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  • Wreaking Havoc

    I have only moved into my rented accomodation 3 months ago and are legally bound to stay here for another 3 months of torment. I live on a corner and on the opposing corner lies the kids from hell. :cry:

    They also live in an rented house, and they have trashed the place, no windows, shed pulled down and burnt etc. This does not bother me, they can destroy that house, but the landlord will not evict them.

    Also we have the police patrol every night just to make sure it is quiet, but they know what time they come so they torment us all at a different time.

    Everyone down the street has reported them to the police for different issues, but most of the time they will not send anyone out, or give a log number.

    They break windows, kick balls at windows and cars as hard as they can, and if you do not give them their ball back they try and slam your door down and all shout at the door and throw stones and rocks at your window, waiting for you to come out.

    They slash your cables, throw stones at learner drivers and cars. Set their dogs on passing people. Knock people off bikes. Shout at anyone and cause trouble. They flattened half our front garden and stole parts of it. They knocked down their dividing wall to their neighbours and let their dog run in their garden. But they can't get anything done about it!!

    Being a woman, even though the kids are only 12-13, I am often scared to go out of the house alone.

    They have recently pulled down our fence while we were out to get their ball out of our back garden, and admitted it, but the police would not do anything. The police moved them here in the first place because they harassed the previous neighbours. This street is nice apart from them.

    Both the landlord and police will not move them, even though the kids have 4 court cases against them, they always get away scott free.!! :angry:

    We have all gone to the councillor, but he isn't interested, would anyone recommend writing a petition??

    This was supposed to be my first house, and a happy move, but I wake up dreading what has happened overnight...

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    Hi Destiny Chang and welcome to the Forum

    Sounds like you've moved into a war zone .

    Is the landlord you're renting from the same as the one where the neighbours from hell (NFH) are living?

    You mentioned that you

    are legally bound to stay here for another 3 months of torment

    not strictly true.

    If you are seriously wanting to move out, then let us know. I may be able to offer some helpful advice on getting out.

    If you haven't already seen them, can I refer you to the Self-Help Articles on the NFH Home Page - you'll find them down the left hand side of the page. I would suggest that you have a look at the one about Harassment.

    It never ceases to amaze me how little help the Police are with many of the NFH members circumstances. I can't believe that they are doing nothing. Hopefully more members will come along shortly and offer some excellent advice on how to tackle the problems you're currently having to live with.

    Please check back here often to see what other members responses are.


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      O, mi gosh, how horrendous. these kids are simply out of control. :angry: where the hell are the parents????? doing [email protected] all i expect.

      you poor thing, you have my sympathy.

      when you say the police moved them there, how can it be then that they are still being left to trash everything around them???? and even if they are 12/13, i think they cannot evade justice forever.

      there will be others along who will give you a good deal of advice on how to cope with this. I would be out of there as fast as my feet would take me. can you get out of your tenancy early??? i would say you had extenuating are on your own and you fel intimidated. in fact i am sure you can break your tenancy early and still not lose your deposit. are you able to talk to any other neighbours, what do they think of it all?

      you have done the right thing by coming here. i am sure it will help you get through this tough time... :sad:

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        Hi Destiny Chang and welcome to the forum

        Hopefully Holly will be able to give you advice about how to get out of your rental agreement early.

        In the meantime, log every incident. If you are on speaking terms with other neighbours and they are on your side, ask them to log incidents as well. I'd suggest cctv but Ihave a feeling it wouldn't last long If you can get some other neighbours together, phone your local police station and ask for a visit from your Neighbourhood Officer. Tell him/her about what is happening, show him/her your incident diaries (you can download blank pages from the resources section on the main page). Also contact your MP and ask for help there. Even if you do move early I'm sure your other neighbours will want to press on with solving this problem.

        Contact your local council and ask them if they have any strategies in place to deal with antisocial behaviour. From what you describe I think there is cause for a few anti social behaviour orders to be issued. Stress to the police, the council and your MP that you feel threatened and intimidated.

        I'm sure other members will have more advice for you. Good luck

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          This is not an easy one for sure, but having worked in a Young Offenders Institution I can assure you that the little darlings do come into these places if they continue with their behaviour.

          I am sorry to say though that they will have a few more court appearances until the courts decide that enough is enough and they then have no option but to give custodial sentences.

          I would be inclined to take Holly up on her offer if I was you. I would get out while the going was good and save yourself a whole load more heatache further along the line.

          Good Luck


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            Hi Deatiny Chang....this sounds a dreadful situation to be in! Ditto advice from other members, and check out alternatives to staying in this hell-hole!! It just seems as if it's going to be a MAJOR uphill battle to get action against these nfh.

            Have a chat with Holly re getting out of this tenancy

            All the very best of luck