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Update On My Evil Neighbours Help Please

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  • Update On My Evil Neighbours Help Please

    Well, it has been some time since I posted as I have been busy with my house move. The bullying has progressed into total EVILNESS. I am close to tears again typing this as I have had the WEEKEND FROM HELL.

    If you read my story you will note that my NFH installed an 8 foot fence outside my kitchen window to block my light. They have been told to remove it after 4 months of tooing and frowing from the planning dept. and the landlord. When the planning dept. told the landlord to submit a planning permission application together with his cheque for £160 the fence was swiftly reduced to 6.5 foot in height. Hurrah I thought only to be confronted by a 7 foot leylandei the following weekend!

    But..... they have planted this tree directly above the sewage pipe that serves 5 houses in my street, so I called Severn Trent and explained what they have done and they said it would in time damage the pipe work and would send an engineer to inspect the position of the tree.

    I presume they have notified my NFH by post as on Friday night I was faced with horrific noise coming from them (music-MY WAY Frank Sinatra played over and over and over....) until 5 in the morning. I woke one of my other neighbours to witness this. If you have read my story you will also know that they have had the environmental health noise recording equipment in to record me!!! I have heard nothing from the EH dept, but am assured by my NFH the court summons will be coming this week!

    Anyway after yet another sleepless night I had to go over to my new property to do some work. My friend came over to give me a hand. Half an hour after she arrived at my place her young daughter called crying her eyes out and said that the front garden had been destroyed. My NFH were seen casing her house about 6 weeks ago by us after they had followed me to find out where she lived. My friend rushed home and saw to her amazement that her garden was totally ruined. She had spent hundreds of pounds on plants, fantastic pots and baskets and they had been pulled down, thrown at her window up turned and stamped on. She called the police who told her to leave them where they were and wait for them. In the mean time my NFH pulled up outside her house in there new BMW mini wound down the window and said Oh hi **** how are you! The Bast****. She phoned me crying and told me what she had said, I was devastated I came home upset to discover they had done the same to me.:banghead: They had also ripped all the electric cable off the fence that feeds my shed and smashed everything. They had also pushed a load of my flowers through my letterbox, and had irritated my dogs into damaging my doors. What if those plants were poisonous? Not that that would bother them as they poisoned my dog before remember. You can perhaps imagine how I am feeling.

    I was with my mum who could not believe what she saw. I called the police to report the damage and explained of my friends incident (different town, different force-not interested). I went into the garden to sort it and she started laughing from the other side of the fence. They have installed a camera pointing at the tree so I don't touch it, I don't intend to as I don't retaliate. God knows why! My NFH has accused me of benefit fraud, she said I live off dead people (an inheritance) she has told the neighbourhood lies about me and spread malicious rumours. After some choice words between us she said "and while you live next door to me I am going to make your LIFE HELL".

    My mum heard all of this and reported it to the police. My NFH started going on about my dad. I think she has also followed him. This worries me as he is 70. The police told me that there is nothing they can do, my other neighbour came round while they were there to tell him he has seen what they are doing to me and that they had caused damage to his property in the passed. WHY CAN'T THEY DO ANYTHING????? I don't understand.

    I got home today to a wire mesh attached to the fence to protect the tree that they are cultivating to block out my light.

    PLEASE WILL SOMEBODY HELP ME??? I have to leave this house empty until the buyer sells his house and they will damage it for sure.

    I am a nervous wreck, I'm being sick, not sleeping and can't deal with it any more.

    Will they follow the removal van?? of course they will. I will have to inform the driver to drive to the police station, but they will do nothing as per usual.

    The authorities only listen to them as they have set up so many smoke screens.

    I feel like stabbing them just now, they would drive a saint to despair.

    I have had my rant again, would dearly love some support! :cry:

    Thanks for reading.

    :badmood: :nfh1: :ban:

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    Tons of hugs of support for you, it sounds terrible, what sick and evil SC*M, I only hope someone has some good advice (I'm sure they will as there will be people here with more experience than I have).

    Did not one other neighbour either of yours or of your friends witness one of the garden attacks? It seems strange if no-one saw anyone acting suspiciously, I hope you or your friend can find a witness who will help you to nail the b***ards.



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      Hi Clare...what a NIGHTMARE!

      First thoughts.....

      There quite a few issues here. Noise is one, which it sounds like you already have a good handle on....log, report, etc. Although if it's that disturbing again, can you grt EHO's out of hours number?

      Check out some info on nfh home page(left hand side, under legislation) on Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and Crime and Disorder Act 1998, and contact officer in charge at your local station. Perhaps write some notes first. Ask for a meeting with them, as the situation is acute. Follow up request in writing/by fax, keeping a copy.

      Any visible damage and record in writing/on camera/camcorder/get witnesses if possible.

      This is clear harassment.

      I'm sure you will get plenty good advice here, and sorry this is only a knee-jerk reaction. You have my sympathies :nfh1:



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        Thanks Lesley,

        My NFH trashed my back garden and made sure nobody saw them.

        My friend went to all the neighbours and they saw the black mini but said they didn't see anything else. My friends neighbour saw them when they returned to gloat but this is not good enough evidence apparently and would not stand up in court according to the officers. As usual police don't want to get involved. The police said that they would have to do an ID parade if they had a witness, I think they are trying to put people off so they don't have to do the paperwork. There are two different forces involved and they don't seem to have the ability to tie the two events up as damage by the same people, although it is quite obvious. I also have CCTV out the front of my house as my NFH slashed my tyres on one occasion. The police did not deal with this either although they even admitted to me that they had done it as they thought I had scratched their van!



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          Thanks for that info sapphirelily10.

          The EHO have an out of hours answering machine! very useful. I phoned the landlord hoping he would have an answering machine when it was going on but he didn't. I have had malicious phone calls and BT have put a system where I can barr any number that calls me even when it is withheld. BT say only the police can have access to the number that is calling and I asked the police about this when they came and they didn't say anything about it. The PC who came said I shouldn't bother with a harrassment case as I was moving!! Huh bloo*dy great, I get harrassed for two years and driven to a breakdown and had to move house and I shouldn't bother!! What a crock of S***! I really want to nail the barstar**. My friend has refused to viset me again.

          I don't like being followed, or stalked or terrorised but I shouldn't bother. It is now nearly 1.15 am and I am still awake, I daredn't go to sleep!

          I could make a fantastic TV drama about my story as it appears so far fetched doesn't it, but it is all happening right here right now and I can do absolutly nothing about it. :banghead:

          The police man actually would you believe asked me if I knew a certain person in my area (which I do incidently) he is the kind of person that would permanantly sort them! What do you make of that? The PC knew how I was feeling but knew that the brilliant British justice system is a waste of time.

          Why don't we just go out and protect the criminals, In fact if we have a burgalar, we should leave a sign saying there's an umbrella under the stairs feel free to steel that too if it's raining!



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            I remember your original posting about these pond life. The Phil Mitchel look alike who spiked your drink and poisoned your dog.I am sorry that they have taken it upon themselves to ruin your life like this.Their behavior is that of total brainless half wits.

            I am actually speakless as to what to say or advise. These morons are sc*m of the earth.I can only offer my sympathy.

            I hope that you get out of there as fast as possible and leave these sc*m behind.

            I am horrified that the police are not doing anything about this. It is beyond believe that your were advised to get somebody to sort them out. It is no wonder that people take matters into their own hands (please don't).

            Clare, please try to get some sleep.

            I am writing this in the hope you are fast asleep and will hopefully catch it in the morning.

            Please take care of yourself kevin


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              Gobsmacked!! That's the only word I can use to describe how I felt after reading your posts, Clare

              Your NFH needs psychiatric help! He is definitely stalking you and if the ordinary PC won't do anything about it then go higher. This evil creature has made your life hell and he has to be stopped! Does your local force have a website? If so see if you can find out who your local inspector is see if you can get to speak to him/her. I'm sure the PC who told you to get someone to sort him out will deny it but the fact that he said it speaks volumes. Tell whoever you speak to that you are thinking of making a formal complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commision because you feel that you are being let down badly by your local force. It will be interesting to see how your friend's local force deals with her situation.

              I can only imagine the way you must be feeling right now. I couldn't sleep tonight, it's 4.35am and I'm thinking of you next door to that monster I hope you can move very soon. The sooner you're away from Psycho the better.

              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                Hi again Clareb

                How awful for you. The Police inaction on this is inexcuseable. Definitely chase it up. Speak to someone higher. Get something in writing. It's criminal damage.

                When are you actually moving? And when you move out will the new buyer have bought your property? If so, surely then any damage is then their problem (unfortuntely ) ?.

                Don't know what else to say... please feel free to rant away about your nfh in Ranters Corner :angry: .

                Take Care .


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                  Thanks everybody for your replies.

                  I eventually went to bed at about 5 and had an hour or so until i was woken by my NFH hammering the small fence we have between us in the front garden. Not repairing the fence, just hitting it with a hammer to wake me. Any how after being rudely awaken I decided to speak with the land lord, The conversation didn't start off too well as he didn't really want to know, but as I continued he began to be more sympathetic and really quite pleasant to talk to. He did say there was not much he can do about the problem as it is criminal activity and needs to be sorted by the police. He will be speaking to them about this tree as he's not happy about it either.

                  I took the advice given and found info on the home page. I phoned the police armed with all this jargon and told them I want to press charges and I wanted an officer to come out today and sort it. I am waiting for him. I also mentioned the malicious phone calls and I hope the are going to find out who is making them.

                  We'll see, I doubt it.

                  Just went into my back garden and the CCTV camera is facing full on my back garden. I have taken some photos because when they saw the police come last time they turned it back their side, so they do know it is illegal.

                  I am so tired of all this, it's totally draining me. :blink:

                  To answer another question, I was going to rent out this house but friend came to me and offered me the money I wanted for it so I took the offer. He knows about the NFH but isn't concerned by it!

                  I expect it will be a couple of months yet as he has a chain behind him.

                  If you have any suggestions as to things to say to the police please advise me.

                  Mean while thank you all for your continuing support.




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                    Hi Clare

                    I think you will need to make sure you have all your evidence ready for when you speak to the Police. Write some points down on paper that you want answering by the Police.

                    I think you need to be clear what it is you want, i.e. this behaviour to stop - and need the Police to tell you what they're going to do.

                    I think they need to be first looking at a warning under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 - then there's all the issue about the criminal damage.

                    Other members are more aware of what to do when delaing with the Police, so you're probably best waiting for them to come along with some advice.

                    Good luck.


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                      So sorry to hear of the awful time you're having!

                      Not much practical advice to offer, I would agree with what's already been said re: the police. Just keep logging everything as thoroughly as possible so you can tell the police.

                      Are you with BT? They are very good re: nuisance calls and take them very seriously. Just ring them and tell them what's been happening. You can also block numbers that are witheld from coming through, called Anonymous Call Rejection.

                      I got a caller display box (only about £10.00 from Argos, or similar) so I could only answer the calls I wanted to. That way, also, you can tell if the number has been witheld.

                      Good luck with the police, I really feel for you. Your NFH belong in a zoo, but that's an insult to animals!

                      Try and get a little break from it, even if it means just going to a park, it will help. And most importantly, remember, you're almost out of there!

                      Mrs B
                      BE BOLSHY - RECLAIM YOUR GARDEN!


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                        Hi Clare

                        This is awful!! Thank God you are moving and have a buyer!! But in the meantime, you have this terrible situation which you need help and PROTECTION from. You should pursue this if you feel you can, as you are clearly being harassed!

                        It makes my blood boil that you are having to suffer this, and that you are getting no protection from the law. Maybe worth asking for a meeting with the boss at your police station, as the officers further down sure aren't taking this seriously enough.

                        Take care of yourself Clare,



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                          I am glad that things seem to have calmed down a little bit for you. I'm sure I am too late in on this to offer you any sort of advice on how to deal with the police.

                          If you are still waiting for them or have finally got them to do something I would offer you the following advice.

                          Please remember you are the victim in all this, you have done nothing wrong and do not have to justify your position. Please try as hard as it maybe is, to remain calm and in control of everything you say. Try not to swear or call your neighbours names. The police are far more sympathetic to well-mannered pleasant people than people like your neighbours. Let the police see them for what they are and you for what you are. An innocent victim. Be yourself and try to remain unemotional.

                          Also try to give them as much evidence as you possibly can, along with names of any witnesses.

                          The police are there for your protection and are paid for by yourself, they are a public service.

                          I really hope all goes well for and I would like to say on a final note to this posting how much I would dearly love to meet this gentleman, fraid it can't happen though.

                          Take care of yourself.



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                            Hi Clare

                            These people are despicable It's dreadful to think what they are capable of and what they have been allowed to get away with :badmood:

                            If you haven't spoken to the police yet, you must make a list of all the things that these sewer rats have done to you, that you would like to address. There are quite a few issues, and don't forget the stalking.

                            The fact that they have followed you to your friend's house and damaged her garden too, leads me to believe that they will not give up, as they are 'enjoying' the upset they are inflicting upon you This also goes some way to prove that they are stalking you as they have been seen outside her house too.

                            As for the phone calls, how about getting a trace put onto your line, instead of the call barring. This will be admissible evidence in court (should it go that far) and has done me and my family a big favour in the past (very tedious divorce), had the culprit 'bang to rights' and made him look like a total nutcase.

                            I'm glad that you managed to get pictures of the cctv pointing onto your property, this will also help with the stalking issue.

                            It is unbelievable how low these sewer rats will stoop, but as with nearly all NFH, their intellegence is limited and they need serious pshycological help :badmood:

                            Keep your chin up, I know it's easy to say, but you have all your friends here willing you on and sending you all their best wishes and vibes to help you get through



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                              Sorry to hear about your NFH antics ClareB but as we all know too well, its typical NFH behaviour.

                              Just a thought though with regard to the damaged garden. If its been left as it is, i.e. wrecked, then the local press may be interested in running a story.

                              And if there was the offer of a reward for information leading to a conviction, may well be money well spent.
                              Now, these creatures are bringers of death and misery. They will never eat, they will never sleep, and they will never stop.

                              We are part of an ancient secret society. For three thousand years we have guarded the Cities and Towns. We are sworn at manhood to do any and all in our power to stop the NFH from ever being reborn into this world.

                              So what's the plan?

                              Rescue the damsel in distress, stop the bad guys, save the world.