government/police and Tom Cobley etc and realise that decent people are living a hell on earth, so i bless you all and hope that maybe soon you will get some peace.

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    Hi Sombrueil

    I'm so sorry you feel so sad about parting with your must be a real wrench, and highlights that nfh can have such an impact even when you know you are not going to have to suffer them any longer.

    I really hope you can enjoy your new home in peace and quiet, even though it's going to feel very strange for a while.

    After being forced to leave my last home(which I loved a lot, especially my garden), it took me some time to feel like this house was mine! However, as I moved early summer(rather than the depths of winter), I got straight out in that garden, beginning to personalise it. To the detriment and neglect of the inside, I must clearly admit!

    I hope you can find ways to make the new house "yours", so that you can settle in and make it feel home

    All the very best



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      Dear Somb.

      You've done what you had to. I hope happier, healthier days are now ahead of you, and that you have your new garden planted out and looking lovely soon. I know what you are saying about regrets - our last garden was lovely and massive, but we're happier now.

      Are the Roses where you chose your username from?

      Good luck in your new place.



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        hi there good luck with your move, we are edging ever closer to exchange and we are also hoping to move on 21 august (but i doubt it).

        as time gets nearer i am feeling a tiny bit bitter, this house is more than adequate for our needs and we could easily have lived here for at least 4 more years, so i do feel annoyed i have been pushed to go sooner.

        and the garden in my new house is smaller than here and has no lawn at all ... i am selling my lawnmower to my buyer...i feel quite sad about that...silly really.

        its the small things that upset you though isnt it.

        however, i am sure once you are in your new house you will see all the advantages of being there, and start to move away emotionally from your present home.

        all the best

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          Sombruiel, sad as it is that you have to leave your dreamhome but the stresses that you experienced there must have been tremendous. I'm sure that in time you will grow to love your new home just as much

          Good luck, I'm so happy for you that you at least can have peace and quiet and nice neighbours. In the end that is what counts most. Enjoy

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            hi Sombreuil

            You will never look back - one week into freedom and I'm happier, lighter and brighter, just like you will be.

            when will i ever get unpacked tho? !!! lol


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              Well we had a lot of noise tonight, seems like all the youths around this area decided to throw stones at the NFH house this evening, not a pretty sight but i am so glad they are themselves on the receiving end of having their property destroyed,still its a slum now and in front of the house on the little green there is loads of rubbish left, how come this SC*M is allowed a house, all the other tenants are very very quiet but i will be going to another house never wanting to be any where near social housing.


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                Good for you, I really hope you get peace where you are going and that the surrounding neighbourhood is better than where you are now.

                Bet you can't wait to escape... B)


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                  Hi Sombrueil

                  I hope you find your new surroundings much much better that your old

                  As for the NFH getting grief...well, my sympathy doesn't go out to them, they deserve every single bit of it. I know this is a bit harsh, but they should've behaved themselves in the first place.

                  Good Luck in your new home :clover: :clover: :clover: