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Football Hell Police Don't Care

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  • Football Hell Police Don't Care

    I have now had cctv installed, had a total of 11 kids familys warned under the harassment act for playing football, 3 police men have told me different stores regarding playing ball games in the street, including they can and they can't and the all famous " They are just kids playing ".

    I went to the extreme of asking the Met what was the law regarding football and the email response was and quote "We are not experts in the law, contact the advice burough"

    They think is is a laugh, as they hit the car and our wall fences (now distroyed) and house wall they look in the window stairing and laughing !

    I called the police with cctv evidence of them bringing the front garden fence down and asked for action to be taken for criminal damage, nothing happend !

    Yet a week later another police man had to attend and I mentioned it and he said next time you should call because thats criminal damage, I was left feeling :banghead:

    One of the 13 year olds threatend to attack my younger sons and I said over MY wall leave them alone or ill flip, they called the police that I was harassing them and I have to stay away from them. It's my house !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My wall, My Garden :banghead: :angry: :nfh1:

    They now stop playing when it gets dark but cause a hell of a lot of noise that I am still listening to when I go tho bed at 10.45pm. Most of the time the kids cant get to sleep im am seriously at my wits end !

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    Hi Kajiee

    The police sound nothing if not inconsistent!!

    I love the "where are they supposed to play"! Er, in their own gardens, at a park at a communal play area? Enrol them in a football training club! Anywhere but against other people's fences/cars/walls! Streets are NOT playgrounds!




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      Hi Kajiee,

      I think we should all start lobbying our MP's to outlaw street football! It's one thing giving kids rights but when they think they are at liberty to torment people day in day out then something has to be done.

      A councillor here in Liverpool tried to get it outlawed and you should have heard the hullaballoo! Mostly from people with kids. People who probably kicked their kids out onto the street so they woudn't bother them! :angry:

      Inconsistency with the police seems to be all over. Our local inspector told me that she had issued instructions to her officers that if they are called out to kids playing football and being a nuisance then they should confiscate the ball. A couple of months later two policewomen turned up and started PLAYING FOOTY WITH THE KIDS!!!

      So much antisocial behaviour is associated with street football. There should be penalties for parents who allow their kids out to annoy others.

      Kayjiee, I think you should approach your local MP and councillors, tell them the police have been worse than useless and ask them to help. If your children are being threatened call the police. Ask to see your local neighbourhood officer and ask him/her if he/she can help. You say families have been warned but have any PFH orders been issued?

      You'll find a lot of fellow sufferers here and I'm sure you'll receive our utmost sympathy.

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        Hi Kajiee

        I truly do sympathise with you and I am the mother of two boys. Yes my younger son loves playing football, but only in our garden or a park.

        I absolutely hate these parents that kick their kids out onto the street to play at unearthly times of the morning then leave them out until about midnight. I live in a street full of them, and the children range from 3yrs old to 11yrs old. Yes...they are that young. They play in the road with their bikes footballs and anything they can to annoy. They will scream and shout permenantly and I have lost track of the damage done to my car :angry:

        It seems that the HA, LA and police 'cant' be bothered' to do anything. It is a nationwide problem that nobody is prepared to tackle

        I know exactly how you feel :banghead:

        Tri :badmood:


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          And. you know what, I think it must be difficult if you are a parent and you live in an inner city tower block....but a lot of parents do not!!

          I would be quite prepared to try and think of other solutions with those parents, because the I think it's more difficult. We haven't all got a park nearby, etc.

          But parents who have, or have the economic means, or time, to amuse their kids in other ways... should do so. Childhood is not JUST an X box.



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            Hello K,

            The dreaded bl~~*£ football!!!! i hate iT SOOOOOO much, the plague of my life.

            I know EXACTLY how you feel, i heard the first football this morning at 6.45 a.m.

            you know, words fail me, they really do. it is such a frustrating problem. in the end we decided to move house to escape it all, so ridiculous

            a pox on all their houses!!!!!!

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              Hi kajiee and welcome to the Forum

              Sorry to hear about all your nuisance footballing kids. I don't have to put up with a bad footballing problem here (although I was very nearly hit on the head by a wandering golf ball this afternoon).

              Keep on at the Police.

              Record everything (on paper, film, dictaphone, anything).

              You have my sympathies.


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                "We are not experts in the law, contact the advice burough"

                Er yes they are actually. They are trained for a total of 13 weeks at Ryton or Hendon and they are briefed on the law. Most officers are required to take A level Law as part of their job specification and keeping abreast of the law at all times.

                They have both Barristers and QC's (Queens Council) who can offer and give advice and they DO guide the police as regards to the law.

                Over the last few months I have become anti police - I don't see value for money nor any activity that benefits communities to the towns and cities throughout England. West Midlands Police is one of the worst areas for policing and crime clear up along with Richard Brunstom's Police Force over in Wales.

                Last year I was pro police but now .......................


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                  Hi kajiee and welcome to the Forum :nfh1:

                  Well isn't that just fantastic, why have we got a Police force if they can't be bothered to do anything, this is getting far too common what the hell are we supposed to do if no one will help :angry:

                  I really do sympathise with you Kajiee, I hate footballs so much I know kids have to play, but why can't they play by their own homes, noooooo the parents can't stand the constent thumping of the ball *huh* what about us :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

                  Oooo I think I should have stayed away tonight, I am soooooooo angry :badmood:


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                    I hate the sound of a football being kicked, just the sound starts my heart punding so i sypathise with your problem. Just remember that the parents of these children will one day get the same treatment from the later generations of children who will be even worse. "What goes round comes round" A point no one seems to have picked up on is this question of the Police force being worse than useless; well it's because it is no longer a Police FORCE it is now The Police Service. That is why they are losing our respect they think more of pacifying the little reprobates than enforcing the law. We all have rights and ours are no less important than the vandals.

                    We were treated to this same problem some years ago by the children and grandchildren of a resident in our Close, they didn,t care how much noise and damage they did and this continued for three years. I tried to do some thing about it and got terrorised for my pains. The children have moved and the grandchildren have grown up and have other things to do. The Mother is now getting on and is in poor health. We now have different children and different noises and this Mother is not happy about it, she shouts and complains to them and their parents, "the biter is bit" So only time will help.